Feb 1, 2012

11 Questions! - Part 1

I was tagged by paint that nail with the 11 Questions Tag! :D
I saw so many blogs doing this tag and it seemed like a lot of fun, so thank you so much for tagging me!! :D Make sure to visit paint that nail to read her 11 facts and questions ;)

The rules are:
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
- Answer the questions the tagger set to you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag!
- You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on your post.
- Go to their blog and tell them you have tagged them.
- You legitimately have to tag 11 people. No tag backs!

Alright, let's start with the 11 facts:
1. I loooove Asian food! I could eat that for the rest of my life :D
2. Another food thing: I like eating raw things :)) raw potatoes, raw batter, raw meat ...I'm weird I know :D
3. I love writing. Nothing in particular, just anything :P I once started copying the first Harry Potter book, just because I wanted to write something :))) But I stopped after 120 pages I think :D
4. I'm obsessed with cars, especially Mustangs. My dream is that I one day will own a GT500 Mustang from 2007 and his older brother, the 67' Mustang GT.
5. While we are still on the topic: I could drive all day long :) Give me my car, some music and I'm the happiest person alive ;)
6. I would love to speak Italian and Spanish fluently. I understand Italian, so it's at least something :P
7. I love mascaras .. and I know I have too many of them :D
8. I love the sea/water and swimming. Once I'm in there, you barely can get me out of there :D That's why I love spending my holidays at beaches in sunny countries :)
9. Before my nail polish addiction, I had another one: books! I still love them! In the past I went to rag-fairs (I don't know if it's the right word) and bought 10-15 books in one day, and I read them all within short time :) So yeah I was a book junkie, but now I have to study so much that I can't even remember the last time I read a book :(
10. I hope I will travel the world and see as many beautiful places as possible :)
11. I love anything that smells like cocos: candles, shampoo, body lotion ... etc. :)

And the 11 questions:
1. Do you have a set up for taking pictures, if so what is it ?
No not really, I take all my pictures in my bathroom in front of the white furniture ;) You might have seen a grey background on some of my swatch-photos  -  I used my sweatpants for those pictures :P
2. How often do you give yourself a manicure ? 
Every 1 or 2 days :)
3. Do you share or talk about your blog with people in your life/in public to people ?
Sometimes I do, but mostly with my friends and family, but my mom is the one who shares my blog with everyone :D
4. What was the first blog you started reading - did you realize how many nail bloggers there were ?
I honestly don't remember, but I know I started getting into the blogging world through Youtube-videos :D I discovered that some of the Youtube-Gurus have blogs, and I then I saw how many there were! I was fascinated :)
5. How long have you been into nails ?
Mhm, I think it started at the beginning of 2010. So not very long ;)
6. What's your biggest tip for nail beginners - if you are one, what is the hardest problem you have that is most frustrating ? 
Hm, well use base coat, even if you don't wear nail polish every day, because it strengthens the nails and gives them a healthy shine. And also - don't use your nails as tools! I know I did that a lot and I broke my nails very often! And you don't want that ;) What is very frustrating sometimes, is that I can't always capture the right color or the prettiness of the nail polish with my camera. And then after 40 pictures there still isn't a good one :P
7. Do you prefer long or short nails ? 
Definitely long!
8. What's one nail polish you never get bored of wearing ? 
Hm, I don't have a specific one, but I can wear silver or black polish for a month and not get bored with it :)
9. What brand of nail polish do you want to try but haven't gotten the chance to get a bottle or don't want to pay the money for ?
Nfu-Oh polishes!! My god they are so pretty :D But look here, if you don't already know them :D
10. How many bottles of nail polish do you have, do you think it's a crazy amount ? 
With the ones I bought today: 270. I know it's crazy, but I try to convince myself that there are others who have much much more, so I'm not the only one :D
11. Do you like the nail art with all the rhinestones, pearls and acrylic pieces covering your nails ?
I love rhinestones and stickers, but I think acrylic pieces are too much :) The reason I don't wear them that often is because I'm afraid they fall right off my nails :D

And here are my 11 questions:
1. What are your other hobbies, besides nail polish and doing your nails ?
2. What is your favorite nail polish color ?
3. What or who started your nail polish addiction/ obsession ?
4. What nail polish trend do you love/hate ?
5. Do you also paint the nails of others, like friends/family ?
6. Where do you buy most of your nail polish ?
7. Stamping or freehand Nail Art - what's your favorite ?
8. Would you ever give up your entire collection of nail polish ? :D
9. Where would you like to live ? And why ?
10. What's your best feature ?
11. What's your biggest dream ?

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Wow, this was a loooong post :D I got tagged by Kaki as well with some other questions, but I will post that separately, because otherwise this post here will never end ;)
Thanks for reading! :D

(Btw: If you are not tagged, you can still answer the questions in the comment section ;) I would love to hear as lot of answers as possible from you guys :D)


  1. ah the gt500 :) awesome car. i myself have an 08 bullitt and love it :D

    1. No wonder you love it, it's gorgeous ;)

  2. Hey hey Theodora! =)
    Haha I loved reading through this post, so funny! Lol but the raw meat thing freaked me out a little =P
    Thanks for tagging me btw, i'l make sure I post it asap =)
    Also thanks for all your super sweet messages, i'm so sorry I couldn't get back to them but I'l email you soon =]
    Love you lots!

    1. Well, I'm not eating raw meat every day :))) Just when I cook, I can't help myself, but to try a little bit :D
      You're welcome, can't wait to see your post about this ;)
      Nothing to be sorry about ;) We'll talk soon :)
      Love you lots ♥

  3. Thanks for the tag!


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