Dec 6, 2014

Today's Swatch: Barry M - Denim + New Poll (Please Vote!)

Hello there!

Hope you are all well today :) Tomorrow I am going back home from my little vacation (I am visiting my boyfriend) and I can't wait to do more nail art and reviews and concentrate even more on my blogging life ;) 

But for now, let's take a look at this swatch I found hidden on my computer ^^  

(Without top coat)

This is 2 coats of Berry M - Denim, and you already can tell that the name is very suiting for this one! The slight silver shimmer and the not so glossy finish really do remind you of denim :) 

 (With top coat)

The application was really easy, because the polish has kind of the perfect consistency. Also one coat is more than enough with this one (its really opaque) but I like to have a perfect result and just did 2 ;) 

What do you think of Barry M polishes? 
I got most of mine as a gift and I'm in love with the colors and application of this brand! 
Are there any must-haves I must know of? ;)

Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

See ya soon <3 

P.S.: Oh I almost forgot !! I started a new survey on my blog ( left side bar) where you can vote for my new blog name ! I really wanna change it up and I am still open for new suggestions ;) Will talk more about it tomorrow in my post :) 

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