Sep 27, 2011

Today´s Swatch: P2 - Soulful + New "Tattoo" + Tuesday´s Poll

Hey everybody!
How are you all doing? I hope good ;) I wanna show you my favorite brown polish today. It´s from P2 and it´s called Soulful. It´s the perfect brown creme, application is flawless and once you have it on your nails, it looks like chocolate ...yummy ;) I used 2 coats:
 Indoors it looks very dark, almost black. I tried to catch the real color using the flashlight, so the second picture is the most color accurate.
 I just love this glossy finish! The third picture shows you, how the polish would look in sunlight. Since there was no sun when I took the photos, I had to improvise with the flash and my bureau-lamp.

I also was very, very  bored yesterday, that´s why I drew another "tattoo" on my left arm/hand. It was inspired by a Henna-design I saw on the internet.

I will looking for some Henna now, that way next time I´m bored and I draw a tattoo, it will last longer ;)

Also, which number do you choose this time? Yes, it´s Tuesday and it´s up to you which polish I wear tomorrow ;) Leave me a comment with a number (between 1 and 204), first one counts ;)

Thanks for reading, see ya ! :-*


  1. OOuh too late...

    But 17 is ok. Like that brown P2!! I'm not used to wear browns, but this one might win me over :)

  2. Thanks Elizedge for your number!
    @Sophie: Maybe next time you´re not too late ;) Well, I didn´t wore browns before either, but I really like wearing this one :)

  3. Wow you should be a tattoo artist! :D

  4. Thank you Jossie!
    And thanks, Helga :D


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