Jul 31, 2012

Summer Challenge: Recreate your favorite manicure!

It's already the last challenge!! I don't even know where the time went...a whole month ago, we all started this challenge and now it's over! Well, to be honest, I'm glad I can start doing what I want again :D But it was a lot of fun! Thanks ladies for this awesome experience ;) 

So the last challenge is to recreate one favorite manicure of someone else's! I had 3 absolute favorites in this challenge, although there were a loooot of amazing manicures! And I chose to recreate the one that was kinda the easiest  and the best - or I should rather say, most yummy - looking one :D It's this one right here, made by the very talented Chiro! No, honestly, go check her blog out, if you didn't already!! 

I wanna eat my nails right now! It's the mani from the Ice-Cream challenge .. and she chose to do a mint one..my favorite!! And even with chocolate chips :D 

In the last pic I didn't had the TC on... it looks just like real chocolate chips, doesn't it ? 
But of course they're not! I painted some polish on a piece of paper and cut that in little pieces, sprinkled it on the nails and tadaa! ;) 

Make sure to check out the last manicures these talented ladies did for this challenge! 

And see ya tomorrow with a new challenge! Yes, you heard right...the Penguin Makeup Challenge!! More info about it --here--

Jul 30, 2012

Summer Challenge - Ocean/Sea

Hello again! :) 
As promised, here is the other challenge mani with the theme: Ocean/Sea

I had no idea what to do ... and then I just thought about doing something really simple...and what do I do? I go for a water marble - really simple, I know =)) But I only did it on the tips...so it's a water marbled french :) Of course with different shades of blue to represent the ocean: 

It reminds me of one of my favorite things: the movement of the water when you go by ship and watch the water behind the ship...phew, hard to explain =)) This is what I mean: 

 First 2 pics are from a vacation in Greece last year and the last one is from the epic vacation in Croatia I talked about here ;) I love the ocean 

And more awesome manis from talented ladies after the jump! ;)

Summer Challenge - Swimsuits

Just a quick post for the Swimsuit-Challenge, because I have to prepare 5 more posts today :)) 

I thought about doing actual swimsuits on my nails and then I remembered my favorite bikini! Some of you may know my favorite polish color is blue and so is my favorite bikini! Perfect! :D So here is the mani:

I used: 
Sesnique - 252, Rimmel - Midnight Blue, Catrice - Blue Cara Ciao, Art de lautrec - White and Essence - Viva la Green.... and some blue striping tape! :) 

I don't know why, but the polish bubbled like crazy on my middle finger...weird...anywaaays, here is the bikini I  was inspired by: 

Love those colors 

Wanna see more awesome manis? Click on the links right after the jump! ;) 

Jul 27, 2012

Summer Challenge: Favorite Water Animal

I can't keep up with this challenge =)) I always post to late.. and all that coming from someone who helped creating the challenge itself :P Well, the last theme was: 
Favorite Water Animal !

I don't know why, but the first thing that came to my mind was Nemo! :)) So here is my clownfish many:

I used Catrice - MAN,GO Tango and some white and black polish from Flormar.

It looks so bright and summery, I really love it!

Let's see what water animals the other ladies chose!! (After the jump :P)

Jul 23, 2012

Summer Challenge: Sea Shells

Hey there!
Quick post today :) I'm slowly catching up on the challenge! Btw, I won't do the "Favorite Beach Memory" Challenge, since I kinda already did on the "Fav Summer Memory" Challenge :P It was a beach and summer memory, sooo .....:))

Anyways, the last challenge was "Sea Shells" and here is my mani :

I know what you're thinking! "What is this?? A weird leopard or something? And what does this have to do with sea shells ??!"  Well, here I'm holding my inspiration for this abstract mani:

What a big ass sea shell, right? It's 10 times more beautiful in real life...those colors are just amazing! It was hard trying to recreate those colors, let me tell you :)) 

More sea shell designs after the jump!!
(Sorry for doing this break thingy, but the list with the links is getting sooooo long! )

Jul 22, 2012

Summer Challenge: Tropical Drinks

Hello there!
A bit late but here is my tropical drinks inspired mani!! :D My inspiration was this yummy looking Blue Mojito ;) I love cocktails with mint or cocos or fruity liqueurs, but this one just looks awesome!

I first started with a blue gradient, using Sensique - Lakier Sky Blue and Farmasi 85: 

I also added some mint leaves... but they look weird =)) But from afar it looks okay ;) 

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Jul 19, 2012

Summer Challenge: Favorite Summer Memory

Phew this was a hard one! I only post it so late, because it took me so long to figure out what I wanna do with my nails =)) First off, it is really hard to find a favorite summer memory, because every summer happens something awesome, and second of all, how can you transfer a memory to your nails, right? 

I managed it in the end :P One of my favorite summers ever was the the summer 2008, were me and my best friend went on a vacation on Young Island, Croatia. It was just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
I will never forget those 2 weeks :) 
I'll show you the mani and explain later what each design represents ;) 

Explanation and the links after the jump!! ;) 

Jul 16, 2012

Summer Challenge: Beach

Heyhey :) 

I told my followers on twitter yesterday, that I am too tired to post the beach nails, so that's why I'm a little late with the challenge :)

Sorry for the break again..but the post is really long because of all the cool links ;) 

Jul 14, 2012

Summer Challenge: Ice Cream

Good morning my dear readers!

I post the challenge today, because I was very tired yesterday so I just took the pics and went to bed. The challenge is: 
Ice Cream !

 My favorite ice cream is mint with those little chocolate chips ..mmm yummy :D I had another design in mind, but in the end, this is how my nails looked like: 

See more after the jump! (The posts are getting really long with that InLinkz tool, that's the only reason I put a break on them!)

Jul 11, 2012

Summer Challenge: Favorite Summer Color

Hey my beautiful people! 

Today's theme in the Summer Challenge is: 
Favorite Summer Color!
I love colors in general and in the summer I love to wear turquoise, hot pink, coral etc. But my favorite summer color is turquoise, because it just reminds me of the beach ;) And everything glittery of course! So I combined these two and this is the result: 

I used 2 coats of Essence Sun Club - Splash Refresh and topped it with 1 coat of Essence - Glorious Aquarius. 
Splash Refresh isn't a really bright turquoise, it's rather a soft shade but I like it very much! Here it is on it's own: 

I swatched this one before, but when I looked at the post I started laughing =)) My nails looked so awful! And the lightning and everything was so bad compared to now :P Just in case you wanna take a look too, here is the post I'm talking about.

Love this glitter so much! And it sparkles so beautiful in the sun ;) 

Check these ladies out, to see what their favorite summer colors are! 

Jul 10, 2012

Summer Challenge: Fruits

Hello again! 
First off, I wanna ask you what you think about my new blog header? Be honest! :) I think it's a looot better than the old one, but can still be improved ;) But for now it will suffice :) 
Aaand I added a new page! I put all my Hunger Games Manis on one page with the link to the original post :) I will do the same thing for the summer challenge, once it's finished ;) 

Talking about the summer challenge, today's (or better said, yesterday's) theme is: 

I didn't have to think much about this one, because my favorite fruits are strawberries (and melons :P) and I saw a strawberry nail art once on The Illustrated Nail which I really liked! So here is my recreation: 

I used: 
P2 - Open your heart (base), Essence - Bienvenido a Miami (yellow spots), Safari - Green, Catrice - Run Forest Run (green outlines).

I did the yellow spots a little bit too big and I think that's why it doesn't look like a strawberry :P I mean, if I saw these nails on someone's blog, I wouldn't think they're strawberries.... just some kind of fruit, lol =)) 

Check these ladies out for some more delicious fruit manicures! ;) 

Jul 9, 2012

Summer Challenge: Palm Trees

I am so sorry I didn't post this earlier, but I forgot! I could have sworn I already posted my Palm Tree Challenge, but this morning I realized that I didn't do it. I have the nails done since Friday and what a luck I still had them on today, to take pictures! ;)
First, my inspiration: 

And this is how it looks on my nails: 

For the sunset gradient I used 4 colors, which are: 
Essence - Break Through (purple), Kiko - 289 (pink), Essence - Get the Fever (orange) and Essence - Sundancer (yellow). I sponged this colors over one coat of white polish (Essence Ahoy!). For the palm trees I used the black tip painter from Flormar :)

Btw, I didn't use any top coat over the palm trees accent nails, because I really like the uneven structure of the palm trees :D 

After 3 days, they still look very glossy and there is almost no tip wear! (Please excuse my dry skin/cuticles!)
What is that miracle top coat that shines like crazy even after 3 days, you say? It's Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer ... this stuff is amaaaazing! :D I can really recommend it! It also dries super fast ;)

I really liked this manicure and I got some compliments on it too! That's always a plus ;) 

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Jul 6, 2012

Summer Challenge: Favorite Summer Song

Already the third challenge ?!! Time flies :) 
Today's theme: Favorite Summer Song 

Let me tell you, this was a hard one!! Phew :)) Why? Well, many reasons! At first I didn't know what my fav summer song is ... but then I realized which one it is! .....DANZA KUDURO!
Oh boy, I adore this song :D It's exactly the kinda music I like, it's the soundtrack to my favorite movie (Fast Five!!) and it's my ringtone ever since it came out =)) 
First problem solved....but then I had no idea what to paint on my nails, that could represent this song! After a little brainstorm I came up with some ideas, but then came the next problem: how the heck should I transfer that to my nails?? 
In the end I solved that problem too, I just made some sketches and everything was fine :D

Here's the song, in case you don't know it, but then again you must live under a rock, if you never heard of it =)) 

And here is what I did on my nails: 

Oh yes, it's the Yacht from the first scenes of the music video ;)
I worked really hard on this one and I reeeeeally like the outcome :D  
On my thumbs I wrote the song title: 

DANZA KUDURO! ... oi oi oi  ..sorry, I'm listening to the song right now and I'm singing along =))
Here is the sketch I talked about earlier: 

I initially wanted to do some kind of gradient on my thumbs, but I did some waves instead :P 

So tell me: what's your favorite summer song??? :)

Jul 4, 2012

Summer Challenge: Picnic

Hey there my lovelies! :) 

I just realized that I forgot to post the picture of the summer challenge! So here it is, just in case, you have no idea what's going on here :D 

Today's theme: Picnic! Oh boy, I was so uncreative with this one :)) I just did some picnic-blanket pattern and some ants *yawn* You really should check the other ladies out, because they did some really cool nails on this theme! Anyway, here it is: 

 I used: Essence - Ahoy! (base), China Glaze - Ruby Pumps and Flormar Tip Painter in black. 

Btw, what is with me and fat animals?? I mean, look at that ant on my ring finger!! First fat bees, now fat ants? =))) Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fat or round animals, I'm just wondering why I always paint them that way :)) 

I hope you like it! Go ahead and check the other designs out!
See ya tomorrow with an exciting challenge :D 

Summer Challenge: Bees

Omg, I'm soooo behind! I am so sorry, but life was a bit hectic these days :) Anyways, I will catch up, I promise! 
So first theme is/was: BEES !  
And here is my take on it, inspired by a manicure I once saw on Emily's Nail Files ... but I don't know the exact post, sorry!

First let's see what I used: 
Essence - The World's Coolest (base color), Essence Show your Feet - In the Jungle, O.P.I. - Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Essence - Sundancer, black and white nail art tip painter from Flormar + Fimo flowers.  

 Those flowers look so freaking cute! :D But that bee is kinda fat, oops soory! I mean round :D 

I included the last pic to show you how the flowers look on the nail. I didn't add a TC, because I liked how they looked without ;)
Check out the other ladies, who are participating, as well ;)
See ya tomorrow with the next challenge!