Aug 29, 2011


Good morning my old and new followers ;)
I won´t post anymore ... for 2 weeks :P I´m going to Greece today to enjoy my vacation :) Of course I won´t be able to post anything and since my nails were in a really bad condition the past few weeks, I didn´t had the chance to prepare some posts. But as soon as I come back I will post again regularly ;)
And here is what I did the past few days, since I couldn´t paint my nails :P
I organized my stash by color on this nail wheels
And I also started some Nail Art wheels :) Click to enlarge !
If you want, I will do some tutorials of this designs, just leave me a comment and let me know ;) I will approve and answer them as soon as I come back :)
Have a great week! I will miss you guys! :-*

Aug 28, 2011

Beauty Blogazon Roundup 21.8 - 27.8

Hey guys!
So since this is the first Roundup, I will explain this whole thing to you ;) 
I joined a group on facebook, The Beauty Blogazons, and this group has an weekly roundup of different links of their group members. How does this work? You just submit a link of one of your posts, which is the best of the week and then all bloggers who participated, are posting this links on their blogs. This way you and your readers get the chance to find some great new blogs :) This is a great opportunity especially for new bloggers ;) So if you wanna do this, just join the group on facebook :)

Cosmetically Challenged  Big Calves Need Love Too!
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Kewtified Nails OPI Miss Universe 2011
Painted Pixie  Slithering onto the snakeskin bandwagon
Polish Insomniac  Dusty Week: OPI Peel Me a Gobi Grape
The Nail Network  Julep Maven Box! 
Midnight Manicures - Nfu-Oh Aqua Base...Worth it? Necessary?
Rêve Noir  Crackle Mania - Lapis Lazuli 
Red Hair and Black Nail Polish - Zipper Zebra Nail Art Tutorial
Daily Polish - Daily Polish thinks she's found the closest polish to a Minx finish in existence, what do you think? -
Nailderella Nfu Oh's headquarter
GlitterGlossGarbage What Fashion Fair Needs
Addicted To All Things Pretty Six Red Lip Color Swatches

If one of the links doesn´t work, please let me know ;) 
Have a nice sunday evening ;) 

Aug 26, 2011

Make-Up Storing Tips?

Hello everybody!
I just got back from Germany yesterday and I realized I have a problem :D I have to much make up for my small bathroom :)) My mom bought me some make up and I also purchased some things, while I was there and now that I´m back, I see that my bathroom shelf and drawer are already full ^^ I don´t like it, if I have some cosmetics in one place and the other part in another...I just like to have all in one place. So do you guys have a good idea, how to store cosmetics ?
This is all I have right now, I know other people have much more, but for me it´s a lot :D And I realized I have too many mascaras :D I just love them ;)
So please leave your ideas in the comment section, because I don´t wanna leave them in this box :D Thank you so much!

Aug 23, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Zipper Zebra

Good morning, my dear readers! :)
I just woke up and thought: let´s do another tutorial! :P The Zipper Zebra Manicure was on the second place in my poll and it´s my favorite, so here it is!
Step 1: Apply a base color of your choice, best would be a light color, to create a good contrast to the zebra pattern. I used 2 coats of Essence 50´s LE - Ahoy! 
Step 2: Cut a piece of scotch tape in a triangular shape and put it on the tip of the nail. Make sure the polish underneath is completely dry! The tape is hard to see in the pic, but I think you get the idea ;) 

Step 3: Now cover the whole nail with another polish of your choice, I used Essence - Purple Diamond. 1 coat should be enough, especially over a white or a light base.
Now to the fun part: remove the tape slowly, while the polish is still wet!
Voilá! It´s not a problem, if the lines are not perfect, cause you will cover them anyway :)
I don´t know how I managed to make this dent in the polish, hm..weird :P
Step 4: Now take a tip painter or a small brush to make some thin lines. A black polish is the best choice for this step, but you can be creative ;) First outline the triangle and then draw a straight line to the base of the nail. Basically you have to paint a "Y" on the nail :)

Step 5: This step can be done in many different ways. You can leave the plain polish to have a simple zipper mani, you can do a zebra pattern or a leopard pattern or just dots. Just do it the way you want it :)

Step 6: Last but not least: put some dots along the "Y" - shaped lines to make the zipper look more realistic. If you drew the lines to thick, the dots won´t show that good, but hey...practice makes perfect ;)

That´s the final result :) Have fun recreating this look and let me know in your comments how it worked out for you! :)
Have a nice day! :-*

Aug 19, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Catrice - I Sea You !

Hello everybody!
Finally I´m done with my job! Yeey :D But my nails are a huge mess :( 4 of them are really short, because they always broke at work and I had to cut them down, and another one just broke today and it hurts, aaah! -.-
That´s why I will have to post some old swatches, til my nails are a bit longer again :) I wanna show you Catrice - I Sea You! (250), a beautiful turquoise-green creme polish. Application was no that easy, because my polish was a little bit thick, but I only used 1 coat !! I love 1-coaters :D
The first picture is the most color accurate :) 
That´s the dream: opaque in 1 coat and glossy, even without TC :) What do you think about it? Do you own any Catrice polishes? :)
Btw: I will approve and answer your comments tomorrow night at the earliest, because I´ll spend my whole day tomorrow at a lake with friends, trying to enjoy the great weather and just having fun :)
Have a great weekend and good night! :-*

Aug 16, 2011

My first Rhinestone Manicure

Hello everybody! :)
Less talk and more pictures today :) I tried my first manicure with rhinestones last weekend and I really liked it! It was very easy to work with them and they really do make a manicure more special ;) I applied 2 coats of Essence - Hypnotic Poison, a really great red-pinkish shimmer polish. The shimmer is so beautiful in sunlight!  After that I put on the rhinestones, while the polish was still wet. And voilá:
Do you like to use rhinestones on your manicures? Tell me about it in your comments :)
Have a great day! :-*

Aug 14, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Abstract Flowers

Hello my dear readers! :)
The day started just right, with a lot of sun and a lot of degrees :D I hope you all have a very sunny Sunday too ;) So finally I have the promised Nail Art Tutorial for you! At first I didn´t knew how to take photos of all the steps and how to post them, and I will have to figure that all out til my next tutorial, but for now it looks like this. So please bear with me, after all it´s my first tutorial. :) Let´s start:
The first step is applying a Base Coat of course, and after that you apply the base color of your choice :) I went with the same colors as last time, so I used 2 coats of Essence - Ahoy, a nice white polish.
Now to the fun part: Use a tip painter or a small brush to paint the flower patels. Start with the middle one and add one flower patel on each side. Just begin on the left side of the nail and paint a slight ovally line. Keep in mind, they don´t have to be perfect! :)
Now with the same technique, you draw one line in each patel with a different color. I used the silver tip painter from Essence.  (sorry for the blurry image^^)
And again: draw one line in each flower patel with a third color of your choice, I used the pink tip painter from Essence :)  Now the right part of the nail is a little bit empty. Just add some random stripes with your third color. But not to many, cause there still has to be room for some dots. :)
As mentioned, grab a dotting tool and put some black dots along the lines. I used the same black polish, that I used for the flower patels. Clean up the dotting tool and add some silver dots on the base of the flower, just to cover up the messy lines and to make the flower look more realistic :) 
The last thing you have to do, is to add a TC to smooth it all out and to make the polish last longer. ;)
And then you´re done! This is the end result and as you can see I alternated the position of the flowers. But you can do them all on the same side...just do it how you like it :) Of course you can experiment with other color combinations! :P If you recreate this design, I would love to see it :) Just leave me a link in the comment section ;)
I hope this tutorial was helpful, and I promise I will do it better next time, with the pics and the explanations and all that :D Have a nice Sunday evening and see ya next time! :-*

Aug 13, 2011

Turquoise Animal

Hello, everybody :)
I´m finally back on track with my blog and I wanna apologize for that last post, I was in a bad mood when I wrote it ^^ Well, here I am with my latest manicure, which I just don´t wanna take off...ever ! :D I love the color combo and the pattern and it just looks awesome :)) I was inspired by the m78 Konad Plate, I love that combination of zebra and leopard pattern, but unfortunately I don´t own that stamping I had to do a freehand design :)
The polishes I used are all from Essence: You Belong To Me (53), Trust In Fashion (54), Bella (06) from the Nail Art Twins Collection and the Tip Painter - Mysterious Black.
The zebra pattern is not that perfect, because I was kind of in a hurry when I did it, but from afar it looks good ;)
Tomorrow I will finally post the tutorial you voted for and now I´m gonna work some more on my Stash and Blogroll-Page :) See ya next time and thanks for reading! :-*

Aug 12, 2011

. . .

I think I mentioned in my last post, that I´m working since Monday...well, I thought I could still do my nails and blog about it and do all that stuff that I mentioned and promised, but the fact is, that I can´t do any of that. I work for about 8 hours and my job is to build some kind of small displays...whatever, what I wanna say: I have to wear gloves all day long and even a fresh manicure doesn´t last at least 1 hour. That just sucks :( And when I get home I just don´t have the time to do anything on my blog. Don´t get me wrong here...I love to share my ideas and manicures with you guys and I love working on my blog...but I don´t think I can make it happen at the time. I will only work for one more week, so this will be over soon. I apologize to all of you, cause I know you´re waiting for the tutorials and all that and I will try my best to catch up with all the blogs I read and with my posts etc. on Saturday. Or maybe tomorrow night :P
So I hope you can understand me and I wish you all a good night and sweet dreams :)

Aug 7, 2011

Polka Dots !

Here I am again :) Because I start working tomorow I wanted something simple on my nails, but not just plain polish. What do you do? Polka dots! :D For the base I used 2 coats of BeYu - 324, a light grey polish, which is very creamy and easy to apply.
And then I added some blue dots with a dotting tool and Essence - I´m a Marine Girl from their 50´s Girls LE. I will show you the polishes from this collection in another post. :)
What do you girls do, when you don´t want to wear just plain polish? Let me know in your comments ;)
Have  good night and see ya next time! :-*

Some Updates/News =)

Good morning, my dear readers!
Are you all having a nice sunny sunday? Let´s hope so ;)
Just wanted to inform you, that my poll closed yesterday and most of you voted for the Flower Nail Art Tutorial :) So this one will come up on this blog in the next few days. On the second place was the Zipper Zebra Manicure, which I will do after the flower tutorial. And then we will see, how you all like the tutorials and if you want more ;)
The second thing I wanna tell you, is about the Blogroll-Page. I removed the Blogroll-Gadget and now I´m trying to dedicate a page only to the blogs I follow. It takes longer than expected, cause I realized, that I just follow too many blogs :))) But I hope it will be ready soon.
So that´s it and later I will be back with a new manicure :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;)

Aug 5, 2011

Blue and Black Squares

Hello everybody!
Sorry, that I didn´t post anything the past few days, but I am not very often at home these days :P Tomorrow I will write some post and schedule them, just in case I have no time to blog :)
So today I have some Nail Art for you, which I have to practice a lil bit more :D I painted a blue and black checkerboard on my nails :) I used Essence - BBC Splash Refresh and Essence - Fatal, but I really don´t know why I´m holding a P2 polish bottle in my second pic, I know for sure it was Essence, that I used :D
Do you like it? The squares are not perfect, but practice makes perfect :) I´m not sure if I´ll do this design very often, cause it takes kinda long to paint it :) Maybe I will do a tutorial on this one too, but only if you guys want me to ;)
Have a nice weekend, my lovelies! :-*

Aug 2, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Maybelline NY Mini Colorama - Cherry

Hello my dear readers, and hello to my new followers ;) 
I want to remind you, that you still have 3 days left to vote for which Nail Art Tutorial you wanna see first :) So go ahead and vote ;)
Let´s move on to the swatch :) Today I wanna show you a really gorgeous red glitter polish. It´s called Cherry (54) and it´s from Maybelline New York and their Mini Colorama Collection. I always wear it over a red polish, because it´s a little sheer on it´s own. To show you what I mean I applied 3 coats of Cherry on my ring finger and 1 coat of Cherry over a red polish on my other fingers. The application is very easy and unlike other glitters, you don´t need any TC to smooth it out. 
The glitter is much more visible in real life, I don´t know why my cam doesn´t want to show that :) The second pic is most color accurate.
I really like the quality of this polish, but unfortunately I didn´t like the other Mini Colorama colors I found so far. Well, maybe I will someday :)
Do you own any Mini Colorama polishes? Any must-haves ? :) 
Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Aug 1, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.5 : Tape Mani + Paulinas Giveaway

Hello my lovelies :)
Today I have another Nail Art Monday manicure for you, the theme this week was: Tape Mani. I made it really simple, I used some special scissors to cut the tape and 2 of my new favorite colors: Catrice - Lost in Mud and Artdeco - 316. I really love this color combo! 
I wanted to add some dots, but I wasn´t sure how it would turn out and I didn´t want to ruin the mani. The last pic is taken with flashlight, to show the design a lil bit better :) ...but my skin looks like it´s from a corpse :))))

And I also want to inform you about Paulinas giveaway! She reached 300 followers and is thanking them with this great giveaway ;) Check it out here ! Make sure to follow her, because she does some great stamping and lately some really awesome freehand designs!

Thanks for reading and see ya next time :)