Aug 29, 2012

Today's Swatch: Artdeco 140

Hey there! :) 

Long time no see :D I just updated my stash list and thought I could also write a short post for you guys! I have some beautiful Essence swatches and reviews prepared for the next couple of days, but until then let's look at today's swatch of Artdeco 140 :) 

Here are the facts:
- 2 coats without TC for full opacity
- very easy and smooth application
- it stains like crazy, so base coat is a must!

It's a very nice purple shade with blue shimmer. It's much more purple in real life than in the pictures, but I think all nail bloggers know it's a pain in the a** to photograph purple polish! 

Bottle shot! Doesn't it look amazing ?

Artdeco polishes cost 7,50€ here in Germany, which is quite expensive! I bought all my Artdeco polishes at the flea market for around 1€, which is perfect for me! ;) Although it's a nice quality, I wouldn't buy these polishes with full price, just because they don't have very unique colors. 

So, do you own any Artdeco polishes? What do you think, are they worth 7,50€ ?

Thanks for reading and see ya!  x

Aug 23, 2012

Holo Dragonflies !

Hey there! :) 

I got a request some long time ago on my facebook page, to do a dragonfly design. Today I looked at my "to-do-list" and I knew I had to finally come up with something and post it! :P 
So without further ado, here it is!

Products used:
Milani 3D Holo - Cyberspace,  Beyu - 324, Essence Hello Holo, Flormar Black Tip Painter. 
No TC for this one, cause I liked the look of the wings without TC ;) 

Isn't this blue holo absolutely gorgeous ?? I love it so much! As if it's not enough sparkle, I had to add Essence Hello Holo to the dragonfly wings :D 

That's it for today :) I hope I'll get some nail art tutorials done this weekend ;) 
See ya, my lovelies ! x 

Aug 19, 2012

Neon Nail Art

Good morning, my beautiful readers!

I hope you had a great weekend so far :) The summer is back in Germany, so me and my friends are going to the lake again! Yay :D For this occasion I decided to do something really bright and fun on my nails :)
I saw this design on a false nail set on etsy, so it's not my genius invention! I just liked it so much that I had to try it myself! =)

I used 2 really bright neons: China Glaze Pool Party and Flormar Super Neon N014.

I love it so much! It looks so crazy and the colors are so much brighter in real life! (and Pool Party is much more pink too :P)

So that's it..I hope you like it! Aaaand I'm already late! =))
Have a nice Sunday!!! :) 

Aug 16, 2012

The Penguin Make-Up Challenge 3 !

I am so sad it's already the last challenge!! It was so fun creating these different make-up looks, because I've never done more than apply some liquid eye-liner and mascara and that's it :)) So thanks Kaki, Mimi and Alexis for coming up with this great challenge!! :D

So the last challenge was to use only white & color and at first I didn't knew what to do, but then I woke up this morning and I had an idea! :D 
I love the ocean, I love Walt Disney's Arielle and therefore all kind of mermaids. So I decided to do a mermaid inspired look! 

I wish I had some gold eye shadow, that's the only thing that's missing here :P 

Products I used for this look:
Eyes & Eyebrows
Catrice Eye Shadow Base
Essence Eye Shadow 01 Chill Out (white shimmer)
Essence Eye Shadow 13 Rapanui (mint shade)
P2 Eye Shadow 060 Bombastic Blue
P2 Eye Pencil 020 Cool Alaska (white)
Catrice Eye Pencil 080 Lucy In the Skies (eyebrows)
Essence Eye Pencil 02 I'm a Marine Girl (50's Girls LE)
Maybelline Jade Volume Mascara in Navy Blue
False Eye Lashes from Fing'rs

Essence Pure Teint Mousse Make-Up 01 Beige
+ all the eye shadows from above! ;)

Catrice Eye Pencil 080 Lucy In The Skies
Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss 13 Rock On! (purple shimmer)

This was incredibly fun to create and I wore it for almost 5 hours (because I wanted to show it to my mom :D) and it all stayed in place and looked just like in the beginning! 

I had to do something crazy for the last challenge, because I did some pretty "normal" looks for the other 2 ones, right? :P 
I hope you like it!! Make sure to check out all the other talented ladies! ;) 

Pink & Silver Splatter Mani

Good morning girls!

Just a quick post with some nail art before I go and do the make-up for the third Penguin Challenge! :D 

I did this some months ago and only discovered the pictures yesterday :)) So here it is, a pink splatter mani:

I used Essence Ahoy as a base and for the splatters I used only Flormar polishes. 

I wore this design for almost a week, I loved it so much! :D

Hope you like it and see ya later with some make-up! ;) 

Aug 11, 2012

Catrice Cucuba LE - A few swatches . . .

Hello, my lovelies!

Having a good weekend so far? I wanna show you some swatches today of the goodies I got from the Cucuba LE by Catrice. The polishes weren't all that special this time, but 2 of them still caught my eye and I also got the 2 eye liners from this collection, because I loooove liquid eye liners :D 
Here they are all together (+ another Catrice polish, that I will show you some other time :P)
First the polishes: 

C01 Sunny Side
This one is an orange polish with golden shimmer, which almost looks like little flakies! I used 2 coats, the application was very good although the polish is a little bit thick. I absolutely love this polish! It's such a warm and soft color and perfect for summer! I have to thank Taya, because without her gorgeous swatch I wouldn't have bought this polish ;) 

C02 Reggaeton
This one is an brown polish with silver-ish shimmer, a very interesting shade but so hard to capture on camera! Again I used 2 coats, the application was also very good and the formula wasn't to thick or to thin. The shimmer isn't very noticeable in real life, but it's still a pretty polish :) 

Now, let's look at the eye liners! 

01 Take It Mint
This liquid eye liner is a really bright mint shade and it looks gorgeous, but the application really disappointed me! I love eye liners because they're so easy to apply, but this one was a pain in the *** to apply! It's very watery and therefore not very opaque. I needed to paint the line 3 times, before it covered well enough!!

I wouldn't wear such a bright eye liner on it's own, but I really like to combine this kind of colors with black. It's more wearable that way, but still very eye-catching ;) 

02 Reggaeton
It's named just like the brown polish and it looks exactly like it, just a bit lighter! :) So it's a light brown with golden shimmer. This one wasn't as hard to apply as the other one, but it wasn't very opaque either. I think Catrice should ask Essence for some advise on how to create good eyeliners ;) I swear, Essence has the best liquid eye liners ever!

So that's all I got from this LE. Did you get something from this LE as well ? 
What do you like best?

Hope this post was helpful for some of you! 

Have a great weekend! xx

Aug 9, 2012

The Penguin Make-Up Challenge 2 !

Hey! :)

The second week in the Penguin Make-Up Challenge is already here! Let's see what today's challenge is:

Ever since I saw the second challenge, I knew I wanted to use turquoise in my make-up. I saw a lot of turquoise-purple combinations on pinterest and decided to try it myself ;) 

I wish I had a brighter purple-shade in my eye shadow collection, cause it would look 10 times better in combintion with that bright turquoise, don't you think ? Btw...that turquoise color is 10 times brighter in real life! It's gorgeous!!
(Please excuse the messy hair ...and the messy application of my false eye lashes ^^)

Here's what I used (eyes only!): 
Catrice Eye Shadow Base
Catrice Eye Pencil 130 Bright Violet
Catrice Eye Pencil 080 Lucy In the Skies
P2 Eye Shadow 042
P2 Eye Shadow 060 Bombastic Blue
Essence Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner 
Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara
Fing'rs False Eye Lashes

Now tell me, what are your favorite eye shadow colors? :) 

Aug 8, 2012

Grey leopard at the lake . . .

Hello again! :D 

The title of this post may seem a bit weird, but it suits the mani :) I had a leopard pattern on my nails for a couple of days and on one of them I went to the lake with some friends... hence the title ;) Here it is: 

Of course I took a picture while I was sunbathing there ;) 

And here it is at home! I used: Essence - Movie Star, Essence - Back to Black and Rimmel - Your Majesty. 

It was a really fun day at the are some pictures: 

We also played some Uno :D I think I won only 1 game, that's when I had the time to take the picture, lol =))

 Have a good night, my lovelies! xx

Aug 7, 2012

Introducing my Etsy Shop!

Hey there! 

This is just a quick post to let you guys know, that I opened my Etsy Shop a few days ago! 
I got some mails from readers, especially after my Hunger Games NA Series, asking me whether I would consider to paint false nails with my nail art and sell them. Since I love doing it, I thought "why not?" :P 

Here are some sets I have in my shop:

Click here to go directly to my shop or on the image below! I put the image with the link on my right sidebar as well ;) 

Btw, if someone has a good idea for my shop name, let me know! I am so bad with naming things :P 

I will put some more nail sets in my shop the next few days, but I also take requests! So if you want a particular design from my blog or a color combination, or something you saw on the internet and would love to have it, please write me an email at and I will do my best ;) 

That's it for now, see ya later with a nail art post! :) 

Aug 6, 2012

July Haul !

Hello, my dear readers! :) 

I asked on facebook whether you'd be interested in a haul post or not. I got only positive feedback so I decided to try it ;) Please let me know in your comments, if you like a monthly haul by the beginning of every month :)

Here's what I got: 

In the first picture are some feathers and other supplies for some DIY ya want a post about it? :D
And second picture are some really great sandals I got from Deichmann for only 9,95€! 

My 3 new favorite bras! You know I love animal prints and the color purple! :D I got each one for 7€. A creme/white shirt with transparent lace on the back (10€), some biiiig green/silver earrings (7€), black hair dye from Syoss (don't worry, it's only for half of my hair :D) and a lot of baby food! It's so delicious! ;) 

Essence - Back to Black polish (1,55€), P2 Volume Affair Mascara in black, P2 Eye Pencil 020 Cool Alaska. And now the Catrice stuff: 
Gel Eye Liner in 040 Sherlock & Khaki Holmes + 030 In Love with a Robot, Lash Plus Mascara + Intensive Lash Growth Serum, Eye Pencils 080 Lucy in the Skies + 090 Would You Mint?, Color & Stay Lip Gloss 060 Little Red Dress + 090 No. 9 is Mine. 
I got all the Catrice stuff on sale for 1,95€ each. Everything but the red lip gloss...that one I got for free, cause it was the last one and without a price tag :P 

Some lashes and Lash Adhesive from "Fing'rs", P2 Crackling TC 040 White Revolution, P2 Shine Eye Cream 060 Bombastic Blue, P2 Matte Eye Shadow 040 White Connection and Essence Eye Shadow 01 Chill Out. Looks like a got this stuff for the next make-up challenges ;) 

And finally some polish! :P From left to right:
P2 Mission Summer Look - 030 Blue Hawaii, Catrice: Sold Out Forever, Just Berried, Raspberry Fields Forever, Rusty But Sexy, Essence Snow White LE Topper - Evil Queen, Essence Glitter Topper - Glorious Aquarius and Essence Miami Roller Girl LE - Bienvenido a Miami!

And the last pic shows the prize I won in the giveaway from Raggio Di Luna Nails ! Yay :D One Kiko Crackling TC in silver and one magnetic Kiko in purple + magnet and some cute fimo sticks! 

That's it! Phew :P I really like the months of July/August, because you can get so much stuff on sale! ;)

What awesome stuff did you get for yourself in July? Let me know in your comments and also tell me if you'd like to see this haul posts every month! ;)