Jun 4, 2012

Guest Post by Cuti-CLUE-les

I had my first real exam today and it went pretty good! Yay, only 5 more to go ^^ Til I get some more free time, here is another fabulous guest post by Cuti-CLUE-les!! She is relatively new to the blogging world but she has such a talent!! Please, go visit her blog and click on some of her old posts to see what I mean ;) Enjoy her post!
Hey all!

After myself and Theodora decided to swap posts I was like "Crap, what do you do for a blogger with skills like Theodora?!". I came up with a few idea's but I wasn't really feeling them so naturally I went to her pinterest page to stalk her...umm I mean find inspiration ;) The first thing I noticed was her love for Rihanna so in I went and found this gorgeous dress and I knew it would make beautiful nail art!

Here is the picture I used for inspiration:

This is fairly easy to recreate but I did a little tutorial just to show ye how I did it :)

First off you will need a shimmery gold polish, a black nail art polish, a white nail art polish and a nude or flesh toned polish. You can use tape to create little sections if you don't have brushes but it might get a little fiddly painting over them and moving them about for the alternating colours. If you have black and white striping tape it will take you 2 seconds to recreate this :P

Here are the polishes I used:

1) I started off with a basecoat. I use stargazer 114 but it really doesn't matter what brand you use. Then I painted on two coats of Catrice Goldfinger (gold) leaving my ring finger blank for the time being.
2) When that was dry I used my nail art brush to paint a black stripe going diagonally across the nail.
3) Then right beside the black line I used my white nail art brush and painted on another diagonal line.
4) Above the black line I again used the white brush to add in another line. I started the manicure in the middle so it was all in proportion. If the middle lines are too far up on some nails it might take away from the end result :)
5) I added in another black stripe towards the base of the nail. I did this in a slight curve to imitate the curve of the body.
6) I followed on with another white line and that's it complete!
I repeated this process on all nails except for the ring finger.
On my ring finger I layered on two coats of Essence Nude it! You can see there are sections of sheer material in the dress where you can see Rihanna's skin and I thought it would work as a nice accent nail in the manicure.

I topped it all off with a coat of Essence quick dry topcoat just to prevent chips and make it a bit more glossy :D

It is so easy to do but it looks so pretty when it's done! It doesn't matter if all of your lines are the same as they are all different widths in the dress.

I really hope you all found this helpful and easy to follow! I'm so happy you let me post today Theodora and I want to say a massive thanks for all your help since I started blogging. Your a Star!!


I don't even know where to start!! :D It's so amazing that you looked for something I like in order to do some nail art based on it! I have to say you totally nailed it with this Rihanna inspired manicure! ;) And your nails look so stunning as well! 
Thank you sooo much Cuti-CLUE-les for this amazing post and I hope we will do another "post swap" in the future ;) 
Well then, what do you think? Isn't she totally awesome for including a tutorial as well??? =) 
Now that you finished reading this post, go ahead and read some more on her blog! Go!! :D 


  1. This is so good! I love all the colors together and I espcially love seeing patterns on clothing or things be translated into nail art. I totally should've thought of stalking Theodora before I did my guest post! You smarty ;)

    1. haha thank you :D I really like translating clothing patterns to nails so I'll definitely be doing more of this in the future :)

  2. So beautiful! Really well done. :)

  3. Ahhh I love this! These are totally fab :) I love how you've used the dress as inspiration :)

  4. This is amazing! Love the inspiration! :D

  5. This is amazing! Such a classy look :-)

  6. I love this!

    I think I'll be recreating this one, I've been looking for something to do with my gold polish, but just don't want to wear them on their own!

    awesome post=]

  7. I love that you see everything through nail-eyes!!!

  8. This mani is really great, sexy but still not-too-much, I love this design...and I'm also happy to see Catrice Goldfinger on one's nail! I don't own any golden shimmer and was thinking which one to have...THIS might be the one!

  9. I love this! Simple but very striking!

    PS Good luck with your exams Theodora :-) Glad the first went went well!

  10. Very nice. The nails match the dress perfectly :)


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