Jan 31, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 21: Inspired by a color

Last post for today! :)

The challenge for today is a mani inspired by a color. A few days back I got Catrice - (S)wimbledon as a gift from my sister-in-law (thanks again Roxi!) and I decided to use it for this nail art:

I used Flormar 436 as a base and painted over with Catrice (S)wimbledon. 

I absolutely adore ruffian manicures - and there are sooo many combinations you can do! 
Do you like this style as much as I do? 
Tell me your favorite color combination! 

Thanks for reading and see ya tomorrow my lovelies <3 

Weekly Beauty Blogazon Roundup!

Hello sweeties!

It's Saturday, that means it's time for the weekly links to beautiful blogs! 
Have fun reading :) 

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 20: Water Marble

Hello again!

Here is yesterday's challenge...which I absolutely HATE! I hate water marbling... it's just so much work, such a nail polish waste (because you use a lot) and it never works for me! (and of course the clean-up is a pain in the a**)

But here it is (only as an accent nail):

I used Milani 3D Holographic - 510 3D as a base and for the marbling itself, plus S-he 303. 

I did my ring finger 4 times (!!) until it looked like that. The thumb was ok after the first time :P

In my eyes the result is not worth all the effort you put in, but I have to say that I really admire those girls who pull off such gorgeous water marbling nail art! 
You are really talented - and patient xD 

That's it, thanks for reading!
See ya later with today's challenge (finally :D)

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 19: Galaxies

Good morning my lovelies!

I finally can post the Galaxy Nails for the challenge and it was fun creating them! I only did this style once before -here-, but I really have to do it more often - it looks so amazing!

For this mani I used only Essence polishes! So, I started off with It's raining men! as a base and sponged with Snow Alert!, Roller Coaster and Oh my Glitter! randomly all over it. 
For the little stars I also used Essence Snow Alert!.

Love how it came out! 

Thanks for reading and see ya later with yesterday's challenge: water marble! ;) 

Jan 29, 2015

Valentine's Day Challenge Announcement!

Hello my lovelies!

I'm still feeling miserable...this headache is not getting any better. I have to apologize, but I won't post today... maybe not even tomorrow. I can't concentrate on anything and I just spend my days lying in bed listening to some relaxing music and doing basically nothing ^^

I still wanted to let you know that Kaki and me came up with a new challenge and this one will be for Valentine's Day! :)  
We started writing each other again after a long time and we remembered how fun it always was with the challenges we did together! So, we just came up with our own again xD
And the fun part is: you can do nail art ... a make-up look.. or both on each challenge

If you don't know who she is - check her blog out! She is such a sweet and awesome girl and it's always a pleasure to read her posts :D

This is it! It would be absolutely awesome if some of you would join us! If you wanna participate, just write Kaki or me a short mail because we want to link every post in this challenge :) More details on that via email! (It's pretty easy, don't worry!)

I hope some of you will join us in this challenge - it will be fun! :D

Have a nice evening and see you soon <3

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Jan 28, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 18: Half Moons

And hello again ;)

Today's challenge is half moons and here is my take on it:

I used Barry M Raspberry as a base and Essence Black is Back on top to create the half moons. 

I'm not a big fan of this kind of mani..maybe if I add glitter to the half moons next time? I'll certainly give it a try :) 

Tell me, do you like to wear this type of manicure?

Thanks for reading and see ya soon! <3

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 17: Glitter

Hello my lovelies!

I didn't post yesterday because I still have such a bad headache and it won't go away :(

I will post both challenges today though, so don't worry ;)
First one is glitter, which was yesterday's challenge:

I used Flormar 436 on all fingers except the ring finger and topped it off with Sally Hansen Twinkle, Twinkle. On the ring finger I used Essence Ultimate Pink and added Essence Twins Topper 04 Carrie. 

I had something else in mind, but it didn't work out so I did this instead :) 

Hope you like it! Thanks for reading and see you in a bit with the second post!

Jan 26, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 16: Geometric Nails

Hello my dear readers!

I have such a headache that I thought about skipping today's nail art but I was so excited about it, because I love geometric and symmetric stuff...so I just couldn't :D

Here it is:

I used Essence Roller Coaster as a base and Essence Black is Back for the Stripes - and yes this is freehand! :P 

My hand was shaking a bit, so it's not absolutely perfect but I love it! 
The index finger is a little bit messy though, sorry for that!

Thanks for reading and see ya soon! :)

Jan 25, 2015

365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 19-25

Hello again :)

Here are the photos for this week of the one year photo challenge!

Day 19 - Visiting my brother ..his dog Spike is getting so big!

Day 20 - Everything was 95 cents each! I had to take them with me :D

Day 21 - Remember my rainbow mani? I got over 400 likes in 2 days!

Day 22 - Mhmm, my new favorite thing to eat :D

Day 23 - Little selfie with my new hat!

Day 24 - Getting information on some schools - have to decide which one to choose!

Day 25 - Enjoying Sunday evening and relaxing with some candles :)

Thanks for stopping by! 
See ya soon <3 

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 14 (+15?): Flowers

Hello my lovelies!

I knew I would suck at this challenge xD It's hard posting everyday!

Yesterday the challenge was flowers and today it's delicate print. I was sure I had some stamping plates with a nice delicate lace print or something like that, but I was mistaken.. And since I don't have any other delicate stamping images I thought the flower mani would suit both these themes.

Flowers are delicate and beautiful, right? :D So here it is:  

I used Sensique Lakier Sky Blue as a base and painted the flowers on with Essence Snow Alert and Essence Glamorous Life and a wide flat brush. (The same I used for the flowers -here-)

(with flash)

I really like how these came out because of the color combination - but flowers are not something you will see on my nails very often ;)

Thanks for reading and see ya later with my 365 Days Photo Challenge post! 

Jan 24, 2015

Weekly Beauty Blogazon Roundup!

Hello my sweeties!

It's Saturday, that means a new roundup! :)

Have fun reading, see you soon! <3 

Jan 23, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 13: Animal Print

Hello, my dear readers!

Quick post today, I'm not feeling very well and I did my nails just a few minutes ago, so I am sorry for the late post.

Today's challenge is Animal Print and anybody who knows me, knows that I adore animal prints! I even have a zebra print on the walls and of course clothing etc. 
But I decided to do a leopard print instead of zebra ;) 

I used Essence Plum Perfect as a base, Essence Candy Crush for the light spots and Essence Black is Back for the outlines.

I love colorful animal prints on my nails, that's why I rarely go with the classic colors :P 

Thanks for reading and see ya soon! <3 

Jan 22, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 11+12: Dots & Stripes

Hello my lovelies!

Yes I did it again ... I cheated! But I promise it won't happen anymore (at least not that much :D )

I combined challenge 11 and 12 and created a design with both dots and stripes :)

I used Artdeco 316 as a base, a really nice dark aubergine shade, and added dots with Catrice On Top of the Alpes and stripes with Essence Hello Holo.

I really like how it came out although it wasn't planned like this .. at all! I changed the design while I was painting it and that's the result :P 

Hope you like it and thanks for reading! <3

Jan 20, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 9 + 10: Gradient Rainbow Nails

Hello my sweet readers!

I told my followers on facebook yesterday that I'm going to cheat a little with the challenge and combine Day 9 and 10 and do a rainbow gradient! :D

Phew, let me tell you that was some work... but 16 polishes and a lot of sponging later, here it is:

I basically used the same polishes I once used for my first rainbow mani -here- , but I decided to top it all with Essence Hello Holo!

I wasn't happy at all how they turned out.. the gradient is not the best I ever did, but with the glitter on top it looks gorgeous and now I really love it :) 

Thanks for reading! 

See ya tomorrow with the next challenge ;) 

Jan 18, 2015

365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 12-18

Hello again my lovelies :)

Another week has passed and here are my everyday pics for the 365 Days Challenge!

Day 12 - Did some DM shopping :3

Day 13 - Waking up at 4 in the morning..

Day 14 - Enjoying some lichees ..mhmmm :D

Day 15 - Beautiful sunrise and my everyday view from my bedroom :)

Day 16 - Got some chocolate from Paris thanks to my sister-in-law! 

Day 17 - Random pic of my lamp taken from right under it :D

Day 18 - Running sushi with some friends, yummy!

This is really fun to do! 
See ya tomorrow with my next challenge mani :) 

31 Days NA Challenge - Day 7: Black & White

Good morning!

I thought 3 posts are too much for one evening so I decided to post it in the morning instead :)

This was actually the challenge for Friday - black & white nails!

I started off with 2 coats of Essence Snow Alert! (from the Mountain Calling LE) and used a long and thin nail art brush to paint the black areas with Essence Black is Back afterwards.  

Initially I wanted to use tape to do this design, but I didn't had the patience to wait until the polish was completely dry on my nails :D

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

See ya later with today's challenge which will be very colorful :) 

Jan 17, 2015

Beauty Blogazon Roundup!

Hello again ;)

I joined a really nice group on facebook, which is called "The Beauty Blogazons" - it's a group where beauty bloggers can seek help and information about blogging etc. and they have this weekly roundup where you can share a post of yourself and it will be posted along other links.
It's a really cool way to find new blogs and get some attention for your own blog of course :)

I will post these roundups every Saturday! :) 

Have fun reading !

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 8: Metallic Nails

Hello my lovelies!

I have to do 3 posts today, so this one will be a short one :D

Today's challenge is metallic nails and don't worry, I will post yesterday's challenge later ;) I didn't forget about it! :D

I started with Avon Gunmetal as a base (perfect for the metallic challenge don't you think?) and with a thin and long nail art brush I added Essence BBC Golden Sands in a triangular shape. 

Doesn't it look like some molten gold is running down the nails? This polish is amazing!  

I will really miss this polish when the bottle will be empty :(
Do you know any other golden polishes that look similar? Please tell me :D

Thanks for reading and see ya later! :) 

Jan 16, 2015

31 Days NA Challenge - Day 6: Violet Nails


Sorry for posting this one day later, but I didn't feel well yesterday. The nails were done, the pictures were taken and then I just didn't had the patience to edit the pics and blog about it.

Nevermind, here it is - yesterday's challenge: violet nails!

I used Catrice Forget-Me-Not, my all time favorite purple polish! I added some random dots & stripes with Essence Black is Back and Essence Icy Princess. 

Old readers now that I used to do this nail art every time I didn't know what to do :D It's just because it is so easy to do and still looks interesting! 
(I did a tutorial on this before -here-)

That's it! Thanks for reading :) 

P.S.: I don't know if I can post today's challenge later, because I have to go to a birthday party - but I'll try! :)

Jan 14, 2015

31 Days NA Challenge - Day 5: Blue Nails

Hello there :)

To be honest I didn't had the motivation to post today since I sometimes think I'm talking to myself here ^^ But I'm doing my thing and I wanna share my stuff and if someone happens to read and like this - awesome! Although I have to say that I really miss talking with my readers through the comments, mails etc.
A few of you still comment, so thank you <3

Let's move on to today's challenge - blue nails!

This is 2 coats of O.P.I - Swimsuit.. Nailed it! and a lot of rhinestones on the accent nail :D
I wanted to do kind of a gradient with the rhinestones, but it was a lot easier in my mind! I still like the outcome though, but I could never do this on all my nails ... or maybe one day, who knows?

I chose this nail polish because it still is my all time favorite blue color and I don't think there ever will be another blue polish I love so much! 

Which is your favorite blue polish? Maybe you prove me wrong :) 

Thanks for reading and see ya tomorrow! 

Jan 13, 2015

31 Days NA Challenge - Day 4: Green Nails

Hey guys!

It's so strange to post every single day, after I didn't post for so long :D But it's fun! And today I have the fourth challenge for you, which is green nails :)

I applied 3 thin coats of Flormar Neon N007 as a base and used a small nail art brush to draw that wavy pattern with P2 Green Palm Tree (from the Summer Attack LE). 

Hope you like it!

Thanks for reading <3 

Jan 12, 2015

31 Days NA Challenge - Day 3: Yellow Nails

Hello my lovelies!

I have to say that I am not a big fan of yellow nails... the few yellow polishes I own are mostly for nail art! But today's challenge required the color yellow - so here we go:

I used 2 coats of Catrice Color Brightening Base Coat (which is basically just a white polish) and I applied 2 thin coats of P2 Joyful over it.

To make it a bit more sparkly I added some orange glitter on the accent nail....but I'm not sure I like it :P The combination of orange and yellow I mean ...green would have been better I guess :) 

That's it for today! See ya tomorrow :) 

Thanks for reading <3