Jan 29, 2015

Valentine's Day Challenge Announcement!

Hello my lovelies!

I'm still feeling miserable...this headache is not getting any better. I have to apologize, but I won't post today... maybe not even tomorrow. I can't concentrate on anything and I just spend my days lying in bed listening to some relaxing music and doing basically nothing ^^

I still wanted to let you know that Kaki and me came up with a new challenge and this one will be for Valentine's Day! :)  
We started writing each other again after a long time and we remembered how fun it always was with the challenges we did together! So, we just came up with our own again xD
And the fun part is: you can do nail art ... a make-up look.. or both on each challenge

If you don't know who she is - check her blog out! She is such a sweet and awesome girl and it's always a pleasure to read her posts :D

This is it! It would be absolutely awesome if some of you would join us! If you wanna participate, just write Kaki or me a short mail because we want to link every post in this challenge :) More details on that via email! (It's pretty easy, don't worry!)

I hope some of you will join us in this challenge - it will be fun! :D

Have a nice evening and see you soon <3

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