Nov 1, 2012

Halloween NA Challenge: Favorite Manicure

And it's me again :) 

This is the last Halloween manicure this year and the challenge says it should be our favorite one. All the ladies have done such a great job on this challenge and it was hard to choose, so I decided I'd do a completely different mani. I saw this one on Pinterest and was so amazed, because it's so cool! Here's the manicure I'm talking about:

Now, I didn't recreate the mani exactly, since I don't have the stamping images so I just made my own version of it =)

Hers turned out 1000 times better and the stamping looks so sharp and awesome, but I like mine too :P 
I will post all the Halloween manis on my "Challenges" page, once I finish it =)) 

Thanks to Isabell and Kaki for this cool challenge and to all the other ladies who participated! :D


  1. I can see why you chose that manicure as your inspiration - it's gorgeous! I love the little pumpkins on your's though. Great job :)

  2. WoW! This is completely awesome! Very professional. I saw several nail art for halloween, but I consider yours as the best! <3

  3. OMG This is amazing!!! Your nail designs are prefect!!! How long does it take to do your manicure?? :D

    1. Thank you!! Well, it depends. This one took about 20 minutes :)

  4. I thanks too! :)
    This mani is amazing! :) I love it. :)


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