Jan 25, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 14 (+15?): Flowers

Hello my lovelies!

I knew I would suck at this challenge xD It's hard posting everyday!

Yesterday the challenge was flowers and today it's delicate print. I was sure I had some stamping plates with a nice delicate lace print or something like that, but I was mistaken.. And since I don't have any other delicate stamping images I thought the flower mani would suit both these themes.

Flowers are delicate and beautiful, right? :D So here it is:  

I used Sensique Lakier Sky Blue as a base and painted the flowers on with Essence Snow Alert and Essence Glamorous Life and a wide flat brush. (The same I used for the flowers -here-)

(with flash)

I really like how these came out because of the color combination - but flowers are not something you will see on my nails very often ;)

Thanks for reading and see ya later with my 365 Days Photo Challenge post! 


  1. I am not really a flower girl, but this flowers i realy like !! Beautyful !!
    Patti xx

    1. Thank you! Well me neither, but with some beautiful colors I like it too :)


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