Jan 20, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 9 + 10: Gradient Rainbow Nails

Hello my sweet readers!

I told my followers on facebook yesterday that I'm going to cheat a little with the challenge and combine Day 9 and 10 and do a rainbow gradient! :D

Phew, let me tell you that was some work... but 16 polishes and a lot of sponging later, here it is:

I basically used the same polishes I once used for my first rainbow mani -here- , but I decided to top it all with Essence Hello Holo!

I wasn't happy at all how they turned out.. the gradient is not the best I ever did, but with the glitter on top it looks gorgeous and now I really love it :) 

Thanks for reading! 

See ya tomorrow with the next challenge ;) 


  1. Fantastic !!! If some day i buy some light ( pastel) colors, i try do do it :-)
    Patti xx

    1. Awesome, would love to see it when the time comes :3

  2. The glitter adds that extra rainbow magic, I think they look great!

    1. The glitter made it so much better, I agree :) Thanks!


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