Jul 14, 2012

Summer Challenge: Ice Cream

Good morning my dear readers!

I post the challenge today, because I was very tired yesterday so I just took the pics and went to bed. The challenge is: 
Ice Cream !

 My favorite ice cream is mint with those little chocolate chips ..mmm yummy :D I had another design in mind, but in the end, this is how my nails looked like: 

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I used: 
Catrice - Sold Out Forever (New Version), N.Y.C. - Black Lace Cream and Essence Better than Gel Nails Top Sealer. 

Since it's always dark chocolate combined with mint ice cream, I decided to go with black since I don't own a very dark brown. And instead of the little chocolate chips I did a hot chocolate topping ;) 

Oh my, I want an ice cream now :D 

Check out these ladies for more delicious ice cream manis ;) 


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