Sep 21, 2011

Reader´s Choice: Catrice - Lavender Breeze

So, the first and only comment with a number was from Paulina, and she chose number 8! :P Counting down my list, that would be: Catrice - Lavender Breeze. Thanks Paulina :D First I wasn´t sure what to do with that color, so I swatched it and later on I added some Nail Art.
This is 1 coat, and I added this picture to show you how this polish really looks on the nails, cause with 2 coats it looks like any other polish :P I don´t know how to describe it, but every time I apply it, it´s like the paint you apply on your walls :D
And even with 2 coats it doesn´t look good :P This is a polish you just can´t wear on it´s own! It´s streaky and you have to be careful with the application :) Aaaand it´s called Lavender Breeze, but even with a lot of fantasy you can´t see a hint of lavender in this´s just white :) 
I had to add some NA to it, but I had no idea what, so I just added some random stripes and dots, kinda like in this post: -->click here<-- That´s what I always do, when I have no idea what Nail Art to do on my nails :)
Thanks for reading and have a great day! :-*


  1. hun ur so talented wish i could do nails as nice as you!!! amazing <3 xxx

  2. This reminds me of African art or something like that! It's so freaking cool!

  3. @Fingers: Thank you! And you gave me a new Nail Art idea, thanks ;)

  4. Ooh, I like it! Shame about the "lavender" polish though but with the nail art you added it looks awesome!

  5. Thanks Laura! :) At least I have another white polish :P Can´t get enough of those :)

  6. This looks so pretty with the nail art! But on its own definitely nothing special... When I saw it on my blog roll I thought the lavender colour must just be very subtle haha

  7. I wish my random nail art looked that good! :)

  8. @Audrey L: Thank you! And you´re so right..I was very disappointed, because in the bottle you can see a hint of lavender :P Too bad :)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous: Thank you so much!

    @FrugallyMe: Thanks! :)

    @Helga: Thank you! Just try, maybe it looks good too ;)

  9. I love this so much!! It reminds me of my doodles! :D


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