Dec 8, 2014

Kiko & Essence Haul + Blog Name Change

Hello my lovelies! 

I was on the road the whole day, just got home a few hours ago , but I promised myself I would do this post mostly because I wanna explain the name change of my blog! 

Since the first day I started this blog, I was never quite happy with the name. I am horrible with finding creative names so I took the first thing that sounded good to me at the time. Well, it has been 3 years and I really wanna get my blog going again, maybe even start a Youtube-channel, who knows? But I feel that I need a name that I can use for both my blog and Youtube and is short and easy to remember!

Since I am so bad with names I asked the lovely ladies of Polishaholics Anonymous on Facebook (told you about them once, lovely group!) and immediately got some responses :D
My own suggestion was Theodora's Beauty Corner, which got some positive response. The other suggestions were: Raducal Beauty (my last name is Radu - so instead of radical its raducal :P) and Theadorable Beauty Blog (Kind of a mix of my first name Theodora with adorable). 

I liked those suggestions, BUT I am still open for new ones! I will add them to the survey I started on the left side bar and you, my dear followers, have time to vote for your favorite one! ;)  

I know a name change is not the best thing, but better to do it now than later, right? 

Ok, enough of that, here are some beautiful things I got the past couple of days :3

I didn't wanna buy anything from Kiko, I just wanted to browse the nail polish section of their website and then I saw the big offer they had on Black Friday - 30% on your whole purchase! 
I just couldn't resist :D 
I got 5 eye shadows and a palette to put 4 of them in, 2 nail polishes, a face primer, a lip primer and a brow highlighter. 
I would love to do swatches/reviews on them and I probably will do so in the near future, but is there anything you would really like to see asap ? Tell me ;) 

All of the stuff above was a real spontaneous buy! I was in the city with my bf and he wanted to look at some games, so I spent my time looking at some makeup and stuff. 
I really just wanted to look! :D 
But in the end, when he came back I had all of this stuff in my hands and I just had to buy these pretties :3 
The whole collection of thermo polishes by Essence, 3 of the new palettes from Essence, 2 quattro eye-shadows from Essence's LE "Come to Town" + the green glitter polish from that same LE. 
The 2 false lashes I got from a 1€ Shop and they just looked so gorgeous.... and let's be honest, you can't do anything wrong with that price :D
Same thing as above, anything you really wanna see a review/swatch of asap ? 

Did you buy anything beautiful these days? Tell me in the comments, would love to know! 

See ya!
Also ...tomorrow is Nail Art Monday! Yay :D


  1. Hi, it has been a while since I commented on your blog and now you are asking such a serious question that I fell I have to respond. I don't know you that well to suggest a name that would have a deeper meaning but from the ones you mentioned above I prefer the Raducal Beauty. It's short enough to remember and it has a connection with your name, it feels more personal and real

    1. Hey! I'm glad you commented :) Thank you so much for your opinion, you're very right with what you are saying! I wish more followers would tell me what they're thinking... would make it so much easier :D

  2. I'm so bad with naming things (which you can notice from my blog name, nothing special). I like all three suggestions, but the mosty catchy to me sound Theadorable Beauty Blog. :) But I love your current blog name a lot as well. :)

    1. Me too, sweetie :D I wasn't sure about that one in the beginning but I like it more and more as well :) Thank you :*


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