Sep 17, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: Funky French with a Swirl

Hello my lovelies!
In my last post I showed you guys my NA wheels and I asked you to choose some designs, I should do a tutorial for. The conclusion is, you wanna see tutorials on all of them :)) Well, that was my plan anyways and someone suggested the idea, that I also had in mind: to do a Tutorial Day, every week. :) So from now on, you will get a tutorial every Saturday :) Sounds like a plan, right? :)  I hope your happy with this decision ;)

So let´s move on to the tutorial! This one was asked by 2 of my dear readers and I like it as well, so I decided to do that first :)
Step1: Paint your nail with a base color, I chose Essence - Ahoy to create a good contrast to my second color, P2 - Open your Heart. With this one you paint a curved line on the tip of your nail.  
Step2: Take a small Nail Art brush and paint a thin line near the base of the nail, approximately parallel to the curved line on your tips. For this one, you can take a different color, than the one you used on your´s up to you ;) 
Step 3: Again with a small brush, you first paint a curved line on the side of your nail, then a straight line, which is finished with a swirl. Gosh, it´s harder to explain than to do :D I hope you get the idea, from the pictures ;) 
Step 4: Finally the fun part: dots! :) Take a dotting tool, and put some dots along the lines. If you did the tip and the other lines with only one color, you can do the dots in another color, just to mix it up a bit :) And you´re done! Not so hard, was it ? :)
Actually I like the result on my wheel much better :)) I think because the lines are thicker and I only used 2 colors. I put the 2 different results together, so you can see how it looks with 2 or 3 colors :) 

And I also dyed my hair! Yey, no more weird colors on my head :D This picture is taken in sunlight, but my hair is actually a little bit darker :) For those who wonder what color that is, it´s Wellaton - Colorado Red 8/45
I hope that tutorial was helpful to some of you! Have a great weekend! :-*


  1. Ohh your hair looks great:) This is a great tutorial, will definitely try it, maybe even in these exact colours, they're fab!

  2. Looks awesome! & I love your hair color!

  3. Yeah, I'm so happy you decided to do a tutorial every Saturday. Thanks! I love it :-)

  4. Love it. All your designs are great, and I can't wait to see them all!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And you´re all welcome ;) I´m glad you like it :)

  6. I might try that one :) Nice hair!

  7. Awesome tutorial! I was just admiring your banner! Love that pilled polish bottle!

  8. Thanks Helga, I would love to see your try on that :)
    Thank you very much, Sandra! :D
    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thanks! :) I love that polish bottle too :) Although I would want to change my banner as soon as I come up with something good :)

  9. That's just about the color hair I'm sporting lately! Woohoo! So pretty

  10. @Fingers: Really? How cool :D And thanks ;)
    @Paulina: Thanks! :)

  11. Thank you! And welcome to my blog ;)

  12. Hey! Your haircolor is amazing! I just bought Wellaton 8/45 after using Garnier Olia because it turned out too dark.. I know that this post is pretty old but I wanted to ask you: When you dyed it what was your previous color? My natural color is dark brown so I was wondering if it would look like yours..xD


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