Feb 16, 2015

365 Days Photo Challenge - Days 40-46

Hello again! :P

Here are the pictures from last week for the 365 Days Photo Challenge! :)

Day 40 - Isn't my boyfriend's dog cute?? Her name is Maja ;) 

Day 41 - Some little shopping

Day 42 - Got my very first piercing!

Day 43 - And my boyfriend's family has a parrot! She is so sweet but still very shy :)

Day 44 - And some shopping again! I just love earrings and rings - and they were all on sale :D

Day 45 - Valentine's gift from my sweetheart - I loooove Mon Chéri!

Day 46 - I just found a 1,5L bottle of this tea! Yea :D Didn't even know they're producing it in this size!

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