Jan 25, 2013

My first Galaxy Nails!

I finally managed to do the most awesome nail art trend ever : the galaxy nails! I wanted to do them for ages but I always thought, they're too difficult to do. When I saw some pretty pictures featuring this awesome design a few days ago, I just removed my polish and started polishing and sponging like crazy, to achieve the galaxy look :D

Here is what I used: 

And also Flormar U25, which I forgot to put in the picture^^ And here is the end result:

The white is actually acrylic paint, and I used the technique shown in this video to create all the little stars in my galaxy :) 

It was really fun creating this mani, buuuuut the clean-up was such a pain in the a** because of all the blue polishes. After washing my hands 2 times the blue staining from my skin was gone though :) 

So much shimmer and glitter going on here and since blue is my favorite nail polish color, this has to be my all-time favorite manicure !!

I will definitely try this with different colors too! Like purple shades for example :D 
Now tell me, do you like galaxy nails? 

Thanks for reading and have a good night! 

Jan 18, 2013

Swatch of the Day: Barry M - Raspberry

Hello, my lovelies!

How is your week going so far? Mine's pretty good, I passed my first little test in chemistry, 
yay :D 
But on to the nails, shall we? I asked on facebook which swatch you guys would like to see and since it was pretty last-minute there weren't a lot of votes, haha :)) Next time I'll plan my poll a little earlier ;) 

Anyways, Barry M - Raspberry was the winner and here it is:

This absolutely gorgeous polish is one of many I got from Cuti-CLUE-les in our swap and it's one of my favorite red shades ever! 
It's a creme red with a pink undertone, 2 coats is more than enough to achieve this beautiful opaque color. The application was amazing, just like with all the other Barry M's I own :)  

One thing I absolutely love about the polishes from Barry M, besides the fact that they are all very opaque, is the glossy shine! All these pictures are without TC - amazing right? 

So, what do you think? Are you tempted to buy this color or do you maybe already have this beauty in your collection? ;) Let me know! 

I wish you all a good night and a wonderful Friday! 
Thanks for reading! :* 

Jan 10, 2013

Designer Piggies Water Decals - A Review

Hello, my lovelies :)

Today I wanna show you something that I really, really like! I'm talking about the Designer Piggies Nail Art Decals. I was contacted by Cindy, the owner of Designer Piggies, whether I'd like to review her water decals. I have some experience with water decals, since I reviewed a few for KKCenterHK and also her designs looked so freaking cool that I just had to choose one to try out :) 

Once I chose a design, they came pretty fast, considering they came all the way from the US. So that's already a big plus. Here is what you get: 

I love the packaging! I didn't took a photo before opening it, but the paper in the back with the instructions on it, is actually like a little envelope and everything was put inside it and there are little piggies in the front. It's too cute! :D
So yeah, of course you get a sheet of paper with the decals, very good instructions and 1 or 2 business cards with all the information on it about her shop, internet site and prizes. 

I took a close up photo of the nail decals - pretty cool, right? :D

I have a tutorial on how to apply water decals on my blog (here is the post) and it's basically the same thing you have to do here as well. You just have to cut them to your nail size first, apply them and file of the access after it is dry. Cindy actually has a "How to"- Video on her blog as well - check it out --here--!

It looks so amazing after you are done - like you spent the last 5 hours painting your nails, but instead it only took you about 20 minutes. I had some problems with the first decals I applied on my left hand, like filing off to much (pinkie) or just cutting them wrong (cuticle line on my middle finger). But you get the hang of it after a nail or 2 and then it goes on pretty smooth and easy.  

I was worried that the decal for my thumb would be too small, because I have pretty big thumb nails, but even that one was big enough to cover all of my nail - I was amazed :D 
Sure you're asking yourself how much this pretties lasted. A lot! I took a picture after 6 days and of course there was some visible tip wear but the design itself stayed on pretty good! You just have to make sure to use a top coat after you put them on!

So let's see what I loved about them: 

- fast shipping
- a lot of pretty and cool designs to choose from
- easy application
- nail decals fit on all nails (long/short - small/big)
... and the most important one: they're super long lasting! 

I don't really have anything to say against them, I was really amazed by them and I already want to order 2 or 3 more, just to have them here for days when I want something special on my nails and I don't have the time/motivation to do something :P 

I can really recommend them and trust me, you won't be disappointed! 

You can go visit her site here: http://www.designerpiggies.com/
And her Etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CynthiaDesignsStore

I hope this review was helpful and let me know if you'll get some nail decals or if you already tried them! :) 
Thanks for reading! :* 

*I did not get paid to do this post. I received the product from Designer Piggies for free for review purposes only and this is my honest opinion based on my personal experience.

Jan 8, 2013

I'm back with a lot of glitter!

Hello, my dear readers!

I've missed you all so much! I didn't even realize it has been more than 2 months since I last blogged. I kinda forgot how to write in English and how to take pictures of my nails as well :D I'm really sorry for my long absence and I wanna thank the people who sent me concerned emails, you're so sweet! Thank you! 
Nothing bad happened, I just didn't had the time for my blog since I started the new semester (with a completely new field of study :D). 

Enough of that though, I wanna show you what I wore for New Years Eve :) Last Year I had some glittery black & grey nails (here is the post about them) and this year I did something similar: it's also glittery and black! 

 I used only Essence polishes for this one: Galactic Black, Icy Princess and Hello Holo. 

It sparkled so beautiful, that's why I had it on for about 5 days ;)

Now tell me, what did you wear on your nails for New Years Eve?!
And is there anything I've missed, that I absolutely have to know about? :D

Thanks for sticking with me and my blog, you're the best! *big hug*