Feb 10, 2015

365 Days Photo Challenge - Days 33-39

Hello sweeties!

I completely forgot to post the pictures for the challenge on Sunday :D I just remembered, so here it is:

Day 33 - It finally snowed... and this time it even stayed for a while!

Day 34 - Dying my hair ... and making a huge mess :D

Day 35 - On tour! Just kidding ... driving 7 hours to my boyfriend yaay! 

Day 36 - Making some notes in my new notebook (a gift from my sister-in-law - thanks :*)

Day 37 - Getting an early birthday gift from my bf's best friend! :D

Day 38 - Setting up my new make-up corner ... on the fridge ^^

Day 39 - Gaming with my bf and his best friend :D

So by now you know that I like to play games :P 

See ya soon and thanks for stopping by! <3 

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