Feb 24, 2012

Do you like books ?

Do you ? Then I wanna show you an interesting blog :)

I was contacted by one of the writers of "Rowen and Clarissa's Yearbook Challenge" some time ago and they told me about their blog. I absolutely love.. no let me rephrase that: I absolutely adore books ;) ..so I checked their blog out and I want to share it now with you!

They wanna read 52 classic books within one year, write reviews about them and support the Melanoma Focus Charity with their blog. You may have heard about the 1001 books you have to read before you die ? Well, Rowen and Clarissa got the idea from that :) They selected 52 books and present them to the readers one by one and I already found some interesting books so far, that I put on my "to-read-list" :)
The reviews are well-written, fun to read and not too long, so you won't get bored, trust me! :P But I have to confess that I am a bad follower, since I didn't comment on any of their posts yet :( That will change I promise!

The cause that they're supporting is Melanoma Focus:
"Melanoma Focus is a UK-wide charity supporting independent research into the most serious – and increasingly prevalent – form of skin cancer: malignant melanoma."  - the Source

You can donate on that page linked above or just support Rowen and Clarissa by following and commenting on their blog! If you like books, I'm sure you'll find something interesting there! :)

Well, this wasn't a typical beauty-related post, but I hope some of you still liked it and will go over to "Rowen and Clarissa's Yearbook Challenge" and follow them!
Thanks for reading!! :-*

My Birthday Mani!!

Yep, it's my birthday today and I am now 20 years old :P 
Since I like purple so much, it had to be in my birthday mani and I also wanted to create a dotted manicure for Sarah's contest over at Chalkboard Nails, so I created this design: 
It kinda looks like fireworks...or flowers? Or maybe just like random dots? :D Or maybe like a little birthday cake seen from above ... there are so many possibilities :P
As required I created this manicure only with a dotting tool and different shades of purple.
Did you enter Sarah's contest? Or do you plan to? I would love to know! :D

I am now going with my mum to my favorite Chinese/Mongolian restaurant in the city! It has become kind of a tradition :P And since I can eat again, it will be fun =))
Here is another picture of my silly cat :D
 Hope you have a fabulous day!! :-*

Feb 22, 2012

Golden King of Greens

Hello there! :) 
Today I got 2 pretty polishes for you! Another Catrice and a Essence one, that I'm sure everybody knows already. I'm talking about Catrice - King of Greens and Essence - Make it Golden. First I swatched King of Greens and the name is absolutely perfect for this polish! But see for yourself: 
This is 2 coats without TC. Such a beauty with yellow and green shimmer. No wonder it's the king of greens :P Application was a bit tricky, because it tends to leave bald spots, but if you are careful, you can do it!  
And finally the sun comes out a bit more often - yay for sunlight pictures! :D
And I promised you guys to show you a comparison of the old and new brushes, that Catrice came up with this spring.
The first thing you may notice is that the new brush is rounded instead of flat at the tip. It's also a bit wider than the old one. I personally like the new brush waaaay better than the old one ... why? Because it's much easier to do a clean line at the cuticles with the rounded brush and I sometimes need only 2 strokes to cover the whole nail, because the brush is wider. 
What do you guys think of the new brush ? Like it or hate it?

My next step was adding Essence Make it Golden. I didn't want to layer it over the whole nail, so I did a little gradient and for the accent nails I then covered the whole nail with 2 coats of Make it Golden.
Like it? I love it ! I think the green and the gold go very well together :)

I also have a little bonus pic for you!
Kiara was sleeping next to me while I was taking the pictures ... I love that little fist she makes :D

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful and sunny day! :-*

Feb 21, 2012

Catrice - Browno Mars

Hello ladies!! (..and gentlemen) :P
I have a gorgeous polish for you today! It's another Catrice and it's called Browno Mars. Ha! 
I just love the names Catrice comes up with :D I sometimes buy polishes just for their names
... am I the only one? :D
While I'm typing this post I am also listening to Dance in the Mirror by Bruno Mars :P
Here is this prettiness! Gorgeous right?  Not usually my type of color, but I love this one!
This is 2 coats, no TC. It's a bronze kind of color with really pretty golden shimmer... or is it silver shimmer? It's hard to describe! It was very opaque with the first coat, but it still needs 2 coats. And I absolutely love the new brush!! I will do a comparison in my next post ;) 
 The second picture is the most color accurate. The first one is taken in daylight and the second one indoors with flash.

Hope you like it!
Thanks for reading and have a great day! :-*

Feb 19, 2012

Kaki's 300 Follower Giveaway @ Glitter Obsession!

Hey there!
I just had to share this great giveaway that Kaki is hosting on her blog Glitter Obsession!
Look at this great prize !! :D Sounds interesting? Then head over now to her blog and fill out the form!

Good luck ;)

Feb 17, 2012

Berrylicious Leopard

.... or should I say: Dirty Leopard? Meeh, no, ... rather Berrylicious Leopard ;) 
Why this weird title? Well, because I used Catrice's Dirty Berry and did a leopard pattern on it :D
I used Catrice Forget-Me-Not for the spots and Essence Mysterious Black to outline them. I like my purple leopard very much :) Animal prints will always be my favorite nail designs!

I mentioned that I got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out a few days ago and I can't even open my mouth to eat stuff. So my meals consist of this:
 Baby Food! Mhmmm I love it :D And because I love chocolate too much, I knew I couldn't resist 1 week without it...but I can't eat it, because it's to big...so what do I do? I cut it in little pieces :P
Haha, I just wanted to share that with you guys ;)
So, do you still have your wisdom teeth ? :D

Today's Swatch: Catrice - Dirty Berry

Well, here are my first pictures taken with my new camera .. I can see a huuuuge difference! :D
The first polish I wanna show you from my Germany Haul is Dirty Berry by Catrice. I think I forgot to show you the Catrice polishes I got, but oh well...you will see the swatches here the next days ;)

Dirty Berry is a beautiful blue-based purple polish with shimmer and a slight holo-effect. Yes, I said holo! :D I used 2 coats, no TC and the application was great! And it dried rather fast ;) 
The holo is visible in sunlight or in pictures taken with flash. So gorgeous, isn't it ? 
(Click to enlarge the pics, to see even more details!)
So what do you think ? Do you like this polish ?

And what do you wanna see next ? :D

Have a great day and a great weekend! :-* 

Feb 15, 2012

11 Questions Tag - Part 2 & New Award!

I got the 11 Questions Tag from Kaki , right after the other one, so I will answer her questions but since I have a hard time thinking of 11 new facts, I won't do that :P (Read the other facts here) Thanks girl for tagging me!! ;)
Here are Kaki's 11 questions and my answers:
1.) What is your favorite thing to splurge on ?
Well, Nail polish! :D Besides that? Jewelry ;) 
2.) What do you do when life gets you down ?
I go shopping... or I take a cup of hot coffee/tea, wrap me up in a blanket and watch one of my favorite movies ;)
3.) What is your favorite way to celebrate an accomplishment ?
With friends/family and some delicious food :D
4.) Favorite day of the year ?
Hmm, I don't know if I have one favorite day... :P
5.) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?
My weight! I've been struggling with it my whole life and I'm sick of it :|
6.) What is your biggest polish lemming right now ?
Accesorize - Pink Spice! Gosh, I love this polish so much :D
7.) What is your weirdest habit ?
I don't think I have one :P
8.) Does anyone know about your online blog ?
Yep my friends and family do.... and if someone doesn't know it, my mom makes sure they will :D
9.) What is your favorite nickname ?
I don't know if I have one...everyone just calls me Theo :)
10.) What is your least favorite nickname ?
Since I don't really have nicknames...I don't have a least favorite one :P
11.) If you could visit on place in the world, where would you go and why?
Oh there are so many places in the world I would love to visit!! But if I could visit only one it would be Rome. I was there once and this city fascinated me. The people, the culture, the food...just everything. I would love to live there :)

And Kaki also gave me this Award:
Aww Kaki, I appreciate this so much girl! Thank you very, very much ;) I'm so happy people out there love my blog :D Make sure to visit Kaki's blog "Glitter Obsession" and follow her! You won't regret it ;)
The rules for this award are:
- Link back to the person who awarded you
- Answer the questions
- Award other blogs !

Well, ok then! Here are the questions:
1.) What is your favorite fashion magazine ?
Hmm..if I buy me a magazine, I always buy GLAMOUR :)
2.) Favorite singer/band ?
That changes ... but I will always love Eminem, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez!
3.) Favorite YouTube guru ?
DulceCandy, she does awesome videos and through her I found out about the blogging world ;) 
4.) Favorite make-up product ?
Mascaras in general...what a great invention!! :D
5.) Where woud you like to live ?
Well, like I said earlier: Rome. But I woudn't mind living in Los Angeles either :D
6.) What is your favorite film ?
That's a hard one, because I have a lot of favorites! The Fast and the Furious Series, Death Race 1, I Robot, Taxi, etc. ..and yes, almost every favorite movie of mine involves cars :D
7.) How many pairs of shoes do you own ?
about 29 ? I don't know :P
8.) What is your favorite color ?
Purple! But on my nails I really love blue :)

And now I wanna tag some blogs I really love!!

... and Kaki, I love your blog too!! ;)
I would tag more blogs, but this ones came to my mind right away and since I can't think straight right now, I leave it that way! :) Why can't I think straight?  I am sitting at home right now, because I got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out and I am in pain ... but that means I have more time for my blog, since I'm not doing anything :P 
So, I will try to post some swatches the next days, any preferences ? :)

Feb 12, 2012

Racing Stripes

 Good morning everybody!
This post will be the last one with pictures taken by my phone :D Just so you know ;) 
I did this mani a week ago and took some pictures outside in the snow again, to change up the scenery a bit.
  You may think now "there is something different about her nails.." and that's true :P I filed my nails in a square shape! Well, almost square. I wanted to try this for so long, because I always see so beautiful square shaped nails on so many blogs, but now I know it's not meant to be for me. They don't suit me :))
Back to the polish: This is 2 coats Rimmel London - 239 Your Majesty and it's a gorgeous silver foil polish, just how I like it. :) Excuse the redness of my skin in this pictures but it was freezing outside! I couldn't feel my hands for 20 minutes after this pics :D

I wanted to add something to it, but I had no idea what. I was starring at my computer and my desktop wallpaper inspired me :D
So here is the beautiful inspiration:
Yep, my favorite car ;) And I tried to recreate the racing stripes on my nails:
I used tape and China Glaze Frostbite for the stripes. The picture is not the best, but you get the idea ;) 

So ho do you like my nails with this shape? I honestly am glad to be back to my round shape :D
Have a great Sunday! :-* 

 EDIT: Btw, do you like that I made the pictures bigger, or should I do them like before? Let me know!

Feb 11, 2012

Germany Haul + New Hair Color

Hello, my lovelies!!! 
Long time, no see ;) I'm so glad I have the time again to blog, because I really missed it!
So for my "comeback-post" I have a haul for you :D I am visiting my mom in Germany and of course I went shopping right away for German polishes! Yay! I miss Essence and Catrice so much back home in Romania, that I took 2 hours today to check out all the displays in the stores. :P 
And here is what I got: 
The whole Crazy Good Times Collection from Essence .. I thought this one would be long gone when I finally arrive here, but I was really glad I found i!
 From left to right:
Catrice - Forget-Me-Not, Essence Magnetics - Mystic Wish, Essence - It's Purplicious, Essence Tip Painters - Mysterious Black and More Than Silver, Essence French - Pretty Matt.
I'm so happy I bought a back-up bottle of Catrice - Forget-Me-Not, before they discontinue it!
  Again from left to right:
Icy Princess, Galactic Black, Hard to Resist, Be Optimistic!, Shiny Godness, Think Pink, In Style and Make it Golden

And some beauty products I'm really excited about to try:
A natural cover moisturizing cream from Essence, Mousse Make-Up from Essence, Shower-Gel (I just bought it because I love the packaging :D), Garnier Shampoo with Cocos and Cacao (it smells delicious!), Essence Lip Tint from their Vampire's Love Collection, some Glitter Eyeliner, Purple (!) Lip Gloss from Essence and a green Creme Eyeliner. 

But the best thing I got from my mom for my 20th birthday is this: 
A Nikon D5100!! I couldn't believe it! I will be able to make really good photos now and color-accurate swatches! Yaaaay :D Although it make take some time til I manage to take really good pictures, they will be thousand times better than the ones I took with my phone, that's for sure ;) 
I already thanked her 1000 times, but once again: 

And this post is getting too long now, but I want to show you my new hair color!

I dyed my bottom half of my hair in Dark Chocolate Brown and the top half with Cherry Red. I wanted to try this for sooo long and I love it! Especially when I have a pony tail ;)

That's it! I wanna thank you all for waiting so patiently while I didn't post anything and also welcome to all new followers!! :) 
Have a great weekend and see ya tomorrow with a new post ;)

Feb 1, 2012

11 Questions! - Part 1

I was tagged by paint that nail with the 11 Questions Tag! :D
I saw so many blogs doing this tag and it seemed like a lot of fun, so thank you so much for tagging me!! :D Make sure to visit paint that nail to read her 11 facts and questions ;)

The rules are:
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
- Answer the questions the tagger set to you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag!
- You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on your post.
- Go to their blog and tell them you have tagged them.
- You legitimately have to tag 11 people. No tag backs!

Alright, let's start with the 11 facts:
1. I loooove Asian food! I could eat that for the rest of my life :D
2. Another food thing: I like eating raw things :)) raw potatoes, raw batter, raw meat ...I'm weird I know :D
3. I love writing. Nothing in particular, just anything :P I once started copying the first Harry Potter book, just because I wanted to write something :))) But I stopped after 120 pages I think :D
4. I'm obsessed with cars, especially Mustangs. My dream is that I one day will own a GT500 Mustang from 2007 and his older brother, the 67' Mustang GT.
5. While we are still on the topic: I could drive all day long :) Give me my car, some music and I'm the happiest person alive ;)
6. I would love to speak Italian and Spanish fluently. I understand Italian, so it's at least something :P
7. I love mascaras .. and I know I have too many of them :D
8. I love the sea/water and swimming. Once I'm in there, you barely can get me out of there :D That's why I love spending my holidays at beaches in sunny countries :)
9. Before my nail polish addiction, I had another one: books! I still love them! In the past I went to rag-fairs (I don't know if it's the right word) and bought 10-15 books in one day, and I read them all within short time :) So yeah I was a book junkie, but now I have to study so much that I can't even remember the last time I read a book :(
10. I hope I will travel the world and see as many beautiful places as possible :)
11. I love anything that smells like cocos: candles, shampoo, body lotion ... etc. :)

And the 11 questions:
1. Do you have a set up for taking pictures, if so what is it ?
No not really, I take all my pictures in my bathroom in front of the white furniture ;) You might have seen a grey background on some of my swatch-photos  -  I used my sweatpants for those pictures :P
2. How often do you give yourself a manicure ? 
Every 1 or 2 days :)
3. Do you share or talk about your blog with people in your life/in public to people ?
Sometimes I do, but mostly with my friends and family, but my mom is the one who shares my blog with everyone :D
4. What was the first blog you started reading - did you realize how many nail bloggers there were ?
I honestly don't remember, but I know I started getting into the blogging world through Youtube-videos :D I discovered that some of the Youtube-Gurus have blogs, and I then I saw how many there were! I was fascinated :)
5. How long have you been into nails ?
Mhm, I think it started at the beginning of 2010. So not very long ;)
6. What's your biggest tip for nail beginners - if you are one, what is the hardest problem you have that is most frustrating ? 
Hm, well use base coat, even if you don't wear nail polish every day, because it strengthens the nails and gives them a healthy shine. And also - don't use your nails as tools! I know I did that a lot and I broke my nails very often! And you don't want that ;) What is very frustrating sometimes, is that I can't always capture the right color or the prettiness of the nail polish with my camera. And then after 40 pictures there still isn't a good one :P
7. Do you prefer long or short nails ? 
Definitely long!
8. What's one nail polish you never get bored of wearing ? 
Hm, I don't have a specific one, but I can wear silver or black polish for a month and not get bored with it :)
9. What brand of nail polish do you want to try but haven't gotten the chance to get a bottle or don't want to pay the money for ?
Nfu-Oh polishes!! My god they are so pretty :D But look here, if you don't already know them :D
10. How many bottles of nail polish do you have, do you think it's a crazy amount ? 
With the ones I bought today: 270. I know it's crazy, but I try to convince myself that there are others who have much much more, so I'm not the only one :D
11. Do you like the nail art with all the rhinestones, pearls and acrylic pieces covering your nails ?
I love rhinestones and stickers, but I think acrylic pieces are too much :) The reason I don't wear them that often is because I'm afraid they fall right off my nails :D

And here are my 11 questions:
1. What are your other hobbies, besides nail polish and doing your nails ?
2. What is your favorite nail polish color ?
3. What or who started your nail polish addiction/ obsession ?
4. What nail polish trend do you love/hate ?
5. Do you also paint the nails of others, like friends/family ?
6. Where do you buy most of your nail polish ?
7. Stamping or freehand Nail Art - what's your favorite ?
8. Would you ever give up your entire collection of nail polish ? :D
9. Where would you like to live ? And why ?
10. What's your best feature ?
11. What's your biggest dream ?

I wanna tag: 
Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat
Sara 's Pretty Little Things
All Things Beautiful
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Wow, this was a loooong post :D I got tagged by Kaki as well with some other questions, but I will post that separately, because otherwise this post here will never end ;)
Thanks for reading! :D

(Btw: If you are not tagged, you can still answer the questions in the comment section ;) I would love to hear as lot of answers as possible from you guys :D)