Aug 1, 2012

Awesome Nail Mail from CutiCLUEles!!

Good morning!

Some while ago I did a swap with this awesome girl ;) And that girl is Cuti-CLUE-les!! I don't even know anymore why we started this but I'm so glad we did!! I got some really amazing polishes and so much chocolate! =)) So, I just have to share this with you :D

She is the best! She got me 2 polishes from my wishlist as well as 5 gorgeous polishes from Barry M! 
From left to right: 
Rimmel Pompous, Barry M - Denim, Barry M - Fuchsia, Barry M - Retro 4 Coral, Barry M - Raspberry, Barry M - Navy and Essence Magnetics - Spell Bound !

Look how much sweets I got! I loooooove chocolate! And I really loved those chips ...oh, sorry Cuti-CLUE-les, I mean crisps! :D 

Thank you so much for doing this swap with me, sweetie! I'm looking forward to another on in the future! ;) 


  1. haha that word drives me mad! They are crisps people :P I'm so glad you liked them! The next one is going to be so much more fun :D x

    1. hihi, I will always try to remember when talking to you ;) and it will be a lot of fun, oh yes :D x

  2. I love Magic Stars :-) Looks like you got some great polishes there! I have two of the Barry M ones so will look forward to seeing what you do with them

    1. Mmm they are delicious! I will try to post swatches of these polishes soon ;)


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