Jan 9, 2012

Today´s Swatch: Essence - True Love

Hello everybody!
Sorry for not posting but I have a ton of presentations, tests and exams now and it's hard to find time to blog :) Around February 10 I will be done with all of this and I will have time again ;) So til then I will post every now and then when I have time :) 

I got the Essence Vampire's Love LE from my mom back in November and I wanted to show you my favorite polish of this collection :) 
Here they are all together (from left to right):
Hunt Me If You Can, The Dawn Is Broken, True Love, Gold Old Buffy and Into The Dark

My absolute favorite is........True Love :D Why? Well, because it's purple and it's a gorgeous shimmer polish.
It's not really purple it's more....purple with pink shimmer and it's absolutely stunning! But I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ;) 
Daylight with flash
Daylight (the most color accurate picture)
Indoors with Flash
Make sure to enlarge the pictures to see all the pretty shimmer ;) 
This is 2 coats without TC. Gorgeous right? :) 
Do you have any of the polishes from the LE? Which one is your favorite? 

Btw if you wanna see a swatch of one of the other polishes, just tell me, and I'll do it asap ;) They will come eventually, but I don't know when :P 

Thanks for reading and have a great day! 


  1. LOVE!!! I wish I could find Essence around here!! I would love to have this collection!! Your a lucky girl!!!!

  2. Wow, this set is amazing!!! Gorgeous! :D

  3. Pretty! I'm a sucker for purple, and pink polishes!

  4. That's also my favourite of this collection :)

  5. This one is my favourite from this collection too. :)

  6. @Missy: :) Maybe you can do a swap with someone from Europe? Or get it online?

    @Ashesela: You're so right! :D

    @FrugallyMe: Yep, me too ;)

    @Elsa P. and Taya: I think everyone likes this one, it's just too beautiful :)

  7. Fact: I'm smitten with these polishes... Vampire's Love... I love purple but this one has pink shimmer... gorgeous!
    I invite you to learn about my blog, it's bilingual, bilingual, hope you like the polishes there =D
    Rock Ur Outfit

  8. It's a beautiful colour. I really need to live in a country where I can get Essence polishes ;-)
    Good luck with all your work!

  9. Yet another collection I wish Essence would send over here. Last thing we got was the "holografics".

  10. @Antonia: It really is gorgeous :) I'll check out your blog, but next time you wann share a link, just send me an email ;)

    @Laura: I really miss Essence polishes, I always tell my mum to get some for me, but it's not the same thing as shopping for them myself :)

    @KarenD: I know how that is, it's the same thing with O.P.I here :)

  11. Wow True Love looks so pretty! I would love to swatches of the rest of them if you have time :) Good luck with all the stuff that's going on!

  12. OMG I love it!! So pretty. I'm so sad - I really want(ed) those polishes but they don't have them here. We may need to set up a swap!!

  13. Oops, I forgot to mention I nominated you for an award. You can pick it up @ http://www.glitterobsession.com/2012/01/kreativ-blogger-award.html

  14. That is such a pretty color! Good luck on your exams etc

  15. I finally got this one and I thought it will be my favorite but the blue one surprised me and took the first place in my heart ;)

  16. I have couple of these polishes and they're simply perfect, but I think that top coat kinda kills shimmery finish, don't you think?
    But my favourite one is The Dawn Is Broken. Absolutly georgeous!
    But True Love is also awesome. ;)

  17. Thank you all for your sweet comments :)

    @Kaki: Thanks for the award and we may have to set up a swap!! :D

    @Kyky: Yea, I noticed the thing with the TC too. I thought I imagined it, but if you saw it too, it may be right :D

    1. True Love is my favorite,too ^^

  18. This looks like such a great collection!

    1. It is! I hope I'll have the swatches up soon :)

  19. hey girl!

    i've passed on the cute blog award to you! :) the rules are on my page! :)


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