Jun 1, 2012

Guest Post by Alexis!

Hey! :)
This month will be pretty busy for me, because I'll have all of my exams and that's why I asked some lovely ladies to guest post for me! First one today is Alexis from -xoxo Alexis Leigh! I'm so glad to have her on my blog, because she has some really beautiful nails and Nail Art and she also does tutorials!! Awesome right? Go check her out, you won't be disappointed! ;) Enough talk, let's see what she has prepared for us :) 

Hi everyone! I'm super excited to be doing this post for Theodora and a little bit nervous. It took me a while but I think I finally figured out a post that was worthy of you all! But, most importantly, thank you so, so, so much Theodora for allowing me to visit you on your wonderful blog! It was so much fun coming up with a post for you all and Theodora so I hope you all enjoy it! Okay, let's get started before I get carried away; that happens easily...

So, before we start let's go over tools need: White polish of your choice, flakie topcoat (optional), two different shades of blue polish (one lighter one dark), thin nail art brush/striper, a topcoat (preferably one that won't drag your design!), a piece of scrap paper or something similar to put the polish on, and any necessary tools for cleanup. Yay, let's get started!
Today I'm going to be showing you how to achieve a super hot nail art design, flames! It's pretty simple and looks awesome with basically any color scheme! I especially love the added flakie topcoat because it gives it so much more visual interest and dimension than a plain creme. It's also perfect for renewing your old mani since it covers tipwear although you could certainly do this design at your cuticles. Send me pictures, I'd love to see how it turns out! 
1. Paint your nails white, let dry, paint your nails with flakie topcoat, let dry, then, apply a fast dry topcoat.
2. Paint on a thin line (like a french tip!) with your light blue polish.
3. Now, using your striper, paint squiggly flame-looking designs of varying sizes.
4. Here, I've finished painting on the flames!
5. Now, this is where you'll need a steady hand! Put a drop of your dark polish on a piece of paper and using your striper, outline the flames. Quick tip, you'll want to use a light hand because it'll create a thinner line.

Simply apply your topcoat and you're finished! You can do this to all of your nails or leave it as an accent design. One of the reasons why I love this particular design is because it's great at lengthening the wear of your old mani!
Thanks again so much Theodora for having me and thank you, lovely readers for taking the time to read this! I appreciated every moment of it and now I don't want to say bye :( I think I'll just send you xs and os instead!

-xoxo Alexis Leigh

What did I tell you? She is great!! Thank you so much Alexis for this awesome post and the tutorial!! I'll definitely try this hot flames out soon! ;) If you want to see more Nail Art and tutorials go visit her blog and make sure to follow her ;) 

Have a great weekend, my lovelies! :* 


  1. Awh I love it! Blue is the perfect colour for this nail art. It's so pretty :D

  2. This looks lovely! I love the flame, it's very well done :)

  3. This is really cool! I just found her blog a few days ago because of her Sugar Spun nails tutorial, she is awesome!!!

  4. Thanks ladies, and thanks again Theodora, you're so sweet!

  5. As always, I love your cute writing style, Alexis!! Lovely flame nails!

  6. These are so so stunning! Great tutorial too :]

  7. Beautiful, thanks for the tutorial!


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