Dec 10, 2014

Nail Art of the Day: Stripy Gradient

Hello my lovelies!

Finally I am home :) I met with a dear friend of mine and after talking a lot and eating sushi and stuff we just decided to wash our cars at 9 pm - we are crazy like that :D

The following nail art (if you are following me on Facebook you already saw a pic of it) is what I wanted to post yesterday, but I was too tired to do my nails so here it is one day later ;) 

The polishes I used from right to left: 
China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, Essence - Black is Back, Catrice - On Top of the Alps, Essence TC Better Than Gel Nails

First I started with a simple black to white gradient and let it dry.
If you are not familiar with this technique yet, just check out the tutorial from Sammy @The Nailasaurus - it is still the best one out there! :)

After it was dry enough to tape it, I just did exactly that. I used those tiny nail art tapes to tape off 3-4 stripes and applied a coat of Ruby Pumps all over the nail. 
I don't like to let it sit too much, so I immediately removed the tape and moved on to the next nail. 

After all nails were done I just finished it off with the Essence TC and voilĂ !

If you ever saw China Glaze's Ruby Pumps in real life you know what a beautiful sparkly red it is, too bad it doesn't show all its beauty on camera ;) 

I hope you like it! 

Thanks for reading and see ya soon! <3 


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