Sep 10, 2011

Holiday Haul + Current Hair :)

Hello my lovelies!
So as most of you know, I was in Greece for 10 days and I had a really great time. Besides being lazy on the beach, I also did some shopping with my mum :D Let me tell you, that they have awesome clothes there and really awesome shoes, but not in my size :( Apparently Greeks have small feet ;) Most of the things you can buy there are imported from Italy and of course China, so I don´t know where else you can buy these. But I´m sure you could find similar pieces, if you search for them :)
 I wanted such a hat for a long time and now I finally found some and the best thing about them, is the price : 2 and 6 €. That´s almost free :P And as you can tell I´m in love with animal prints, so I just had to get me those harem pants with zebra/leopard print and this cute little dress, which is now my absolute favorite :D
 Since I couldn´t buy me shoes I found another thing I love: bags ;) The picture isn´t that great, cause in reality the colors are so intense and the metal is so sparkly :) The 2 brown purses are actually the same chocolate brown, but in the picture they seem different ... weird :P I bought just this "basic" colors, cause I have enough colored bags :P 
Last but not least is some jewelry: a wooden ring with silver ornaments, a huge turquoise stone ring and a necklace with a "tooth", shaped like an elephant :) Of course I bought me a nail polish, some no name brand but so pretty. It´s a clear polish with holographic star-glitter! *sigh* Beautiful :D And I made some progress! I bought only 1 polish!! :P That´s it for my holiday haul and now I wanna know, what do you guys like to buy on your vacations ? Souvenirs, Nail Polish, Clothes or maybe something else ? 

Ah, I almost forgot to show you how red hair looks like, after 10 days of sun and salty water :D

I have orange tips, and the red really washed out :D But that doesn´t matter, cause I had to dye it anyways, because of the roots :)
Have a great weekend! And good night! *muah* :-*


  1. That's the one problem with red hair! It fades so quickly!

  2. @Fingers: Oh yes it does, but it´s just so pretty, so it´s worth the extra work :P
    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thank you :)

  3. Nice! Only thing I bought on my vacation was a souvenir towel and a cool hand made bowl. Haha. The dress looks super cute! And I think your hair looks nice faded too.

  4. Thanks Helga :D My mum wanted to buy a doormat :D But I stopped her ;) Handmade things are really cool :)


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