Sep 14, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Catrice - I Sea You + Dripping Nail Art

Hello everybody!
Yesterday I asked my readers what polish to wear today, and the first comment with a number was from Beauty on a College Budget. And she chose number 20. Thank you! ;) If you count down my stash list, the polish that comes up is: Catrice - I Sea You! I already swatched that polish -->here<-- :) Since I already swatched it, I didn´t want to wear just the plain polish, so I tried something that I wanted to do in a long time: a dripping manicure.
I had really fun creating this, and I´m sure I´ll be doing this again soon with other colors :D For the dripping effect I used Aden - 86c10 (I hate polishes without names ^^). Click to enlarge the photo to see that awesome shimmer in Aden!
I hope you like it! Let me know if you already tried that type of mani :)
Have a great day! :-*


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