Apr 23, 2012

Black Widow Tutorial

I went with Black Widow, because it just sounds cool :D Thank you my dear followers on facebook for this suggestion! ;)
Let's start directly with the tutorial, shall we? 
Step 1: 
Apply a base color of your choice.
Step 2: 
With another color, paint a vertical line on the middle of your nail. It doesn't have to be perfectly straight, because we will even it out in the next step! :)
Step 3:
Take a third color and a thin nail art brush and paint 2 lines along the middle stripe. Now these 2 have to be as straight as possible. Maybe you can use some tape if you don't think you can do it freehand.
Step 4:
With the same color as before, paint 3 or 4 stripes on each side at any angle you like. Finish it up with a coat of TC and you are done! Easy peasy, right? ;) 

You can do this as an accent nail or as a whole manicure like I did yesterday. 
Here is the end result again: 
The cool thing is that you can do this in any color combination you like! :) 
Seeing the close up pics for the tutorial I just had an idea: Should I include such a big close up pic for swatches? It's easier to see all the details, right? :) Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful! :)   


  1. Replies
    1. Would love to see it, if you decide to do it :)

  2. That is fabulous! I'll need to try this out!! -=D

    1. Thank you! Please let me know, when you do it :D

  3. I'm going to try this with Spring colors, Thanks for the tutorial ;-)

  4. Awesome tutorial. And I think the close up pic for swatches would be cool - maybe not for cremes but def for holo or glitter!

    1. Thanks :D I will try to do some close-ups from now on :)

  5. Looks amazing, I'll probably try it out myself :)

    1. Thank you! As always, I would love to see it :D


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