Dec 12, 2014

How to make your brows wow! - An Essence Review

Hello my lovelies!

This post comes later than expected, but editing took a little bit long :P 
Today I wanna review one of the make-up boxes I bought from Essence last week and I also can show you how I fill in my eyebrows at the same time, yay! :) 

Warning! Picture Spam ahead! ;) 

First take a look at the box itself, the packaging is so cute, I love it ! 

I have to admit, the packaging of these boxes from Essence were the main reason why I wanted to have them at first! I mean, just look at it, even the mirror is not just plain and simple :) 

The box itself comes with 3 different shades of brown and a highlighter. It also contains a little tweezer, a double-ended applicator and a little guide on how to do your eyebrows.
The tweezer is always good to have, although I have to say this one feels pretty stiff and cuts the hairs rather than pluck them (small minus point if you really need them).
The applicator is ok, although I prefer an angled brush with a longer handle, so I took one of mine instead of the one it comes with - but that's just my personal preference ;) 

The 3 shades you get are exactly what you need! I can't talk for blondes obviously, but even the lightest color "love blondes" looks pretty good to me. 
I personally combine the darkest color and the medium one, just to get a more natural look :) 

Let's start with the brows! In the picture above you can see my natural brow without any products on it - just for you to see what I'm working with.

Just to make it clear - the following steps are just the way I fill in my eye brows, it may not be the perfect or the only way, but that's how I do it :P 

Step 1:
Take an angled brush (the one from the box or your own) and start filling in your lower part of the brow with a darker shade (I took "love brunettes"). Try to follow the natural curve of your brow, but of course you could also make it more straight or little bit more arched, just like you want it. 
Fill in the end of the brow with the darker shade as well.

Step 2:
Taking the lighter shade (in my case "lov' em all"), start filling in the rest of your brow with really soft and short strokes. Sometimes I alternate between the ligther and the darker shade, just to make it look more natural. 

Step 3:
You could just let the brow the way it is in step 2, or - like I love to do it - also create a line on the upper part of your brow (with the darker shade again) to make it look more crisp and defined. 

Step 4:
Again, this step is optional! Take your favorite concealer and apply it underneath your eyebrow - this way you once again define your brow more and also are able to correct some mistakes you possibly did. 

Step 5:
Just blend the concealer out with your finger or a small brush.

If you used a concealer it may be enough as a highlight for you, or you can just add a little bit of your favorite highlighter to your browbone (here I used "lift me up!" from the box).
And that's it! You are finished :) 

And here is a full face picture, just because it looks different than just one brow :P 

All in all I have to say I really like this make-up box! The colors are nice and easy to use, the box itself is a pretty addition to any collection and the price is very good as well.

It costs 5,95€ here in Germany and contains a total of 6g of product. 

What do you think? Do you already own this box, or do you now plan on getting it? 
I would also love to know if some of you fill in their eyebrows totally different..or maybe not at all? 
Let me know in the comments! :) 

See ya soon with some pretty swatches ;) 

Thanks for reading! <3 


  1. Love Brunettes is my favourite to use on brows.:) Gosh, you havce such gorgeous eyebrows. <3

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Love brunettes is indeed the perfect color :)


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