Nov 29, 2014

Finally back for good: Frosty Winter Nail Art + Essence Snow Jam Swatch

Hello my dear followers!

Gosh how much I missed you guys <3 I made so many promises this year to come back to blogging but so many things happened... a big personal loss recently made it even harder for me to concentrate on my hobbies.
I finally feel like I have the motivation to do this and it also will be a wonderful distraction :)

I don't even know where to start :o
I made some little changes to the blog (more will come probably), I extended my Etsy shop and do nail polish jewelry now as well and the biggest change might be my hair color. No more red for me, my hair is now a beautiful black :) I actually thought about renaming the blog, but that would just confuse most of the people so I let it be the way it is! Maybe one day .. :P

Let's start with today's post, shall we? :3 

Now that its getting cold I thought I'd show you a frosty manicure :) I used Essence - Life is a Freeride from the Snow Jam LE (from last year I think) as a base for a pretty simple nail art.
First, here is swatch of this gorgeous blue shimmer polish: 

I used 2 coats, although 1 would have been enough as well. The application was flawless, but that's pretty normal for Essence polishes right? :)

And then I added some random stripes down from the base (with Essence Icy Princess). 

(Please excuse the tip wear, took the photo a few days later)

Like I said, the stripes are random, they don't have to be straight at all but of course you can do them more straight to create the effect of icicles ;) 

At first it looked like fire to me, but with the shimmery blue this mani has a touch of frosty winter to it, don't you think? 

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so leave me a comment! :) 

See you guys soon <3

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  1. I wondered where you've been - so glad to see you are back! Your nail art and swatches were always to die for. Welcome back, you've been missed <3

  2. HI! :) I had no idea you had an etsy shop. Must check it out :)

    1. Hi! :D Hihi, yeah it was empty for a long time but now there will be more and more on it :)

  3. imi place foarte mult manichiura! <3


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