Mar 30, 2012

Katniss Everdeen Braid

Hello, my lovelies!
I thought I'd do a little break from the Nail Art Series, and show you one of my new favorite looks: the Katniss Everdeen braid! :D 
So, yea, it's still Hunger Games related, but I like it so much, I had to share! :)
There are a ton of videos on youtube on how to achieve this look, that's why I didn't do a step-by-step tutorial or something :P Just search for "Katniss Everdeen Braid" and you should find what you're looking for ;)
First a picture of the "start" of the braid at the top of my head:
And a complete picture:
I really like how my 2 hair colors mix up in the braid :D

Have you tried this style or are you going to? If so, pleeeeease take a picture and send it to my email address, I would love to see all the different braids!! Or post it on my facebook page ;)

Have a great weekend! And I hope I'll get some pics ;)

Mar 29, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - District 4

Long time no see! I'm sorry for not posting, but I wanted to wear that cool lightning mani for a few days and I also had an anatomy test today, and I had no time to do anything. Good news: I did pretty good on the test and I now have some free time again, yay! :D 
Today I have another favorite mani of mine from the whole HG Series, and it's inspired by District 4! 
Yep, it's the District of Fishing :) I immediately knew what I wanted to paint! I did some sponging with different blues, to create kind of a mermaid look and then added some fishnet along the sides to the tips. One of my favorite characters, Finnick Odair, is from this district, but we'll have to wait for the second movie to see him in action ;) 
You may know that I adore blue polishes, so this manicure is like the best thing I had on my nails for a while! I love it so much! :D The 3 different polishes don't show as much as I would have liked. In real life I can see flashes of green, so it looks more like a mermaid but on the photos, mhm.. not so much! 
I used: O.P.I Swimsuit .. Nailed it! (again :D), Avon - Sequined Turquoise and Accessorize - Mermaid (how appropiate :D). Now these 3 polishes are my all time favorite nail polishes! I almost forgot: for the fishnet I used Essence Silver Surfer Tip Painter.
I have to add another and better picture of this mani, now that I have daylight :P

Also a little bonus pic: 
I was playing around with my cam and of course Kiara had to be my photo model :D

Thanks for reading and may the odds be ever in your favor! ;) 

Mar 26, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - District 5

Hello, my dear readers! :) 
I was too tired to post this one yesterday, so I promised on facebook to do it today ;) Here it is: District 5, the Power District of Panem. 
Initially I had another design in mind, but then I googled some pictures and found a really cool one! 
I love this photo and I knew I had to do this kind of lightning on my nails! 
I sponged different shades of blue on my ring finger and thumb and finished it with a white lightning ;)
I used: Essence - I'm a Marine Girl (base), Catrice - Blue Cara Ciao (first layer of sponging), u.m.a - Nr. 15 (second layer of sponging) and finally Flormar White Tip Painter for the center sponging and the lightning itself. 
I love how it turned out and I don't wanna take it off :D How do you like it? 
The only thing I don't like, is my dry skin. It's crazy, I put on some lotion and after half an hour it's extremly dry again. And not just my hands! Maybe it's the change of weather, but it's extremely annoying and I hope it passes soon! Does anyone else currently experience this ?  
Maybe you have some tips for me ? ;)

Mar 25, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - District 7

WOW, that all I got to say about the film! It's awesome! Of course there were some parts left out, but that's always the case, when a film is based on a book. I can only recommend you guys: If you like/love the film, please read the books too! You won't be sorry :) 
There was some cool Nail Art too and a lot of other things that were very inspiring ;) And I loved Effie Trinket! She has such great costumes!! :D  

Oke, enough said! Today I got a manicure based on district 7, the wood/lumber district. 
I got home late after the film and I just did something very simple, but it still represents the district very well, in my opinion :)
I used: Sensique - 139 as a base and O.P.I Fresh Frog of Bel Air for the tips. Looks like a tree, doesn't it? Well, it's upside down, but you get the idea :P
A bit off-topic: I wanted to thank you guys so, so much for every single comment you leave on my page, because you can't imagine how much they mean to me. Whenever I feel down or upset and I read just one of your comments, it just makes my day and I really need that sometimes. Today, for example. So, thank you and ...let's end this mushy talk now, ok? :)

Good night (or day) everyone! ;) 

Mar 24, 2012

I am so happy!

I can't access my facebook account right now, so I'm posting it here! I'm going to see the Hunger Games Movie in a few hours !!! I can't wait :D  I just had to share that with you guys ;) I'll post another manicure afterwards! See ya ! :D:D

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - District 3

Hello again!
How are you all doing ?
I promised another district inspired manicure, so here it is! I chose District 3 for today, the district of technology. 
Do you see the gear wheels in the poster? I knew I had to do them on my nails, the minute I saw them :) Here they are: 
 I used: Avon - Gunmetal, Rimmel - Your Majesty, P2 - Dramatic Black and a dotting tool. :) 
I really like how this turned out! And it was easy to do too ;) 
What do you wanna see next ? Any preferences ? :) 
I'm still trying to do the mutts, so they won't be next, sorry! Maybe I should try to do Rue? 

Mar 23, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - Mockingjay

Hello and Happy Hunger Games! :D
I bet the premiere in the USA is now over, I'm not sure with the time difference and all :P 
I'm so jealous of you guys, who have seen the movie already!!!! I want it too!
At least I'll show you what I would have worn on my nails, if I went to the movie last night! :)
Every HG-Fan knows the Mockingjay pin Katniss is wearing as part of her outfit, but just for the ones who don't know, here it is:
It's awesome! I actually want a real Mockingjay pin, to wear it on my clothes..or maybe a necklace? :D
Anyways, it took me forever to do this one on my nails, because it is a lot harder than the geometrical Capitol eagle, which has just straight lines :P The next problem was, that I don't own a good gold polish, so I just went with yellow. Ok, I'll stop talking now, here is my mani:
The other fingers are a bit hard to explain =)) First I'll tell you what I used: Essence - Grand-Plié in Black, Essence - Sundancer for the Mockingajy, Milani 3D Holo - 3D for the arrow, 1 coat of China Glaze - Ruby Pumps over Essence - GP in Black and finally 1 coat of Flormar Crackle in yellow.
"It's not a regular crackle effect!" - you might say, and it's right. I accidently bumped one of my fingers with the crackle against the table (again^^) and the red glitter smeared all over the yellow. I liked it so much that I touched the crackle on purpose with my fingers, til it looked like in the pics. I added 1 or 2 drops of Ruby Pumps in one or 2 spots and tadaa! It looks like an abstract fire :D Or more like something IS on fire. 
Well, it does say in the book: "Katniss, the girl on fire!" ;)  
And all of this, because I was to lazy to do actual flames at 3 am at night :P

Hope you like it! Later today, I'll post another district manicure! 
See ya ;) 

Mar 22, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - Caesar Flickerman

Hello Hunger Games Fans :)
I know the movie has already been released in some countries, so did someone see it ?? :D I have to wait a little longer, because the movie releases here just sometime in April *cry*  :(( 
Well, til then I'll try to pass the time with some more HG Nail Art :) Today's mani was inspired by Caesar Flickerman, the interviewer of the tributes. 
He is wearing a blue glitter suit and blue hair - I just loooove the hair :D I wanted to use a more intense blue for the suit and here is what it looks like: 
I used: O.P.I - Swimsuit ... Nailed it! and added a coat of blue glitter from Aden, for that extra sparkle ;). For the accent I used a Flormar tip painter in white and Essence Mysterious Black. 
I could wear that O.P.I polish every day! :D 
What do you think? Did I represent Caesar well ? :) 

I wish all the people who will go to see the movie a lot of fun!! Let me know what you'll wear on your nails ;) 

Mar 21, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - Effie Trinket

Hey, hey! :)
The title says it already, but I'm doing a manicure inspired by a character today and it's Effie Trinket! She is like the escort for the District 12 tributes and a real colorful character :D In the trailer you can see her wearing a pink outfit at the reaping and also these nails:
It's a pink base with a golden gradient at the tip. This nails got me started with the whole Nail Art Series thing :) I'm sure once the movie comes out we will see more fun manicures :D 
Here is my recreation of the look: 
I used: Catrice - Big Spender Wanted! and sponged the gradient with P2 - Hyper. I think it's the perfect combination, because Catrice - BSW has golden shimmer in it and it kinda continues the gold at the tip. 
I bumped my middle finger against the table, that's why there is this weird dent in it :P Sorry about that! 

Since this is the first character inspired mani I want to know: who is your favorite character ? Besides Katniss, mine would be Finnick and Cinna. Finnick doesn't appear til book 2 though :) 

Have a good night (or day) and see ya tomorrow! :) 

Mar 20, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - District 12

Hello, my lovelies!
The request for today was a district manicure or a design inspired by Rue or a mutt.
Well, I really have no idea what I could paint, to represent Rue and I'm still thinking about how to do the mutts. :P Any ideas out there? I'd appreciate it!
So for the first district inspired mani, I chose to represent District 12 :)
Since Cinna, Katniss' stylist, came up with the idea to present her as "the girl on fire" I wanted to do a fire design. But after yesterday's mani I didn't had the patience to do something to difficult and this one is also easier to do for someone, who wants to wear a manicure for the Hunger games, right? :) 
It kinda looks like fire ...or at least like coals on fire :D I used: Essence - Grand-Plié in Black (Ballerina LE), Flormar Crackle G05, P2 Pearl Crackle - Red Volcano and a big fat coat of TC :D
Now let me tell you a secret about layering crackles: Do a coat of TC in between the 2 crackles, so that they can crackle differently, otherwise they will crackle the same way and the first color won't show ... or it all looks like a huge mess. Know what I mean? :D

Aaand only 3 days left ! Omg I can't wait anymore!!! :D
See ya tomorrow! ;) 

Mar 19, 2012

Hunger Games Nail Art Series - The Capitol

Where should I start ? I adore the Hunger Games books and I can't wait for the movie to come out!! I'm obsessed with this... I read the 3 books in 6 days, although I had classes and a lot of studying to do, ... oh well :D 
So I asked on my Facebook-page if I should do a Nail Art Series inspired by HG and I got only positive feedback! To be honest - I would have done it anyway :D I have 16 designs, that I came up with last Thursday during class =)) Let's start with the first one, so ...
Let the Hunger Games Nail Art Series begin !!

I thought doing the Capitol logo first would be a good start, since it's like the capital city of Panem. I think this manicure also was the hardest of them all. Here is the inspiration: 
I tried to fit the whole logo on the nail, but I didn't manage to do it, so I chose to paint only the eagle. 
I used 2 coats of NC Matte, Essence - Mysterious Black for the lines and an Essence Nail Art Pen for the eagle. I was so excited about posting it, that I didn't had the patience to let it dry and add a TC afterwards without smudging the design :D So there only is TC on the other nails :P 
To answer your question: Yes, it took me long to do this =)) But it was worth it! 
The other nails are just white with the black lines at the tip, which is inspired by the outfits of the Peacekeepers, a police force controlled by the Capitol.

I hope you like this idea of the Nail Art Series and let me know what you think about it!
Also: are you as excited as I am about the movie? :D

What do you wanna see next? Nails inspired by a district or by a main character ? 

Mar 18, 2012

A pretty franken polish from Sara!

Hey there!
Was your weekend warm and sunny too? I actually went outside with a t-shirt. It's kind of unbelievable, because 3 days ago there still were -2°C outside :D 
Perfect for this summery weather I got this polish for you: Sunflower Spice, a polish made by the lovely Sara from Sara 's Pretty Little Things ! When I got it in her swap package I immediately loved it! I mean, look at it!

A coral holo! Gorgeous! Now the holo-effect is only a little bit visible on the nail but that's alright, because the color is absolutely stunning! 
I used 2 coats, no TC and the application was very smooth 
..did I mention that I love the color !? :D 
Thank you so, so much Sara for this special polish! I bet it was made with a lot of love, otherwise it wouldn't be that pretty ;) 

Now tell me, who is jealous of my pretty little polish? :D 

Mar 15, 2012

Another awesome Nail Mail !!

I actually got it at the same time as the other one, but I didn't wanted to post only hauls here :P This swap I did with the lovely Sara from Sara 's Pretty Little Things, I bet you know her already! In case you don't, go check her blog out right now !! She has awesome manicures and I hope she will be back to blogging soon! 
And now to the goodies!!! :D
 As always from left to right: 
w7 - Metallic Saturn, Barry M - Dusky Mauve, Models Own - Lilac Fantasy, Nails Topshop - Gypsy Night (look at that glitter-flakie bomb in a bottle!!)
 Mood Struck - Changes Color!, Collection 2000 - Sparkle TC, Collection 2000 - Glam
Technic - Silver Holo (I made that up, cause I didn't find any number/name on the, 2true - No. 13, Accessorize - Mermaid (looove!) and as extra, 
I got  a franken made by her! It's a coral shade with a slight holo and it's called Sunflower Spice. Thank you so much! I love it so much that you sent me something made by you, Sara! 
I think this one will be my next swatch :P 

I got so many new brands that I always wanted to check out and now I can! :D 
I wanna thank you again for doing this swap with me! It was awesome and I'm glad I got to know you better through this ;) 

And you, my dear followers, please go to her blog and follow her, because she's awesome! 
See ya all soon ;) 

Mar 14, 2012

Zipper Manicure

Hey guys!
Today I got a quick and simple yet eye-catching design for you! To me it looks like a big zipper, but I'm sure there are many other interpretations too :D I got the idea from this manicure by Nicole @ Nail Polish Wars. Go ahead and check her awesome blog out! But come back to see my manicure as well! :P 
I used: Milani 3D Holographics in HD and O.P.I - Swimsuit ... Nailed it! This is one of my favorite color combinations now ;) 
 It's a very easy and yet so cool design, I love it ! 

Btw: I added some extra ways to follow my blog on the right side bar, since GFC will soon not be working anymore. I am also on bloglovin now! A really cool way to follow your favorite blogs ;) 

Thanks for reading and see ya soon! :) 

Mar 12, 2012

Guest Post @ All Things Beautiful

Hello, my dear readers!
Today you can read my post on All Things Beautiful :), Lucy's blog, where I did a guest post! When she asked me, I immediately accepted and here is a sneak peek of the manicure: 
Go check it out --here-- !
And check out Lucy's blog while you're there!! :D

KKCenterHK Water Decals Review

Hello, my lovelies!
I was contacted by Maggie from KKCenterHK some while ago, about reviewing Water Decals for them and after checking out their site I immediately agreed :) The first step was really hard: choosing a sheet of Decals, because they have a lot and they're all gorgeous!! After a few clicks I saw a really cute one and I picked it without thinking twice! 
This is the one they sent me: 
Aren't they cute ?? I love them! 
I never used Water Decals before but the application was very easy and it didn't take much time. 
How to use Water Decals:
- first remove the foil covering the whole sheet of paper
- cut out the pieces you wanna use on your nails
- put them in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes
- using tweezers, carefully remove the pieces from the bowl
- slide off the image and put it on your nails

Now let me explain that last step for you. First I tried to remove the image from the paper using tweezers but I couldn't grab it, cause it's very thin and I almost destroyed it. I found a very, very easy way to apply them though. After removing the paper from the water I used my finger to transfer the image onto my nail. As long as it's wet, the image doesn't stick to anything so you can easily move it back and forth on your nail til it's in place. After it's dry you can finish it off with a TC. 
 I used 2 coats of Catrice - Just Married, applied the Water Decals and sealed it all with a TC. 
I really love the result! The Water Decals are very easy to use, don't take much time to apply and they look like they're painted on your nails. 
You can get these cute Water Decals --here-- for only $2.64. 
But make sure you check all the decals out and some other stuff on their site too!

Maggie was so kind to give me a unique coupon code for you guys, so if you go shop on their website use the Coupon Code: BLGA403RE10  for 10 % off your purchase until 31st Jan 2013

I hope you liked this post! And let me know what you think about Water Decals! ;) 

*I did not get paid to do this post. I received the product from kkcenterhk for free for review purposes only and this is my honest opinion based on my personal experience. 

Mar 7, 2012

Milani 3D Holographics - Hi-Res

Since I got my very first holographic polishes, I just had to try them immediately! Since I love purple, I chose Milani 3D Hologrpahics - Hi-Res. Oh my, what a beauty!
I used 3 thin coats, application was very smooth and easy, although it has a really thin brush. It's a gorgeous purple holo and I believe the right term is "scattered holo". :P Enough talking, here it is:
 So beautiful, right? I couldn't stop starring at my nails at school :D 
It's the perfect polish, but I have a little problem with it. Maybe someone who owns this polish can help me. I applied base and top coat like always and it chipped the next morning. Now I don't wear polishes for long, but I want it to last at least 1 day! So, is this common for holos? Or for Milani polishes? Or should I just try different base coats/ top coats ? I believe it was just a "bad nail day", but I still want your opinion! :) 
Thanks for your help! ;) 

Mar 4, 2012


I got Nail Mail from Kaki!!! :D I did a swap with her and boy am I glad I did it! ;)  
What are you saying? You don't now Kaki? She is the writer of Glitter Obsession! (Btw she is hosting some great giveaways! ;) Check it out!) 
I already knew she is awesome, judging by her blog and her sweet mails, but I didn't expect this! But look for yourself :D
 O.P.I : Swimsuit ... Nailed it!, It's MY Year, Nail Envy
 Sally Girl, Wet'n'Wild: Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, Gray's Anatomy, Hannah Pinktana
 Sinful Colors: Zeus, Neptune, Essie Luxeffects - Shine of the Times
 Sally Hansen: Glass Slipper, HD Laser, HD DVD
 Revlon: Popular, Whimsical, Scandalous, Stunning
The whole Milani 3D Holographics Collection !!! Jackpot! :D
 She also sent me these extras: 4 Wet'n'Wild eye-shadows, a rhinestone "pen" and 2 eos lip balms. I wanted to try those lip balms for ages! How did you know I adore mint flavor ?? :D

I can't thank you enough Kaki! I LOVE everything you've sent me!

Now you, my dear readers, have to help me! Which one should I try first? I can't decide!!! They're all gorgeous :D