Sep 28, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Catrice - Just Married

Hello my lovelies! :)
As always, I asked you yesterday for a number, and the first comment was from Elizedge, and she chose number 17! On my list, that´s Catrice - Just married! Thank you! I really love this color and I´m so mad at Catrice, that they discontinued this shade and many others, just to replace it with other ones, under the same number and name. Come on! Couldn´t they at least take other names for the new polishes ?! Anyways, I swatched this color -->here<--. I wanted to add something to it, and I was very clueless, til I saw my dotting tool laying around on my desk :P So I added some silver dots, and I must say: I really like the combination of this colors! The silver polish I used is S-he 471.
Simple but cute! Hope you like it ;)
Good night and see ya next time ! :-*


  1. LOVE this hun sooooooooo cute :D xxxx

  2. Ooh, pretty! I really like this :-) Plus I just saw your post from yesterday: your henna work is amazing!

  3. Thank you! :) I´m glad you like it :D

  4. I swear to you my barbie had a dress with this sort of pattern/silver texture burnt onto pink when I was a kid. Not that I think you're all barbie or anything, but you did such a clean and perfect job of the dots I suddenly remembered something totally long buried! Fantastic dot control!

  5. I love this! THe colors together are really awesome-I need to try and do dots again-i'm dot challenged

  6. @Nail Nerd: Thank you so much! My Barbie also had so beautiful dresses..but I can´t remember the patterns :P I´m so glad you like it :D
    @Fingers: Thank you! Yep, dots are awesome ;)


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