May 31, 2011

French Manicure

Helloo my dear readers! :)
Well I tried something that I usually never do ! A french mani !! I find it kinda boring, cause I need colour on my nails ..or at least something interesting :P Well, but since I don´t have much time these days, I thought, why not try it ?
Well, I´ve got this french manicure set from Essence, which makes it easier than it already is :) Here is a pic of the package :
This package contains 22 tip guides, 1 bottle with a white tip painter and 1 bottle of top coat. So you just apply the tip guides, paint the tips white with the tip painter and slowly remove the tip guides after that. I waited about 2 minutes, before I put on the top coat, which has a hint of rose in it, and I was done. I think it took me about 5 minutes to do one hand.

So this is the end result, please don´t mind the dry skin on my index finger...somehow I forgot to moisturize this one :D Well, I wonder how long this will last..I hope at least 3-4 days. I will keep you posted ! I like this product so far, cause it´s easy to handle and the result is nice and clean. We´ll see in a few days :)

I think I will post some old manis, so that this blog isn´t that empty while I test this manicure :)
Have a nice evening !! :-*

Written in the stars . . . a great song, right ? For those, who don´t know it, here is a link:

Well, this song inspired me to a mani (what else? :P), I did it some while ago, but I wanna show you now :) so here it is:  
First I used a basecoat, because black stains just as much as blue does :P Then I did 2 coats of MNY 673, a black polish with big glitter in it. With the tip painter from Essence (03 silver surfer) I drew the stars randomly over my nails and voilà: a simple and cute design :)

Have a nice sunny day! Bye :-*

May 30, 2011

My top 10 beauty products - Part 1

I wanna show you my favorite beauty products - besides from nail polish :D - and tell a little bit about them, so watch out for a looong post, even though I divided it in 2 parts :) The order is random, so the first one is not my absolute favorite, it´s just .... random :P So let´s start!

1. Essence Lash Mania Mascara
So this is my first favorite : the Essence Lash Mania Ultra Volume Mascara in 01 Hypnotic Black. I think the price is around 2,50€ and it´s available everywhere, where they sell Essence-products :) I´ve been using this mascara for almost 4 years, cause it works perfect for me. I always use 2 mascaras, one as a "base" and then this one for volume and extra length. The "base" mascara is changing every now and then, so I can try new mascaras :P 
"The ultimate XXL-volume effect for the lashes!ophthalmologically tested."-that´s what it says on the bottle. After 1 coat, you have deep black lashes with a bit more length and after the second one you have even more length and a great volume! So I can really recommend this one for you guys, the price is good and the result even better ;)

2. Syoss - Color Protect Shampoo
I just love this shampoo! The first time I bought it was 3 years ago, when I realized that I need a color protect shampoo for my dyed hair. I got it for 3,45€ (500ml) and I think it´s almost everywhere available. I only need to wash my hair once to get it really clean (with almost any other shampoo I have to do it twice) and after washing my hair, the colour really shines :) I also use the Syoss Color Protect Conditioner and that one makes the hair really soft.
To switch it up a little I got me a new shampoo, I hope it´s as good as this one. If not..I still have some back-up Syoss shampoo :P

3. got2b - Schutzengel (guardian angel) - Heat Protection Lotion
Well this is a heat protection spray (up to 220°C) with glossy finish. The price is about 5€ for 200ml bottle. It lasts about 3-4 months, even for long hair. I use this after washing my hair, I just spray it on while it´s wet and then I blow-dry it. If  I´m gonna use a flat or curling iron after that, I spray my dry hair again. After I  use the flat iron the hair is really soft and the promised glossy finish really shows up.
So I recommend this for everyone who uses flat/curling iron on a daily bases :) 

4. P2 Nail Care Oil 
This stuff is just amazing! First the description: "Rich nail oil with nurturing almond oil and refreshing lime aroma for intensive care of nails and cuticles. With vitamin E and F. Apply daily to nails and cuticles and massage in well."
The price is 1,65€ for 10ml. The second you put it on your cuticles they become soft and moisturized...and the whole room smells like lime :D The smell is amazing! I just put it on a few minutes ago and everything is smelling so good :)) I use it every day, and as you can see the bottle is still full (I have this bottle for 1 month now).
Go and get it if you have a drugstore, that sells P2 stuff! :)

5. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Finish-Creme

This a styling creme from John Frieda, that I put on my hair - for extra shine and soft hair - after I´m done with my styling. The price is around 8-9€ for 100ml. It´s a bit pricy but totally worth it :) I wanted a finish-creme for a long time, but I only found sprays. So when I saw it I bought it right away :) It claims that it transforms instantly strawy,dry hair in smooth, shinny hair; and thats absolutely true! Like I said, just put some cream on your hand (about the size of a peanut, thats all you need! :D)  and spread it in your hair after you finished your styling. And your done! :)

So this was the first part, the second one will come soon :) In the meantime, tell me what are your favorite beauty products? If you have a blog, I tag you to make a post about it and provide me a link, if not..just leave a comment :) Would be very interesting for me to hear more about good beauty products ;)  

Thats it for today, have a nice evening! :-*

Rihanna´s Cosmopolitan Nails

Good Morning !
I just checked some updates about Rihanna and found out that she is on the cover of the July 2011 issue of Cosmopolitan:
You have to know that..I just love this girl ! The minute she had a black bob..I cut of my hair and dyed it black :P Then I thought about dyeing my hair red... anf when she did 2 years later, I dared to do that, too :)  She just has a great taste of style! And of course I looooove her music! Well, it´s hard not to :P
So on to the mani part! If you click on the pic to enlarge it, you can see that she has red nails with a dark red part. Unfortunately I don´t have as long nails as she does, but it still looks good :) 
So I did 2 coats of Essence - So Glamourous, a nice red polish, very easy to apply, cause it´s creamy :) Then I taped some scotchtape over my nails and applied 1 coat of Catrice - The Devil Wears Red. So the picture above is taken in sunlight and the second pic in the shadow. The colour is more accurate in the second pic :)
Maybe I´ll post something later again, we´ll see :) 
Til then, have a nice day ! :-*

May 29, 2011

Different crackling top coat swatches :)

This will be a huge post about crackling top coats with lots of pictures, just so you know ;)
So first I wanna show you the P2 Crackling Top Coat in 020-Silver Blast, which is a beautiful silver polish with lots of shimmer in it. It dries kind of matte (I´m sorry, I forgot to take a pic of that too), but once you put a top coat on, you can see all of the pretty shimmer in it ! I made the pics extra large for you, so you can see ;)
This pics with the silver top coat were taken before my camera broke, so they`re pretty good ;)
I did 2 coats of Catrice - C03 Lavender Breeze and 1 coat of silver blast; on the right side I did 2 coats of P2 - Dramatic Black and again 1 coat of silver blast. I love how this crackle polish forms´s just perfect! :)  And the prize of 1,75 € makes it even better ! The pic above is taken in sunlight, the other one in the shadow.
The second Crackling TC is also from P2 and it´s called Golden rush (030). It´s like the silver one ..but in gold :P Pretty shimmer, easy to apply and a matte finish. The only thing I don´t like about it, is that it´s a little bit sheer. So you have to apply 1 thick coat or you will see the base colour through it. I did 1 coat over Catrice-Lavender Breeze, P2-Dramatic Black and Essence-Just Rock it . I just love the combination of dark blue and gold...but it didn´t turn out as I wanted..well, still pretty :P
The next one is from Essence: Crack me! White. It´s a white top coat (what a surprise :D) without any shimmer and it also dries matte. The big diffrence between this one and the P2 Crackling TC is the way it cracks. I don´t know how to describe it, so let the pics speak for themselves :P
 It´s 1 coat each over P2-Dramatic Black and Catrice-The Pinker The Better. The pic above is without top coat. See the matte finish? The other one is with top coat :) I really don´t know if I like this kind of you ? :P
And finally, the last one :) This one you have already seen on another post of mine, the P2 Crackling TC Black Explosion. So it´s a black TC without shimmer, a matte finish, and I think it´s the easiest to apply..don´t ask me why :) I did 1 coat each over Catrice-Lavender Breeze and Catrice-The Pinker The Better.
First pic is with top coat. On the pink polish I did a thin layer of crackling TC and on the white one a thicker one, so you can see the difference between the cracks. I like the one with the thin layer on it (the pink one) better :) The second pic is an old mani I did, without any top coat, that´s why it is matte.
 And the last one is the pic from the other post I mentioned, again without TC. :)

We made it! The post is over! I know it was a bit to much, but I wanted to swatch all crackling TC´s at once ;) So forgive me, I just can´t be brief :D

Have a nice Sunday evening! :-*

May 28, 2011

Pink-Yellow Designs dedicated to my best friend :)

So, the moment I found out that my best friend Mara is reading my blog, I thought I could do a design for her :)
She really likes the combination of yellow and I sat down and drew some designs on paper and now I will show you my personal favorites :)
So Mara, this whole post is dedicated to you! :-* I hope you like it ;)

So the first mani is something simple, but still cute :) I used 2 coats of Essence-Sundancer on the thumb and the index finger, 2 coats of Essence - Ultimate Pink on the ring finger and the pinkie and on the middle finger I used 2 coats of each colour and after that I drew the heart. It could look better, but I didn´t have any small brush to paint with :( Next time I´ll go shopping I will change that :P
The second and third design I did on the same hand, since I wasn´t gonna leave it on anyway :P
Well, let´s start with the pinkie and the ring finger! I used one thick coat for both colours and grabbed a toothpick to create the design. You just have to move the toothpick from one side to another, and because you have one thick layer on your nail, the colours will smudge :) You see, it´s very easy ;)
On the index finger and the middle finger I used 2 coats of Essence Sundancer and added little dots with a dotting tool, til I covered about 2/3 of the nail. And with the dotting tool I added the bow in the middle, too.
 And absolute favorite of all designs: The abstract hearts! :) Always save the best for last ;)
For this one I used a different pink polish : Catrice - The pinker the better :) So I did 1 thick coat of this one and quickly added 3 or 2 dots of the yellow polish. Then I pulled a line through the dots with a toothpick and voilà:
I really like how the ring finger turned out, it´s even the first nail I did :P Just beautiful how the yellow and the pink are blending on the edge of the hearts. I will definitely keep this mani on my nails :)
I saw this design on one of the blogs I follow, but I don´t remember on wich one :( So it´s not entirely my idea :)

So thats it!
Mara I hope you liked it ;) And for my other readers: If you have an idea or a wish for a mani, feel free to leave a comment or email me ;)
Have a nice evening!

May 26, 2011

Patchwork Mani

First I have to say: I can take photos for my blog now, but only with my mobile they´re not as good as the other ones, but also not as bad as I thought :) And second: please don´t mind my pinkie, I broke the nail on this one, while doing nothing...very misterious ^^
Today, while I was reading some blogs that I follow, I came across this beautiful manicure by Kayla Shevonne: click here ! This girl has really good ideas and always perfect painted nails! You should really check her blog out ;) Well, about the mani: I knew that I had to try that immediately!! It´s not as good as hers, but with a bit of practice it will be someday :P
First I did 1 coat of Essence - White Hype as a base colour, so that I only have to use 1 coat for the other colours to make them look bright. For the patchwork I used:
Essence - Sundancer (yellow)
Essence - Sun Club Splash Refresh (turquoise)  and
Essence - Just Rock it (dark blue)
The black lines I drew with the Essence Nail Art Tip Painter - Heavy Black.
In the second pic I also have some top coat on looks so glossy, I love it ! :D
First I wanted to use different colours but I really liked the ones Kayla choosed and I never have yellow on my nails, so it was worth a try :) I´m sure I will do this kind of mani more´s perfect, cause you can combine different colours, it´s easy and a great eyecatcher ;)

Have a nice evening! Bye :-*

May 25, 2011

Catrice - En Vogue

And I found another swatch :D I already miss blogging I searched my folders for some mani-pictures to blog at least about some swatches and I found this beauty here: En Vogue from the Catrice Glamourama-Collection. It´s a dark blue polish with pretty shimmer in it and it´s very opaque. If you´re careful you could use only 1 coat, but I used 2 to be sure ;) 
And do not forget the base coat! Just like any other blue polish, it stains extremely ;) 

I hope I find some other pics, that are good enough to be posted :)
Bye ! ;) 

May 23, 2011

I have a big problem . . .

My digicam is broken ...aaaah -.- from one moment to another it just stopped working, it still makes photos but they're blurry and the colours are neon ^^ Well... I think you all know what that blog-posts until I have a new cam - and since I don't have enough money right now - that will take a while. I could really scream right now :(
So I´m really sorry about all that...and I hope I can return soon! Bye, my dear readers !

May 21, 2011

Essence - Fairy Berry + Stamping

Well hello again dear readers !
This is an old mani I found, while looking through some pictures :) I have just one photo, and not a very good one, cause I didn't knew back then, that I would have a blog ;) So this is 2 coats of Essence - Fairy Berry from their Fairytale collection. It´s a beautiful purple glitter polish, which looks great with matte top coat ( I seriously don't know, if I had matte top coat on my nails in this picture, I can't tell^^)  I added some stamping with a Special Konad Stamping Polish in white ....the design is from the m69 plate.
I think I had this mani in december, cause I wanted to have some snowfklakes on my nails :P yeah, well...I had to improvise, since I don't have any snowflake-designs on my konad plates ;)

Have a nice evening ;) Bye!

May 19, 2011

New giveaway!

One of my favourite bloggers, Rebecca from rebeccalikesnails is having a great giveaway!
photo by

So check it out for yourself, it´s easy to enter ! Click here :)
Have a great day my dear readers ;)

May 18, 2011

Essence Choose Me + Tape

Since this is my favourite polish, I wore it some days ago, again :) But this time a little bit different! I used some tape and created some simple, but still interesting look. Here it is:
I used 3 coats of Essence - Choose me and 1 coat of Essence - Fatal. 
And I realized that I really need some new top coat...I would love to have Seche Vite, but I don´t get it I will have to order it from the internet ;) Still, it´s a little bit expensive :(

Have a nice day, my dear readers! Bye !

May 17, 2011

I´m back :)

Finally :) well that´s the good news...the bad news is: I don´t have much mani photos, cause I´ve been arranging my furniture and I´ve been learning...and learning for my exams, so I can call myself a student in july :)
Some of my nails broke..and I just have no interest right now in doing my nails ^^ BUT..I think I will post a review..or 2 :) and I have some swatches, that I didn´t posted you will still have something to read :)
That´s it for today! Thanks for understanding ;)

Bye !

May 15, 2011

The Pinker the better !

Yeah, that´s my opinion ....and the name of a Catrice nail polish ;) I think it´s number 050? Should be :) That´s my all time favourite pink nail´s such a bright colour with pretty shimmer in it! But see for yourself:
I would never add something to this colour...neither konad or crackling top´s just to pretty for that :P 
I love to wear pink on my nails, do you ? 

Have a nice sunday! :)

May 13, 2011

Essence - Choose me ! :)

Well, that´s one of my favourite polishes! You´ll see why :) I think it´s very similar to O.P.I - Catch me in your Net, but I don´t own it, so I can´t make any comparison. But it´s soooo pretty, especially cause it has a lot of glitter in it :) I used 3 coats and here is the result :
I could add another 10 pictures...the colour is just awesome...especially in the sun ! Awww :D Yes I´m in love ;) But ! You have to use a base coat !!! If you don´t do that, you have blue nails after removing it..believe me..I did -.- But besides that it´s perfect ! :)  I think I´ll have to buy some back up for this... We´ll see :)

Have a nice day, my dear readers!

May 11, 2011

Catrice - Walk in the woods

Hello !
How are you all ? I hope good ;) Today I got some nude polish from Catrice. It´s from their limited edition "Floralista" and it´s called "Walk in the woods". It´s something I don´t wear very often, cause I like colour on my nails...but sometimes even I keep it simple :) I used 3 coats, 2 would have been enough...but I´m a perfectionist. :)
Some konad stamping would look great on time I´ll try it out :)

Have a great day ! :)

May 9, 2011

Summer, sunshine ... and Sun Club - Splash Refresh

Hello again !
Today I wanna show you the second Sun Club polish I got from Essence: 03 BBC Splash Refresh. It´s a turquoise colour without any shimmer and it´s very creamy. Here I used 2 thin coats, but I think you could easily use only 1 thick coat to make it opaque.
Perfect for summer, right ? ;) And then I thought I could add Maybelline NY Express Finish - Flash have some flakies :D ..but sometimes my ideas look good only in my head ^^ So here it is with one coat Flash Cosmic :
It looks sooooo pretty in the bottle, look: 
Perhaps with some other base colour..I have to try different shades...but another time ;)
How do you like it ? Better with or without the flakies ? 

Have a nice day, dear readers ;)

May 7, 2011

Catrice - Just Married

Well, I´m not just married :D ..but this polish would be perfect for the wedding day :)
It´s Catrice - Just Married (210), a beautiful shade of pink with a hint of shimmer.
This is 3 coats, 2 would have been enough, but I don´t like it, even if it´s just a little bit sheer :D It´s very creamy and easy to apply.
What more can I say? It´s beautiful and it´s a polish, which looks great on everybody´s nails :) Here is a close up, so you can see the shimmer ;)
This is it for today, have a nice day and see ya next time !

May 6, 2011

About my coming absence...

Hello my dear readers :)

I just want to inform you, that I won´t be able to post on my blog, cause I´m moving to Romania :P
I don´t know, when I will have my internet-connection set there, but I hope it will be soon :) So til then I will schedule some posts with swatches....but nothing special ;) You can still write me comments and emails, I will answer them as soon as I can !

Take care ..and see you soon ;)
Bye ! :*

May 4, 2011

P2 Crackling Top Coat

Hello my dear readers !
Like I said yesterday, I added something to my mani, so it wouldn´t be that boring :) I was a bit lazy today, so it´s nothing special, but looks good :D 
Here is the mani as promised ;)
I used 1 coat of P2 Crackling Top Coat - 010 Black Explosion.You have to apply the polish quickly, cause it dries really fast! But the result is worth the work ;)  As you can see it dries matte. First I was going to add a top coat to make it shiny, but I kinda like the contrast between matte and the golden shimmer :) The colour is more accurate in the second picture. 
I just had to try a top coat, to see how it would look shiny......and it´s good I did! I love it ! :D

Btw, my stash list is finally finished! I hope I can add more and more swatches as soon as possible ;) 
Until next post, have a good night and thanks for reading :)

May 3, 2011

Mini Haul + Essence Golden Sands

So hello again :)
Some days ago I went shopping and got some back up beauty products and some new goodies....and of course some nail polish :D

If you want a review of a beauty product from the photo, just leave a comment or email me ;) I will review some products anyway, but I don´t know when exactly :P
So the first polish I tried is Essence Sun Club - BBC Golden Sands (05). Now I don´t know if this is a limited edition or just an addition to their Essence Sun Club Line, but the polishes are just awesome! :)
I applied 2 coats, the formula is great and I really like the design of the bottles :)
Click to enlarge the photo, then you can see the great gold shimmer in this polish. I will definitly have this one with me on my vacation ;) And maybe I´ll stamp something on it or draw something freehand on it.....but that will have to wait til tomorrow..

Thanks for reading and have a good night ;)