Dec 1, 2014

Nail Art Monday - Big Red Glitter

Hello my lovelies! :) 

Short post today, because it's kinda of a sad day for me and I don't feel like talking too much right now ^^

Today's nail art looks kinda simple but let me tell you it took forever! :)) 

After applying 2 coats of Essence - Fabuless, a simple black with light shimmer, I added this big red glitter from kkcenterhk ... one by one... 

Although it was a lot of work, the glitter looked so gorgeous in the end it was really worth it :) 

I just placed them with a dotting tool onto the wet nail polish. If I thought the polish is not sticky enough anymore I added a dot of clear polish and placed the glitter on top of it.

After I finished all my nails I applied 2 thick layers of top coat to really smooth it out, although I have to admit that 1 or 2 glitter edges where still kinda sticking out. 

I did wear it only for a day, because it felt really thick on my nails with all those layers :D

If you like it or have questions, just leave me a comment ;) 

Have a nice evening (or day, depending where you're from :P)

See ya <3 


  1. Love it! Love the base color and glitter used. I kinda find it so thick and having this thick of nail polish is kinda uncomfortable.

    1. Thank you! It really was thick, nothing I could wear for long. But as a accent nail it should work better ;)


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