Oct 10, 2012

Halloween NA Challenge: Spiderwebs

Hey, my beautiful readers!

I suck at this challenge ... I always mess up the dates for the challenges and I'm always late xD I'm sorry!
So, I already posted some spiderweb nail art last year and I didn't wanted to do the same thing again, so I had to come up with something else =) And that wasn't to hard since I always wanted to do a Spiderman inspired manicure! And here it is:

For the gradient I used: Sensique 124 and Sinful Colors - Neptune. The spiderwebs I did with Essence Silver Surfer.

You know what? I knew I would love this mani just as much as my last one (the bloody one), so I did the candy corn mani for tomorrow, removed it and painted this on...that way I can wear this til Saturday! Hell yeah! :D


  1. Spiderman ftw! Looks so awesome! :)
    X Deja
    Deja Zu

  2. loool this look awesome! and kuddos on the halloween blog theme

  3. So pretty!!! And I LOVE your blog header - perfect for Halloween :}

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to do a Winter-design header next time ;)

  4. Hi. I am your new follower. Love your nails and creative nail art. This spiderweb design is stunning!

  5. Yay! Spider nails, spider nails, they do whatever spider nails can do!!
    Great idea, even better executed! Love it =)

  6. So amazing! Woaaah, reminds me of SpiderMan :D

  7. Very nice nail color and nice design looks so fabulous.

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  8. I have Spiderman feeling. :D It's awesome mani! :D


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