Sep 30, 2011

What I did today :D

Hello everybody!
My mom came today, to stay for a few days, while I deal with some paperwork and stuff for the university and she brought me some cool stuff :D Of course she brought me some polishes and there were 3, I´m very excited to try - the new crackle polishes from P2 :D Such beautiful colors!
Picture is from here
Aaand I got a Helmer ! Yeey! Finally I can put my nail stuff and my polishes all together :D And it´s so organized....ah, I love it :D

BEFORE                                                                                                    AFTER

I didn´t fill it completely, so there is still room for more polishes ;) I really loved, how easy it was to assemble the whole thing. Good job, IKEA ;) I will get me 2 more HELMER´s to put all my other beauty stuff in it :) 
Do you guys own a HELMER ? Or maybe 2 or 3? :P How do you like it ? 
Have a nice evening and see ya tomorrow with a tutorial! *muah* 


  1. ohhh very organised hehe :) the new polishes look lovely :) xxxx

  2. I also bought it just recently! :D Really useful!

  3. Thanks Lucy :) xoxo
    Jane: It´s really good, isn´t it? :) No wonder almost every girl with a polish addiction has one of these :D

  4. I'm soooo jealous I want to get one from all my beauty products but I just don't have space for one, in more dorm or at home :(

  5. @Beauty on a College Budget: That´s a shame, but maybe you will have some space someday :)
    @Helga: They do! I´ll do a post on them asap :D


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