Sep 28, 2012

Zebra Swimsuit!

Hey there! 

I would have posted something earlier but I wore one of the Mirrorball polishes I swatched in my last post for a whole week and now that I took it off, I finally have something new to show you! ;) 

Oh boy, I love O.P.I's Swimsuit .. Nailed it!, the polish I used as a base for this nail art. It's probably my favorite blue ever !! (Thanks again Kaki for this beauty!!) 
I mean, look at that shimmer and that perfect shade of blue ... so beautiful! But enough about that. So, I used that polish (hence the title :D) and Essence Silver Surfer, Flormar Black Tip Painter and Nail Collection Nr. 1.

I don't know why my skin looks a bit green-ish ... maybe I should stop taking pics at night?!

Anyways, I would love it so much to have a swimsuit with this pattern and color! Now that would be amazing! ;) 

I hope you like it, my lovelies! And I also have a tutorial for this nail art, that I probably post tomorrow :) 
Thanks for reading and see ya! :*


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