Sep 30, 2011

What I did today :D

Hello everybody!
My mom came today, to stay for a few days, while I deal with some paperwork and stuff for the university and she brought me some cool stuff :D Of course she brought me some polishes and there were 3, I´m very excited to try - the new crackle polishes from P2 :D Such beautiful colors!
Picture is from here
Aaand I got a Helmer ! Yeey! Finally I can put my nail stuff and my polishes all together :D And it´s so organized....ah, I love it :D

BEFORE                                                                                                    AFTER

I didn´t fill it completely, so there is still room for more polishes ;) I really loved, how easy it was to assemble the whole thing. Good job, IKEA ;) I will get me 2 more HELMER´s to put all my other beauty stuff in it :) 
Do you guys own a HELMER ? Or maybe 2 or 3? :P How do you like it ? 
Have a nice evening and see ya tomorrow with a tutorial! *muah* 

Sep 28, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Catrice - Just Married

Hello my lovelies! :)
As always, I asked you yesterday for a number, and the first comment was from Elizedge, and she chose number 17! On my list, that´s Catrice - Just married! Thank you! I really love this color and I´m so mad at Catrice, that they discontinued this shade and many others, just to replace it with other ones, under the same number and name. Come on! Couldn´t they at least take other names for the new polishes ?! Anyways, I swatched this color -->here<--. I wanted to add something to it, and I was very clueless, til I saw my dotting tool laying around on my desk :P So I added some silver dots, and I must say: I really like the combination of this colors! The silver polish I used is S-he 471.
Simple but cute! Hope you like it ;)
Good night and see ya next time ! :-*

Sep 27, 2011

Today´s Swatch: P2 - Soulful + New "Tattoo" + Tuesday´s Poll

Hey everybody!
How are you all doing? I hope good ;) I wanna show you my favorite brown polish today. It´s from P2 and it´s called Soulful. It´s the perfect brown creme, application is flawless and once you have it on your nails, it looks like chocolate ...yummy ;) I used 2 coats:
 Indoors it looks very dark, almost black. I tried to catch the real color using the flashlight, so the second picture is the most color accurate.
 I just love this glossy finish! The third picture shows you, how the polish would look in sunlight. Since there was no sun when I took the photos, I had to improvise with the flash and my bureau-lamp.

I also was very, very  bored yesterday, that´s why I drew another "tattoo" on my left arm/hand. It was inspired by a Henna-design I saw on the internet.

I will looking for some Henna now, that way next time I´m bored and I draw a tattoo, it will last longer ;)

Also, which number do you choose this time? Yes, it´s Tuesday and it´s up to you which polish I wear tomorrow ;) Leave me a comment with a number (between 1 and 204), first one counts ;)

Thanks for reading, see ya ! :-*

Sep 26, 2011

Beauty Blogazon Roundup 18.9 - 24.9

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Bye :-*

Sep 24, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Abstract Squares

Hello everybody!
Man, I´m bad at finding names for my designs :D Anyway, here is another tutorial for you guys, and it´s very simple ;) I started off with 2 coats of Flormar - 50, a really gorgeous metallic green. It´s so hard to catch the color in the photos, I think I took over 30 pics and not one was even near color accurate. So I just edited one of them, and here it is:
It´s beautiful! And the application was a dream :) I could have used just one coat to make it opaque, but I wanted to be sure ;) In the next pictures I didn´t edit the color, cause it was to time-consuming. Huge difference, isn´t it ?
First step: Take a small Nail Art Brush and a color of your choice and draw some lines and squares. Do different sizes, so it seems more random. Now let it dry a bit and in the meantime you can choose another color to work with :)
Clean your brush or take another one, and do the same thing you did before, with your second color. Overlap the lines you did before and draw new squares, it´s up to you how many. Now if you overlapped some lines more than once, you can take your first color again - here it´s the black - and paint over the white line, so that it seems a little bit 3D. I did this on my ring finger, at the tip, but it´s not very visible. Does any of this explanation make sense to you ? I hope so :P Once your done, let it dry for a minute and finish your manicure with a TC. 
I hope this tutorial was helpful and let me know what you think about it ;) 
Thanks for reading and see ya next time! :-* 

Sep 21, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Catrice - Lavender Breeze

So, the first and only comment with a number was from Paulina, and she chose number 8! :P Counting down my list, that would be: Catrice - Lavender Breeze. Thanks Paulina :D First I wasn´t sure what to do with that color, so I swatched it and later on I added some Nail Art.
This is 1 coat, and I added this picture to show you how this polish really looks on the nails, cause with 2 coats it looks like any other polish :P I don´t know how to describe it, but every time I apply it, it´s like the paint you apply on your walls :D
And even with 2 coats it doesn´t look good :P This is a polish you just can´t wear on it´s own! It´s streaky and you have to be careful with the application :) Aaaand it´s called Lavender Breeze, but even with a lot of fantasy you can´t see a hint of lavender in this´s just white :) 
I had to add some NA to it, but I had no idea what, so I just added some random stripes and dots, kinda like in this post: -->click here<-- That´s what I always do, when I have no idea what Nail Art to do on my nails :)
Thanks for reading and have a great day! :-*

Sep 20, 2011

Beauty Blogazon Roundup 4.9 - 18.9 + Tuesday´s Poll

First off: Let´s vote! Because it´s Tuesday again, you now have the chance to select me a polish for tomorrow, just name me a number between 1 and 201. Just like last time, the first comment with a number counts. :)
Thanks for helping me choose a polish, I appreciate it!

And now the Beauty Blogazon Roundup! Check this girls out :)

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Bye :-*

Sep 19, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.7 - Patchwork

Yeey it´s Monday again, so here is a new Nail Art Challenge! This time: Patchwork! I love this type of manicure and I already did this once -->here<--. Like the old one, this one is inspired by the design of Kayla Shevonne, too :)
 Without Flash
With Flash

I used: Essence - Can´t cheat on me (grey), Essence - Shocking Blue (light blue) and MNY 661. I adore this color combination! Now it´s obvious to me, that my favorite color is not only purple, but also blue! :D
What are your favorite colors/color combinations? Let me know! :)
See ya next time :-* 

Sep 17, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Funky French with a Swirl

Hello my lovelies!
In my last post I showed you guys my NA wheels and I asked you to choose some designs, I should do a tutorial for. The conclusion is, you wanna see tutorials on all of them :)) Well, that was my plan anyways and someone suggested the idea, that I also had in mind: to do a Tutorial Day, every week. :) So from now on, you will get a tutorial every Saturday :) Sounds like a plan, right? :)  I hope your happy with this decision ;)

So let´s move on to the tutorial! This one was asked by 2 of my dear readers and I like it as well, so I decided to do that first :)
Step1: Paint your nail with a base color, I chose Essence - Ahoy to create a good contrast to my second color, P2 - Open your Heart. With this one you paint a curved line on the tip of your nail.  
Step2: Take a small Nail Art brush and paint a thin line near the base of the nail, approximately parallel to the curved line on your tips. For this one, you can take a different color, than the one you used on your´s up to you ;) 
Step 3: Again with a small brush, you first paint a curved line on the side of your nail, then a straight line, which is finished with a swirl. Gosh, it´s harder to explain than to do :D I hope you get the idea, from the pictures ;) 
Step 4: Finally the fun part: dots! :) Take a dotting tool, and put some dots along the lines. If you did the tip and the other lines with only one color, you can do the dots in another color, just to mix it up a bit :) And you´re done! Not so hard, was it ? :)
Actually I like the result on my wheel much better :)) I think because the lines are thicker and I only used 2 colors. I put the 2 different results together, so you can see how it looks with 2 or 3 colors :) 

And I also dyed my hair! Yey, no more weird colors on my head :D This picture is taken in sunlight, but my hair is actually a little bit darker :) For those who wonder what color that is, it´s Wellaton - Colorado Red 8/45
I hope that tutorial was helpful to some of you! Have a great weekend! :-*

Sep 15, 2011

Help me out! :)

Hello everybody!
You have to help me out! I really wanna do some tutorials for you guys, but I don´t know where to start :P I have my Nail Art wheels here, click to enlarge the photos to see the details better ;) Now it´s your turn to tell me what tutorial you want to see first :)
Some of this designs are made by me, some other are inspired by other bloggers and a few are inspired by random pics I found on the internet :) Obviously I don´t have many designs on my wheels (yet), so if there is a design you saw on the internet or somewhere else, and you want to have a tutorial for it, you can also send me the picture with the design to my email-adress: and then I can do a tutorial for it ;)
So, leave a comment with your wish and I will do my best ;)
Bye :-*

Sep 14, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Catrice - I Sea You + Dripping Nail Art

Hello everybody!
Yesterday I asked my readers what polish to wear today, and the first comment with a number was from Beauty on a College Budget. And she chose number 20. Thank you! ;) If you count down my stash list, the polish that comes up is: Catrice - I Sea You! I already swatched that polish -->here<-- :) Since I already swatched it, I didn´t want to wear just the plain polish, so I tried something that I wanted to do in a long time: a dripping manicure.
I had really fun creating this, and I´m sure I´ll be doing this again soon with other colors :D For the dripping effect I used Aden - 86c10 (I hate polishes without names ^^). Click to enlarge the photo to see that awesome shimmer in Aden!
I hope you like it! Let me know if you already tried that type of mani :)
Have a great day! :-*

Sep 13, 2011

The British Flag + Little Poll

Hello, my lovelies!
Today I wanted to do something simple but still eye-catching :) What do you do? Rhinestones! :D I had this idea in my mind for some time, but not with rhinestones actually...I changed that spontaneously ;) I really like the colors of the British flag, so here is the mani I did:
(sorry for not cleaning up ^^)
I used P2 - Gigantic as a base, 2 coats on each nail. This is a really great blue and very glossy. Application can be difficult, because it tends to be sheer if you don´t apply it evenly. The white polish is Essence - Ahoy (LE), my new favorite white ;) And then I added some red rhinestones on the white lines and voilá! I love it! I love rhinestones more and more :P

Aaaand here is my little poll:
From now on I wanna ask you guys on every Tuesday, what polish I should use the next day. The way we gonna do it, is that you name a number between 1 and 199 (that´s all my polishes) and then I count down my stash list :) I pick the first comment with a number. Why do I do this? I´m clueless sometimes which polish to choose and that way you can help me ;)

So it´s up to you! Which polish should I use? :D

Sep 12, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.6 - Candy

I´m back with my Nail Art Monday Mani :) This weeks theme: Candy...mhmm yummy :D The first thing that came in to my mind was Lollipops! They´re so colorful and delicious, so I knew I had to paint them :)
And here it is:
Polishes I used:
P2 - Open your heart
Catrice - MAN, GO Tango
Essence Sundancer
Essence - Check me out
P2 - Gigantic
..and a small Nail Art Brush and tadaaa :D What´s your favorite Candy ? Let me know ! ;)
Have a good night, my lovelies :-*

Sep 10, 2011

Holiday Haul + Current Hair :)

Hello my lovelies!
So as most of you know, I was in Greece for 10 days and I had a really great time. Besides being lazy on the beach, I also did some shopping with my mum :D Let me tell you, that they have awesome clothes there and really awesome shoes, but not in my size :( Apparently Greeks have small feet ;) Most of the things you can buy there are imported from Italy and of course China, so I don´t know where else you can buy these. But I´m sure you could find similar pieces, if you search for them :)
 I wanted such a hat for a long time and now I finally found some and the best thing about them, is the price : 2 and 6 €. That´s almost free :P And as you can tell I´m in love with animal prints, so I just had to get me those harem pants with zebra/leopard print and this cute little dress, which is now my absolute favorite :D
 Since I couldn´t buy me shoes I found another thing I love: bags ;) The picture isn´t that great, cause in reality the colors are so intense and the metal is so sparkly :) The 2 brown purses are actually the same chocolate brown, but in the picture they seem different ... weird :P I bought just this "basic" colors, cause I have enough colored bags :P 
Last but not least is some jewelry: a wooden ring with silver ornaments, a huge turquoise stone ring and a necklace with a "tooth", shaped like an elephant :) Of course I bought me a nail polish, some no name brand but so pretty. It´s a clear polish with holographic star-glitter! *sigh* Beautiful :D And I made some progress! I bought only 1 polish!! :P That´s it for my holiday haul and now I wanna know, what do you guys like to buy on your vacations ? Souvenirs, Nail Polish, Clothes or maybe something else ? 

Ah, I almost forgot to show you how red hair looks like, after 10 days of sun and salty water :D

I have orange tips, and the red really washed out :D But that doesn´t matter, cause I had to dye it anyways, because of the roots :)
Have a great weekend! And good night! *muah* :-*

Back from Greece :)

Hello my dear readers and new followers! <3
Oh how much I missed you all .. and my blog.. and doing my nails :D I just came home 2 hours ago and I read all your sweet comments and they made me smile :) So thank you! ;)
Later today I will post a Holiday Haul and some other stuff, and I think starting Monday I will post again regularly :) Maybe even tomorrow :D
But for now I´m going to drink my coffee and enjoy reading all the posts I missed out the past 2 weeks :)
Have a great day and see ya later! :)