Apr 20, 2011

English or German ?

Yeah, well, that´s the question! :)
Should I write my blog in english or german ?  I´ll try to blog in english, cause I have some visitors from other countries too; and I´m sure they don´t understand german ;)
So I apologize, if I make some mistakes, but I´ll try to prevent them :)

Soooo, that´s it...I wish you all a good night !


  1. thanks for the English :D hugs

    p.s. daca as avea unghii, clar as deveni obsedata de asta, dar ce sa-i faci cu violonistele astea??? :))

  2. asa e :P
    p.s.: your welcome ;) *hug*

  3. Thank you so much for writting your blog in english.
    I'm french and i discovered your blog very recently, it's a great inspiration.
    I don't speak german but a bit of english so thank you so much for all of us who can't speak your language.
    Good luck with everything in your life and thanks so much for sharing your passion.

    1. Thank you so much! I saw that I had many visitors from other countries and I thought it wouldn't be fair to write only in German. And to be honest, it's easier to write in English now =))
      I wish you the best of luck too and thank you for your kind words! :)

  4. Yah! My schoolgirl German is sehr bad! Am so glad you switched and thank you for being wonderfully multilingual. We native English speakers are so bloody spoilt. Am reading my way through your blog from start to finish now that I understand it and not just looking at the photos:)

    1. Thank you :D And have fun reading! ;)


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