Feb 3, 2015

31 Day NA Challenge - Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

Hello beauties!

Since 50 Shades of Grey will be released in a few days, I thought I'd do some nail art inspired by this movie :P I read the book as well and I'll go and see the movie with a friend once it comes out ..Yes, I admit it! :D

Here it is:

I used Essence Got a secret and Essence You're a Heartbraker (50's Girls Reloaded LE) for the gradient (plus a little bit of Technic - Silver holo). On the ring finger I painted on a tie with Essence Moonless Night (Dark Romance LE) and did the accents with the same silver holo polish that I used before. (This polish doesn't have a name!)

I incorporated some grey's, but I'm far from 50 shades! :D And of course a tie, because he almost always wears one! (And it's on the book cover as well)

Hope you like it!
And tell me, will you go see the movie? ;) 

See ya soon and thanks for reading!


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