Jan 11, 2015

365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 1-11

Hello :)

This post will be the first of many! I'm starting the 365 Days Photo Challenge and I got this idea from Taya! She posted it on her blog last year and I wanted to do it ever since :)

I waited for a new year so I could start on January 1st - just to keep track more easily :)
Pictures after the jump! :)

Day 1 - Checking my village after the holidays :) 

Day2 - Reorganizing part of my jewelry after getting home

Day 3 - My plant is still alive! :D

Day 4 - Doing some editing for future blog posts ;)

Day 5 - Admiring the snow in Minecraft...so beautiful! 

Day 6 - Still waiting for snow in real life .. 

Day 7 - Getting back to some drawings ... I really should finish some! :D

Day 8 - Chili con carne cooked by me!

Day 9 - Mom got back from her vacation and got me some accessories! 

Day 10 - Preparing for the rainy weather with my new favorite umbrella <3 

Day 11 - Enjoying the last day with my bf, before he has to drive back home

So that's it! I will post my photos every Sunday from now on and I'm curious whether I'll be able to keep this up for a year or not :D

Anyone wanna join me? ;) 

See ya later with my second challenge mani! 


  1. Girl, you're doing such great photos. I wish you good luck. You'll see it's going to be a fun doing it each day, although sometimes can be hard because of lack of inspiration (at least it was for me), but it was so good to know you have to do something each day. I kind of miss it, I'm already thinking to start it again in the middle of the year, I shall see. :)

    1. Oh thank you so much ! I bet it will be hard some days, but i think it will be awesome to look back to all the photos you did over a year and see what changed etc. :)


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