Dec 14, 2014

Sunday Swatches: P2 - Winter ... who cares?! Limited Edition Polishes

 Hello my lovelies :)

Today I have some absolutely gorgeous polishes for you! When I saw them in the store, the first thing I noticed was that cute bottle design that reminded me of christmas tree decorations :D
And then I saw all the glitter *-* It was like nail polish heaven in that moment! So I just had to buy them all ... you understand me right? :D

But look for yourself:

These are the 6 polishes from P2's new limited edition collection "Winter ... who cares?!" - the name is pretty funny as well, like "who cares? I'm gonna rock some cool polish even in the winter! Hell yeah!" Just my motto ;) 

So let's take a closer look at each one:

010 - I don't care!

This is a pinkish red jelly with small and big white glitter in it. Even after 3 coats it is not fully opaque, but the application is flawless and easy. All the polishes have a slightly thicker consistency, so it may be good to use them over another more opaque polish instead of applying 3 to 4 coats.

020 - Never mind!

This one is a beautiful purple jelly with small and big white glitter in it. This one is pretty much opaque after 3 coats and the application was just as flawless as the other ones. 
This is one of my favorites! :) 

030 - Even now!

This is a white jelly with the same glitter in it as the other ones - and the most beautiful thing about this polish is the fact that it looks like snow! I don't know why but the white glitter in the white jelly base just remind me of winter and snow, so it is perfect for the next months! 
I already have a nail art in mind with it ;) 
Good application just like all the others, but this one isn't really opaque after 3 coats either - but that's perfectly normal for jellies :) 

040 - Play up!

This is a gorgeous bright pink jelly with big and small white glitter in it. Application is flawless, but opacity is not fully there after 3 coats. 
I don't wear pink very often but this one looks so pretty on the nails and kinda reminds me of candy - I don't know why :P 

050 - For that reason!

This one is a light grey jelly with white glitter in it, application is just as good as the other ones and it's almost opaque after 3 coats. 
I have to be honest, I took this polish just to have all 6 of them, so it is not one of my favorites but it still is pretty nice :) 

060 - No matter!

A beautiful blue jelly with white glitter in it, flawless application and almost full opacity after 3 coats. 
It is my absolute FAVORITE of this collection, I mean look at it - it reminds me of a night sky with thousands of stars ...absolutely gorgeous :) 

I have to say I am in love with this collection! There are so many things you could do with these polishes and I love the fact that they are jellies! They are very glossy and paired with the glitter it gives them such a deep look, that I just adore :) 

One bottle of polish costs 2,25€ here in Germany and contains 15ml of product.

Tell me, which one is your favorite? 

Thanks for reading and see ya next time :)  


  1. Wow , gave lakjes , vooral de paarse !! Jammer dat ze hier niet te koop zijn !
    Patti xx

    1. Yes the purple one is gorgeous :3 Oh, that's too bad, maybe you find them online? :)

  2. The whole collection is so pretty. :-) My favorites: blue and grey <3


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