Sep 8, 2012

Essence Color and Change Swatches & Review

Hello, my dear readers!

Having a nice weekend so far? :) I tried to upload this post yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me, so here it is now :P I posted these 2 polishes in my August Haul, so let's see how they look! 

There are 4 Color & Change polishes in the new product range of Essence, but I only picked out those 2, since I like blue and purple so much. The other two are orange and pink. 

Unexpected Galaxy (index & ring finger): This one is a really gorgeous metallic purple! Application was really smooth and the big surprise: it's a 1-coater! Yay :D I wasn't very careful with the application, so I applied 2 coats, but when I tried it again on the other hand, I just used 1 coat. 

Wonderlicious Green (middle finger & pinkie): First off, it's blue! =) It's a really pretty shimmery blue, which I bought only because of the color! I don't own anything like it. And again, it's a 1-coater!! This one didn't apply as smoothly as the other one though. It's thick and it just takes some practice to apply it evenly. 

Now let's see how the color change works. 

There is this Color & Change Magic Effect Designer that you can buy separately to create the designs on these polishes, but I also wanted to try a normal clear polish to see how that works. 

Index & Middle finger are both painted with the Magic Effect Designer (MED).
The contrast between the initial color and the "changed" one was better with the purple polish. The blue one didn't change as quick as the other one and it took another thin layer of the MED to make the change visible. 
The MED comes with a very thin tip painter so it's hard to paint a bigger surface with it, but for nail art it works just fine.

Ring finger & Pinkie are painted with a normal clear polish from Essence (CP).
You can't really see a difference between the clear polish and the MED on the purple polish, the blue one though didn't change its color as much with the clear polish on top. 

Bottom line:
All in all, I think these polishes are a nice idea. Essence did a great job making them 1-coaters, so that's a big plus! 
I also tried different top coats I have and all of them worked just fine with changing the color! That said, my recommendation is not to buy the Magic Effect Designer, since any TC will do the same job ;) 

The price of the polishes is 1,55€ each and the MED costs 1,95€. 

What do you think girls? Will you buy them? :) 

Have a great weekend! x 


  1. I have orange/gold on my nails ATM and it works perfect with regular TC, so I probably won't get MED, although I like it because of tiny brush. The purple one is still the one I need to get, it's beautiful.

    1. The purple is really gorgeous, and I thought about getting the orange one too :P The tiny brush is the only thing good about the MED

  2. The blue one looks great!
    I didnt want to buy this so far but I think you changed this opinion :)

  3. I didn't want to buy these at all either, I thought they looked so boring in the shop! I really do like that purple, I would probably not bother with changing the colour though x

    1. Yea, I was a bit disappointed by the colors, but maybe they will release some more unique ones in the future? who knows :) x


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