Jul 30, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Catrice - Big Spender Wanted!

Hello everyone!

I scheduled this post for yesterday, but somehow it didn´t work. So, please forgive me for not posting anything in a while. Also I´m back in Germany and I´m just never home :D That´s why I won´t post every day and maybe not even every other day, but I´ll try ;) I´m also preparing my first nail art tutorial, cause it seems the Zipper Zebra Mani is "winning" the poll, but you still have some days left to vote :) I also have to keep in mind to update my Stash List, since my mum bought me around 40 polishes while I was gone :)) Thanks for that ! :D
Let´s move on to a pretty nail polish: Catrice - Big Spender Wanted! (150). This is a really pretty pink polish with gold shimmer in it :) I didn´t wear it once, til I did this swatch and I don´t know why, because it looks so good on the nails! This is 2 coats, application was perfect and it´s very shinny, even without TC.
The golden shimmer was hard to catch on camera but in real life it´s really good visible :)
See ya next time, my lovely readers! Have a nice weekend :)

Jul 26, 2011

Top 10 Award

Hello, my lovelies :)
I got some new awards, so I decided to do this post today :) The first one, the TOP 10 Award, is from the lovely ladies Taya and Laura, thank you both so much!
The Top 10 award rules: 
1.Thank the person who tagged you and link to their blog. 
2.Put the Top 10 Award logo on your blog. 
3.List your top 10 cosmetics. 
4.Choose 10 bloggers to tag, link to their blogs, and let them know.

Now I have to list my 10 favorite cosmetics, so here they are: 
1.) Revlon Liquid Quick Dry - the best quick drying top coat I´ve ever used! :) 
2.) Freeman Facial Clay Mask with Avocado&Oatmeal - my new favorite face mask, it smells good and the skin feels so soft after using it :D 
3.) Yves Rocher Jardin des Nymphes Perfume - my mom gave this to me some while ago and I love it ! 
4.) Essence Sun Club Bronzing Powder - I talked about it here!
5.) Essence Gel Eyeliner 01 Midnight in Paris - it´s black, it´s easy to apply and it stays on forever :) 
6.) Intesa Styling Hairspray - it smells soooo good ! :D 
7.) Essence Lash Mania Mascara - I talked about it here! :)
8.) Nivea Double Effect Deodorant - I love the scent and it works best for me :) 
9.) Vaseline (mine is from Balea) - the best thing ever for dry lips ! ;)
10.) Movie Colors Hair Dye Product in Red - it´s exactly the red I like, it gives great shine to my hair and again...it smells good :D 

And also from Taya I got this award: 
The rules are:
1. Link back to the person who passed you the award. 
2. Complete the form below.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself. 
4. Award 10 blogs.
5. Drop them a line and tell them about it.

Name your favorite color: All time favorite is purple, but I have many favorite colors :D
Name your favorite song: It changes very often, but right now: Mohombi - Coconut Tree (ft. Nicole Scherzinger)
Name your favorite dessert: Tiramisu
What makes you mad? People who lie and people who think they´re better than everyone else ... 
When you’re upset you… throw things :D 
Your favorite pet? My cat Kiara
Black or white? Black
Your biggest fear is? To lose someone close to me.
Your best feature is? Reliability ? or..Honesty? ..I don´t know :P 
Everyday attitude: Live your life how you want ! :) 
What is perfection? hm..that´s a good question... I think everyone and everything is perfect in his/her/it´s way :) 
Guilty Pleasure: Nail Polish and Candy :D

I already shared 7 random things about myself, you can read them here :)
Now I should tag 10 Bloggers for the Top 10 Award and the Best Blog Award each, but instead I will tag 10 Bloggers for both of them :) And here they are:
Twinkle Tips
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Deez Nails
Enamel Girl
Like a Candy Shop
Billies Beauty Blog
A Place For My Nails
Color and Creativity
My Nail Graffiti
Enjoy it ladies! I´m looking forward to your answers :)

And now I hope I can schedule some posts before I leave this evening :D I was in Romania for the exam, and now that this is over, I have to get back to Germany and resolve some paperwork and stuff and see my friends and family :) I can probably post now and then from my moms computer, but til I can, I wanna make sure you have something to read ;)
Have a great week and see ya soon! :-*

Jul 25, 2011

New Poll

Hey everybody ! :)
I just wanted to let you know, that I put up a new poll on the left side of the page, where you can decide which Nail Art Tutorial you want to see first :)
You can choose between the Zebra Zipper Manicure , the Patchwork Mani, the Flowers from my first Nail Art Monday and the Random Dots and Stripes Manicure.
Now I have to go and do some swatches, write some posts and schedule them, because the next few days I won´t have time to post that much :) But more about that in my next post tomorrow ;)
Have a nice evening! :)

Jul 24, 2011

My very first Franken : Jammin´ Berry

Hello ladies (and gentlemen) :)
I´m feeling sick today, so I just let the pictures do the talking ;) I created my very first franken some weeks ago and I have to say: once you start, it´s hard to stop...it´s just so fun to create new polishes :)
I used: Catrice - The Devil Wears Red, S-he 195, Essence Twins - Julia(01) and Essence - White Secret (02). The name "Jammin´ Berry" was chosen by the girls from PAA .
Have you ever created a franken? :) I would love to see some ;)
Thanks for reading, see ya next time! :)

Jul 23, 2011

Today´s Swatch: P2 - Dangerous + Flowers

Here I am again with a new swatch, like I mentioned before ;) This is P2 - Dangerous, a gorgeous and very creamy petrol blue polish. In the pic below I used 2 coats without any TC, and it´s so shinny! Application was very easy and smooth, but make sure to use a Base Coat before applying this beauty, cause like every darker polish, this one stains horribly!  
As usually, I couldn´t leave it alone, so I added some flowers. :)
I can´t wait to buy me some more P2 polishes, cause they have gorgeous colors and a very good price ;) Have a good night, my lovely readers!

Late Nail Art Monday: Glitterbomb

 So here it is...the very late Nail Art Monday Post :D The theme this time was Glitterbomb, so I knew I had to use as much glitter polish as possible ;) I layered 3 different glitter polishes and the end result was a very glittery manicure but also a very thick one... it took forever to dry :D 


For the first layer I used Aden - 53M9, a blue glitter polish with very small glitter. The second layer is Essence NA Twins - Clyde (03), a pretty blue glitter with holographic square glitter :) And the third one was also a Essence Twin: Edward (06), which has green squares and small blue glitter. I took this blurry pic, to show you the holo glitter and all that sparkle that´s going on there :D  
This picture shows the green glitter a bit better :) I just love the square glitter that Essence puts in all the Twins-Polishes :) 

On the last pic it looks just like a glitter gradient :) All in all I loved this manicure, but it was so thick, that it didn´t dry and I had to remove it after 2 hours :P This was a long post with many pics, but I had to show them all, they are so pretty :D 
Do you like glitter polish on your nails? Or do you avoid them, because they´re hard to remove?

See ya later, I will post another Swatch today ;) 

Jul 22, 2011

I´m finally back :)

Hello my dear readers!
I know I promised to post more regularly, once I´m done with my exam, but I didn´t know how much paperwork and walking from one bureau to another is involved after the exam :P The point is: I passed, so I´m a med student now! Yeey :D   
I will show you what I wore all week on my nails, since I didn´t have time for painting them everyday :P Tomorrow I´ll show you the Nail Art Monday Mani I did and from now one I will post more regularly, I swear :D
So here it is, just something simple: 2coats of  P2 - Flirt& Tease (040)  + P2 Crackling TC in black:
This is the only nude polish I really love, and it stays on for 5 days without chipping and tip wear! That´s it, see ya tomorrow and have a good night! :)

Jul 18, 2011

Billies Giveaway!

Hello dear readers :)

The lovely Billie from Billies Beauty Blog is hosting her first giveaway! It´s open internationally and you can win a gorgeous MAC Lipstick! Just click the link above and follow the instructions ;)
And while you´re on her blog, also click the Follow-Button! She has a great taste of style and she is relatively new to the Blog-world, so new followers are appreciated ;)

Btw, I know today is Monday and I am supposed to post my Monday Nail Art Challenge but I really have no time! Wednesday is my exam and I have to study, after that I´m free and I will post more! :D

Aaaaand it looks like Nail Art Tutorials are wished-for, so they will be coming up soon ;)

Have a nice and stress-free day! :P

Jul 17, 2011

Little Poll

It´s me again :P I just put up a little poll on the left side of the page, asking if you want some nail art tutorials. I just figured it would be helpful, but I don´t wanna do it, if nobody wants it :) So by the end of the month the poll ends and we´ll see what the result is :)
Bye! :-*

Tag: Where do I store my cosmetics ?

Hello everybody! :)
Some while ago, Paulina from A place for my nails tagged me with this tag: "Where do I store my cosmetics?" Thank you very much, sweetie :) It´s very easy, just show how you store your cosmetics and tag other 10 bloggers :)
Well, I just moved here some weeks ago and it isn´t all where it´s supposed to be, but I just show you how it looks now :)
In my bathroom on the shelf:                                                In the drawer:
That´s how I store my make-up, my face-masks and perfumes. I don´t have that much make-up, so for now it´s perfect, but I want to set up a table in my living room and a big mirror with lights around it, etc. :) There I will store all my make-up and nail polishes etc. It will be my beauty corner :D
This is all my hair products and body lotions and in the back is my nail art stuff. This is on a table next to my desk. And under the table I have my nail polishes in 3 baskets. I hope I will have some nail polish racks someday, cause I like to see every polish I have, cause if I don´t, I just forget about them :)
So that´s it, nothing special :D Maybe in the future when it´s all set up the way it should be, I´ll do another post about this....we´ll see :) 
And I tag these lovely ladies:  

I can´t wait to see your posts about it :D Have a nice day! :) 

Jul 16, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Essence - Can´t Cheat On Me

Hello my dear readers and welcome new followers! I can´t believe I have 99 followers :D I thank each and every one of you! :)
So first off: Attention! This will be a long post! :) 
I wanna show you Essence - Can´t cheat on me (57),which is a grey glitter polish with a slight holo effect! I think it´s pretty clear, judging by the almost empty bottle, how much I love this polish :D 
The first two pictures are with 2 coats and no TC. It´s very easy to apply and it dries kinda fast. There is obviously a VNL, but do you see the pretty holo-effect in the sunlight-picture?  I also like the shininess it provides, even without TC. :)
Of course I added another coat, trying to make it opaque, but as you can see: even with 3 coats there is still a VNL :( I don´t like to add more coats than 3, so I figured it would be great as a top coat! And here it is:
As TC (from left to right) over Essence - White Hype, Essence - Got a secret(56) and P2 - Dramatic Black. I just wanted to show you the layering options, but I really like it only over the grey polish. How do you like it? Do you own this polish? If so, how do you wear it on your nails? :) 
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend! :) 

Jul 14, 2011

Random Dots and Stripes :)

Hello everybody!
How are you all doing?  I hope great ;) I just wanted to show what I´m wearing since Tuesday. I think I will have to take it off though, cause I dyed my hair and now the silver I used, is really pink :)) So, I used 2 coats  of Alix Avien 07 and added some random dots and stripes. It turned out better than I expected :D And it looks even better from a distance :) 
That´s what I do, when I have no idea what to do with my nails :)
Thanks for reading and have a great day! :-*

Jul 12, 2011

New Award :)

Hey everybody! :)

The lovely Audrey from The Nail Affair tagged me some days ago with these awards :) Thank you soooo much! :D I´m just so glad, when I see that other people appreciate my blog, because I love writing it and it makes me even happier to see that other people enjoy reading it :) Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person that gave you the awards and link back to     them.
2. Post 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the love to 15 bloggers.
4. Let them know, they`ve received the awards.

So here are 7 things about me :) 

1. I can´t wear rings on my ring finger :D It´s just not working for me, so I wear all my rings on the middle finger. Unfortunately I have some rings that are a lil bit to small, so I have to wear them on my ring finger, but those 2-3 rings are the exception :) 

2. I have a cute cat named Kiara. She´s a Birman cat and 5 years old :) I love having conversations with her, cause she always responds :D I added 2 pics that show 2 sides of her great personality, the curious and sweet one and the "don´t piss me off"-side :))) 

3.  I loooooove cars, tuning, races, you name it. My dream car, which I hopefully will own one day, is the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 from 2006 or his older brother the Mustang Shelby GT350 from 1968 :D 

4. I´m about to become a med student, I just have to take one exam in a few days and I´m good to go :) 

5. I´m not only a polish-addict but I also can´t have enough jewelry :D This pic shows the part of my collection, which is actually organized....I have to come up with some ideas how to store my jewelry :)  
6. I love travelling! I would travel every country in the world, if I had enough money and time :)) My dream is to visit Bora Bora one day ....and many other places :) 

7. In my free time I like to draw...not only on nails, but also on paper :) I especially like to draw portraits, this one in the picture below is one of my first portraits I drew. Not perfect but : Skill comes with practice. :) 
That´s it! Now I have to tag 15 other bloggers, but I think almost every blog that I read, has done this tag, so.... if you haven´t done it yet, go ahead! This one is yours :) 
Have a great day! :) 

Jul 11, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.3 - Sponge Mani

Hello everybody :) 
Today is monday and that means? Right! Nail Art Monday! :) So todays´ theme is sponged nails. I´ve never done this before so it was a completely new experience for me. I started off with 2 coats of Essence - Sundancer and sponged it with P2 - Summer Party(LE). And because it looked kind of unfinished, I added some dots and stripes :) 
I´m not really a fan of this manicure...and I don´t know why ^^ Nevertheless I will try some sponging again, maybe some gradient, but for now I stick to the stuff I know :P  
Thanks for reading and see ya next time ! :-* 

Jul 10, 2011

Night Sky Manicure

Hey , dear readers! 
Quick post today :) I used Catrice - En Vogue, 2 coats, as a base and added Maybelline NY Flash Cosmic (840D). It is such a pretty shimmer! I love it! And it looks like the stars on a night sky :) Click to enlarge, to see the beautiful glitter.
Blurry image to show you the great sparkle... it´s much more visible in real life  :)
It´s subtle but gorgeous :) So that´s it for today, sorry for this short post, but I have a lot to study and no time....but it will be all over soon :)
Thanks for reading and have a nice and sunny Sunday ;)

Jul 7, 2011

My first Splatter Mani :)

Hello everyone! :)
I miss blogging already....I count the days til the end of the month, then I´m free and I will have more time for my blog :)
Some new trend in the nail polish community is the so-called splatter manicure. It´s so easy to achieve and it creates an awesome effect on your nails. So I started with a gold-beige shimmery polish as a base, it´s S-he 320.The color is something in between picture 1 and 2. I did 2 coats, the application was flawless and it dried super fast! After 5 minutes I accidently bumped my index finger against my table and ...nothing! It dried completely. I was fascinated :D
To create this effect, all you have to do is, take a straw, dip it in some nail polish so that it creates a thin layer over the hole. Now you have to blow (from the other side of the straw :D) and the nail polish will scatter all over your nail. Make sure to tape off the skin around the nail, just so you don´t have to clean up that much :) Repeat this step til you like the result and your done :)
How do you like it ? :) Have you tried a splatter mani yet?
Thanks for reading and have a great day! 

Jul 4, 2011

Nail Art Monday Nr.2 - Patriotic Nails

Hello everyone!
First off: Happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA! :)
So today is another Nail Art Monday and the theme is 4th of July/Patriotic nails. The fb-group Polish-aholics Anonymous has many members from all over the world, that´s why we decided that the ones, not living in the USA, should do patriotic nails :) So since I´m from Romania, here is my patriotic nail design:
The pic above is taken with flashlight, to make the colors really pop out. First I wanted to do only the national flag, but then I thought I could do an accent nail as well :) The colors I used: P2 - Gigantic (blue), Essence - Sundancer (yellow), Farmasi - 45 (red) and the white base is Art de Lautrec - 200.
So that´s it for today, hope you like it :) Thanks for reading and see ya next time! :-*

Jul 2, 2011

Today´s Swatch: Essence - You´re The One

Hey, my dear readers!
I´m so sorry I didn´t post anything the last 2 days, but my exam is coming up and I have a lot to learn ... so there won´t be that many posts here til the 20th of July :) Since I don´t have any polish on right now, I will show you another beautiful nail polish swatch I did some while ago. This is Essence - You´re the one (30), a pinkish nail polish without shimmer. It´s very creamy and easy to apply. This one could actually be a one coater, if you apply it carefully, but I used 2 thin coats to be sure ;)
It was very hard to capture the real color, but I think the third picture is most color accurate. I just love this color! This one is coming with me on my vacation, that´s for sure :)
What polishes do you take with you on summer vacations? Let me know in your comments, maybe I get some ideas :D
Thanks for reading and see ya next time ;)