Jun 11, 2012

Guest Post by Laura !

Hey there beautiful people! 
I have a few more guest posts for you, I hope you all don't mind ;) Btw thank you for keeping your fingers crossed for me, but I didn't pass the exam yesterday :( Oh well, I have another 4 coming up, so I just have to try to pass them all :P 
Today's guest blogger is Laura! She's the lovely lady behind the blog Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat and she has the best stamping manicures ever! She does awesome double stamped manis and her choice of colors is always sooo beautiful! I'm really glad to have her on my blog today ;) Let's see what she prepared for us! 

Hello lovely ladies,

I'm Laura from Clothes, Cosmetics and Chat and today the fabulous Theodora has asked me to write a guest post for you all. I'm always very inspired by Theodora's beautiful nail art but my free-handing skills need a lot of improvement so for my own manicures I tend to stick to stamping and today I'd like to show you a stamped manicure featuring Barry M Indigo as the base.

This photo shows two coats of Indigo but the colour is not at all accurate. My camera struggles to capture purples and Indigo is a lot more inky and purple-toned than these photos make it appear. 

My next step was to stamp a full sized nail image using image plate m79 and Barry M Special Effects Silver Foil nail polish. This polish is great for stamping, it never lets me down, and neither does that image plate. It's one of my favourites.

I then stamped two silver butterflies on each nail using plate m36.   

Usually when I double stamp, I use two different colours however, I struggled to think of any polishes in my collection that would be opaque enough to stamp over silver and blue so I decided to make my butterflies silver too. 

My final step was to sponge some Miss Sporty glitter on to the tips of my nails. This is the first time I've used that technique but I really like the effect it gives! I'm excited to use glitter tips for my future manicures too. 

I really hope you like this manicure girls and once again I'd like to thank Theodora for letting me show you it :-) 

Bye for now, 

Oh wooooow! Double-stamping + blue/purple + silver + glitter ? Oh my, you really know what I like :D It looks absolutely stunning! You did a great job, Laura!! Thank you so much for doing this great guest post for me, I'm sure my followers will love it too! ;) 

What did I tell you ? For more awesome manicures, head over to her blog and make sure to follow her ;) 

Have an awesome and sunny day! :* 


  1. OHMYGOSH this is SO PRETTY, Laura!!!! :O!!

    Oh, I'm really sorry to hear about the exam, Theodora! I hope the others go well!! Best luck!! :D

  2. Fantastic guest post and a beautiful mani :)

  3. It's really lovely and the colors go so well together :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments girls!

    @Theodora, thank you for your kind words! It was really fun creating this manicure so thank you for asking me to do it. I'm so glad you liked it :-)
    And I'm really sorry to hear about your exam (I too think I failed both of mine today) but fingers crossed for the other four. Things can only get better!

    1. Thank you again, for ding this guest post for me! I'm always glad to have you on my blog ;)
      Hope those exams went better than you expected :)

  5. Looks awesome! You stamped really precise!

  6. Compliments for Laura's manicure! :)

  7. Looks great! I love love looove the added glitter :]


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