Oct 1, 2012

Halloween NA Challenge - Pumpkin

Maybe you've seen this challenge on other blogs or on my facebook page, I'm talking about the
Halloween Nail Art Challenge! 

Didn't Isabella just do an awesome job on this banner?? :D
For the whole month of October we will do different Halloween designs and the best thing about it? It's just 2-3 designs a week! Everyone can keep up with that :) It's not too late to join! Just head over to Kaki, she has the code for the Inlinkz app and then you are ready to go!

First challenge is: Pumpkins! 

I used: Catrice - Man,Go Tango, S-he - 452, Essence - Back to Black and Harm Limit - Crackle 18. 
This mani didn't turned out like I hoped. I'm not very happy with it, but I promise to do a better job with the other challenges :P 

I took this picture to show you how orange that crackle looks in the bottle... sadly, it didn't transfer to the nail at all! I used 2 coats and it still was very sheer :( To cover it up, I used a coat of orange glitter ...and that made it worse =))

Check out the other ladies as well! ;) 


  1. OU Em GEE. It's awesome!! Tomorrow I start with my makeup Halloween series, and I though I was early with it. haha :DD
    I love it! Can't wait to see other manicures :)
    Xo Deja
    Deja Zu

    1. Haha, thank you so much!!! And your Halloween makeup series is awesome!!

  2. these are some bad ass pumpkins, love it :D

  3. Thanks! :) I'm glad you like the banner. :)
    Your pumpkin mani is a very nice job! I like it!


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