Sep 30, 2012

Zebra Swimsuit Nail Art Tutorial! =)

Hello, my lovelies!

Here is the tutorial for my latest nail art! Enjoy :) 

1. Apply a base color of your choice! 
2. Tape your nail off diagonally and paint the nail with a white polish. If you don't want to use tape, no problem! The line doesn't have to be perfect, cause it'll be covered up anyway ;) Just use a nail art brush and freehand it!
3. Paint the zebra print with black ... or you could do a leopard print as well! ;)
4. Now take a thin nail art brush and paint a thin line with a sparkly color that matches your design along the white part of your nail. 
5. Let it dry a little bit and add a top coat of your choice! And you are done :) 

Pretty easy but so eye-catching! You could do many different designs on the white part though! Leo print, dots, stripes name it! :) 

Here is a pic of the end result again (sorry for the tip wear, but I wore it for 3 days now!)

I hope this tutorial was helpful to some of you! :)
Have a nice weekend! :*

Sep 28, 2012

Zebra Swimsuit!

Hey there! 

I would have posted something earlier but I wore one of the Mirrorball polishes I swatched in my last post for a whole week and now that I took it off, I finally have something new to show you! ;) 

Oh boy, I love O.P.I's Swimsuit .. Nailed it!, the polish I used as a base for this nail art. It's probably my favorite blue ever !! (Thanks again Kaki for this beauty!!) 
I mean, look at that shimmer and that perfect shade of blue ... so beautiful! But enough about that. So, I used that polish (hence the title :D) and Essence Silver Surfer, Flormar Black Tip Painter and Nail Collection Nr. 1.

I don't know why my skin looks a bit green-ish ... maybe I should stop taking pics at night?!

Anyways, I would love it so much to have a swimsuit with this pattern and color! Now that would be amazing! ;) 

I hope you like it, my lovelies! And I also have a tutorial for this nail art, that I probably post tomorrow :) 
Thanks for reading and see ya! :*

Sep 19, 2012

Models Own Mirrorball Collection Swatches !

Hello, my lovelies!

Today I have an awesome post for you! I wanna show you the swatches of the whole Mirrorball Collection by Models Own! 
When I first saw the promo pics a few weeks back I just knew these babies had to be mine! :D 
I ordered them on the same day they appeared on the website and only one week later they arrived at their new home!  I saw a lot of pictures and I knew they were gorgeous, but when I opened the package I was just speachless!

You can't imagine how sparkly, colorful and pretty they are in real life! And I have to include a bottle shot, because they look so cool!

They're gorgeous, right? :)

The formula is pretty much the same on all of them, only the glitter colors are different!
Each one has 4 different sized & shaped glitter in a clear base. You have every kind of glitter you can imagine in there: from small round glitter to square, to big chunky holo glitter (oh yes! they are a bit holo!!). 

The application was very good with all of them and I especially loved that you get a good amount of glitter on the nail with only 1 coat! The only thing I don't like about Models Own polishes is the smell, but oh well..nobody/nothing is perfect :P 
For the swatches I used 1 coat of glitter over a black nail polish + TC(the one included in the set) and for the "nude" swatches I applied :
1 coat on the index finger - 2 coats on the middle finger - 3 coats on the ring finger - 4 coats on the pinkie and no TC!

So let's finally see some pictures! (WARNING! Picture Spam!)

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights has blue, purple and 2 shades of pink glitter in it. As you can see, 2 coats (middle finger) is the perfect amount to get some really sparkly nails!

Dancing Queen

One of my absolute favorites from this collection! It has gold, green, turquoise and blue glitter in it - such an awesome combination! 2 coats are enough to get some awesome sparkle on your nails, but as you can see 1 coat over black is more than enough too! ;) 

Hot Stuff!

This one has gold, pink, red and peachy glitter in it and is so pretty and girly! 

Disco Inferno

Did I mention I love the names of these polishes? ;) This beauty has gold, green and orange glitter in it and just like all the other ones, the sparkle is freaking amazing!

Freak Out!

Last but not least, my absolute favorite from this whole collection, although they're all beautiful! This one has blue, turquoise and purple glitter in it - my favorite color combination! 

Isn't this collection one of the most amazing ones out there? I took so many pictures, because it's just too pretty! :) 

You can get the whole collection in a box set (with a free 3 in 1 top coat!) on for 20£  (ca. 32$ or 24€), but if you want just one or 2, each of the polish costs 5£ (ca. 8$ or 6€) and they do ship internationally! ;) 

In my opinion these polishes are totally worth it and anyone who loves glitter, should own them! ;) 

What a long post! But I hope you liked it and let me know which polish is your favorite from the Mirrorball collection! =) 

Sep 16, 2012

How to: Wrap Polish To Prevent Shrinkage

Hey there! :) 

I hope you all had a good weekend! I recently got a request on facebook from one of my dear followers, asking me whether I could do a tutorial on how to wrap polish on the tips to prevent shrinkage. First I thought, that it'll be pretty difficult to take photos of that process, but I managed somehow :P 

I don't say this is the best way to do this process, but this is the way I do it :)
Let's start!

1. After applying your polish as usual, take the brush of the polish you used, remove all the excess polish on it (you only need very little for this step) 
and hold it in a 90 degree angle to your nail. 
Now move the brush from side to side until it covers the whole tip of your nail with nail polish!

2. Now you basically do the same thing with your top coat, but this time you polish the tip first (just like you did before with the other polish) and apply the TC on your whole nail afterwards!

That's basically it! As you can see on the third picture, you can't tell there is polish on your tip! It's very even and it really helps preventing shrinkage/tip wear. 

Here's how it looks before & after:

I hope this tutorial helped some of you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in your comments! ;)

Thanks for reading and have a good night! x

Sep 14, 2012

Today's Swatch: Catrice - Oh my Goldness!

Hello! :D

So, today I have a swatch for you guys and I already posted a pic last night on my facebook page, so some of you already know whats coming :P
It's Catrice - Oh my Goldness!, one of the new shades in the Catrice nail polish range. It's an absolutely gorgeous shade of shimmery gold and I didn't wanted to buy it at first, cause I thought it would never look good with my skin tone ... but then I thought "what the heck? I love it and I don't care", so I just bought it :P 

This is one coat of Catrice, just to show you how sheer it really is. You will need 3 coats to make it opaque, but that's not a problem, cause the formula is great and it applies very good! 

What I absolutely love about Catrice polishes is their big brush, the fact that they dry pretty fast and the big, round bottles! :) 

So, do you love this color as much as I do? ;)
Would you wear this color or isn't it something you like?
Let me know! :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day! x

Sep 12, 2012

A little swatch with a little bit of nail art!

Hey there! :) 

I bet everyone has these days, when you just don't know what to put on your nails, am I right? :) Well, I recently found this awesome "game" that helps you with this problem! :D If you want to know more about it, click on the link! ;) 

That's how I ended up with this polish - Aden 86c10. Oh, how I hate polishes without names! But this one is really gorgeous, so we will just see past that :P  

This is 2 coats of Aden - isn't is pretty ?? It's an absolutely gorgeous dark green shimmer with a good formula. It bubbles a bit on the nails no matter what you do, but a coat of TC fixes that problem :) 

Here's a pic taken with flash to show you the shimmer better - amazing right? 
I found this polish in a little store in Romania. I've never heard of this brand, but this color caught my eye and I had to buy it!

I decided to do some nail art over it and since my creativity is gone these days I just did a random geometrical design as an accent on ring finger & thumb. 

I wanted to do this on all my nails, but I didn't had the time, that's why I just did the accent nails :) 

I really like it and I won't take it off until it starts chipping! :P 

How do you like it? :) 

Sep 8, 2012

Essence Color and Change Swatches & Review

Hello, my dear readers!

Having a nice weekend so far? :) I tried to upload this post yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me, so here it is now :P I posted these 2 polishes in my August Haul, so let's see how they look! 

There are 4 Color & Change polishes in the new product range of Essence, but I only picked out those 2, since I like blue and purple so much. The other two are orange and pink. 

Unexpected Galaxy (index & ring finger): This one is a really gorgeous metallic purple! Application was really smooth and the big surprise: it's a 1-coater! Yay :D I wasn't very careful with the application, so I applied 2 coats, but when I tried it again on the other hand, I just used 1 coat. 

Wonderlicious Green (middle finger & pinkie): First off, it's blue! =) It's a really pretty shimmery blue, which I bought only because of the color! I don't own anything like it. And again, it's a 1-coater!! This one didn't apply as smoothly as the other one though. It's thick and it just takes some practice to apply it evenly. 

Now let's see how the color change works. 

There is this Color & Change Magic Effect Designer that you can buy separately to create the designs on these polishes, but I also wanted to try a normal clear polish to see how that works. 

Index & Middle finger are both painted with the Magic Effect Designer (MED).
The contrast between the initial color and the "changed" one was better with the purple polish. The blue one didn't change as quick as the other one and it took another thin layer of the MED to make the change visible. 
The MED comes with a very thin tip painter so it's hard to paint a bigger surface with it, but for nail art it works just fine.

Ring finger & Pinkie are painted with a normal clear polish from Essence (CP).
You can't really see a difference between the clear polish and the MED on the purple polish, the blue one though didn't change its color as much with the clear polish on top. 

Bottom line:
All in all, I think these polishes are a nice idea. Essence did a great job making them 1-coaters, so that's a big plus! 
I also tried different top coats I have and all of them worked just fine with changing the color! That said, my recommendation is not to buy the Magic Effect Designer, since any TC will do the same job ;) 

The price of the polishes is 1,55€ each and the MED costs 1,95€. 

What do you think girls? Will you buy them? :) 

Have a great weekend! x 

Sep 5, 2012

KKCenterHk Fluffy Sticker Review !

Hello, my lovelies! 

Quick review for you today! I recently got some stickers from KKCenterHk and they are fluffy! Isn't that adorable? They have a lot of different fluffy stickers but I chose the ones with the leopard pattern ...what else? :P 

You get a sheet with 20 stickers, 10 for rounded nails and 10 for square nails. This is actually very good, because everyone has different shaped nails and that way they can choose the ones that fit. 

The stickers are very thin so it may be hard removing them from the sheet but you get the hang of it ;) I applied the first one to my thumb and it actually was too small. Now as you can see, there are just 5 sizes for each hand, so you kinda have to make them fit! (more on that later)

Here they are on my nails. I applied a clear coat as a base coat, let it dry a bit and applied the stickers while it was still a bit tacky. I had a bit of a hard time placing them in the center but it doesn't look that bad, especially not from afar :P 

So, I said that you have to make the sticker fit, if they are too small or too big. Now if they're too big you just cut off the excess with a cuticle nipper and if they are too small ... just stretch them! Yeees you can do that, but you have to be very careful and you can only stretch them a little bit! 

They stick pretty good to the nail and I tried removing them after half an hour and you can't really do that. The problem is that you can't add a TC that would make it last so much longer, because of the stickers texture! But, I tried it anyways :D

One advise: don't add a TC!! Just wear them for a day or a night out without TC, because if you add it, it looks awful. I had to use a big amount of TC on the tips to cover the fluffy texture and it looked bad :)) 

All in all I really like these stickers, they are so cute and fluffy! I wear my manis for a day or 2 max so the wearing time is okay for me, but as I said, these stickers are great for a party or a special occasion etc. 

A big plus is the 2 different shapes of the stickers and I personally will cut the square ones to a round shape and wear them too ;) 

The prize is alright as well!
You can get exactly these stickers --here-- for 2,90$ or look at all the other fluffy stickers on kkcenterhk --here-- ! 

Do you like them? Will you buy them or maybe other fluffy stickers? :) 

Hope this helped! Have a good night! x

*I did not get paid to do this post. I received the product from kkcenterhk for free for review purposes only and this is my honest opinion based on my personal experience. 

Sep 4, 2012

August Haul !

Good morning! :)

As promised here is my haul post for the month of August - if you want any of the cosmetics reviewed asap, let me know! ;) But first, let's start with the clothes :D

 You know I love animal prints, so of course I couldn't resist these awesome shoulder-free shirts! (5€ each)

These tops are my favorites right now :D They're so comfy and look good with some skinny jeans and colorful accessories! (3€ each)

And my absolute favorite purchase this month - these black boots from Deichmann (29,90€)! I'm so in love with these and I can't wait for the cold weather, so I can wear them :D

Let's move on to the cosmetic stuff!

You already saw the Essence Peel Off BC :) I also got 2 of the Color Change polishes (I'll post them tomorrow!), the Pearly Pink Crackle polish, and 3 C&G polishes: Gold Fever, Oh my Glitter!, Nude Glam - Iced Strawberry Cream. 

I got these goodies in a swap with the lovely Kelly! :D All the polishes she got me are from my wishlist, so you can imagine my joy when I opened the package! And she also included a self-warming hand mask from Orly ;) Thanks again Kelly for this absolutely awesome package! x

These are the goodies (-> China Glaze Riveting, Orly - Halley's Comet and Revlon Carbonite) I bought from Geeky Owl's blog sale! Head over there, cause she still has some cool polishes left, at a great prize! ;) 

And last but not least, these are the things I bought at the flea market some days ago! I wanted the Lush Lemony Flutter for aaaaaaaages and now I got one for only 2€! The rest I bought from a very nice lady for only 6€! Awesome prize, since only the foundation costs 10€ in the store! :P They're all brand new and I can't wait to try them out :) 

That's it! Like I said, if you want anything reviewed from the cosmetics/polishes just leave a comment ;) 

Have a great day!! x

Sep 3, 2012

China Glaze Riveting/Electrify Gradient

Hey there! :) 

This will be a short post, but I wanted to show you what I had on my nails for 3 days :) I got some great polishes in a blog sale (more about that in my next post!) and one of them was China Glaze - Riveting. Since I think China Glaze made Riveting and Electrify for each other, I had to combine them immediately on my nails! ;) 

(Excuse the red stain on my skin! I dyed my moms hair :P)
Do you love it as much as I do??? 

My next post (the August haul :D) will be scheduled for tomorrow morning ;) 
Have a good night, my lovelies! x

Sep 1, 2012

Review: Essence Peel Off Base Coat

Hello, my dear readers! :) 

I mentioned in my last post that I have some swatches/reviews of some Essence products for you and today I wanna show you the one I am most excited about! 
-- The Essence Peel Off Base Coat! --

Let's see what it says on the package: 
"fast and easy change of colour and effect nail polish. this innovative, solvent-free peel off base coat allows you to peel off your nail polish whenever you want, wherever you are! no remover needed!"

Sounds pretty good! Of course any nail polish addict will think of one thing now: glitter polish!!! We all know it's freaking hard and annoying to remove glitter polish, so this base coat may be the solution to our problem, right? :)

The instructions are very easy to follow: first apply a generous layer of this base coat and allow it to dry for 10 minutes and then just apply the polish of your choice! 

Here's a bottle shot + the package it came in. When you apply it on your nails it's white just like in the bottle. After it dries it's completely transparent.

(I hate to show my naked nails, but I kinda have to for this review...see what I'm willing to do for you guys ? :P)
To test this base coat of course I tried out glitter polish but also a dark navy blue, to see how the base coat prevents staining!

After I applied this "test mani", I actually started to really like it :D Maybe I'll wear this as a full mani soon ;)

I let it dry and also wore it for an hour or 2 before starting to peel it off. I used an orange stick to lift the edges near my cuticles. I tried to remove it in one piece, but that doesn't really work, so I just kept using my orange stick until the polish was completely off my nail. 

I have to say I'm very impressed! My nails looked very clean, without any polish or glittery mess left! It's very easy to peel off the polish once you lift up the edges, until then it stays perfect in place!

On the package there is a little advice: 
"avoid hot water for 3 hours after application"
So keep that in mind when painting your nails ;) 

The peel off base coat costs 2,25€ here in Germany and I have to say I'm very glad I bought it! I can wear glittery polishes more often now and avoid the messy removal! Yes! :D

So that's it for today, I hope this review was helpful for some of you! And let me know if you'll go buy it or if you have it and like it as much as I do! ;) 

Have a great weekend! x