Jun 22, 2012

Guest Post by The Sneakerette !!


I'm very excited about today's guest post! :D It's written by the Sneakerette, one of the coolest bloggers out there!! When I discovered her blog, I was like  "A nail blogger who also loves Sneakers? Oh hell yea! ...OMG and cars too ?? I love her !!" =))) 
I absolutely love cars and I also had a time in my life where I only wore sneakers and I had them in all kinds of colors :D Well, I still love them ;) Soooo, if you don't know her, I really suggest you to visit her blog, Lacquers and Laces, and I'm sure you will love it! She has gorgeous nails  

Hello, dear readers of Red Hair and Black Nail Polish!
It's the Sneakerette over from Lacquers and Laces, and I'll be sharing a bit of my nail art with you today! (:

Have you ever gotten that super excited feeling when you meet someone who likes the same things as you? Well, that's how I felt when I discovered all the awesomeness that is behind Red Hair and Black Nail Polish! I mean, not only does Theodora run a sick nail blog--she's also a huge car enthusiast! And being the automotive lover that I am, I couldn't help but spaz a bit when I found out (: Oh and to top it off, she's also one of the most personable bloggers I've ever gotten to know 

When Theodora invited me to do a guest post on her blog, I knew instantly that I wanted to do a Ford Mustang inspired mani for her, because that's her favorite car of all time! I found out that her ideal paintjob would be lime green with matte black accents, so I went for that colorway, and created a look inspired by the body line, racing stripes, and of course, logo of the Ford Mustang!

 Hope y'all dig the design, and huge thanks to Theodora for having me!

I already told you, but ....AAAAAH!!!! This is soooo COOL !! Omg, I can't believe you did this design and look at that perfect mustang on your thumb!! I'm in love :D You really are amazing, girl! ;) I have to know what that lime green is :D I don't own a polish with that gorgeous color ...not yet anyway :P
And for you my dear followers, just in case you can't imagine a car with that crazy color, look at this, my future car: 

Isn't it awesome? 

Thank you so, sooo much for this guest post Eileen, you rock! :D
Now you, my lovely readers, go ahead and check out her blog ...and make sure to follow her!! 


  1. Oh that's why you guys were talking about the mustang on twitter! haha This is sick though, Eileen this is awesome!

  2. oh i can't believe i forgot to mention! that green is china glaze entourage. but in retrospect, maybe i should have used opi hot fun in the summer-lime instead, cause that looks like a better dupe for that car's paintjob!

    1. Thanks for the info ;) And it's still a very close dupe to the paintjob :D

  3. Fun! I've been wanting to do a car themed mani for a while, but haven't been *quite* ambitious enough to try out some of the logos I want to use.

    Now I just need to find a polish in the same orange as my car...

  4. Ohh drool that car is gorgeous! And so is the mani, just awesome!

  5. Wow! That is an awesome mani. I'm going to have to try it out for the car show next month!


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