Feb 8, 2015

Valentine's Day Challenge - Glitter Hearts

Hello again! :)

Today is already the third challenge out of 6! How time flies :D
I wanted to do some crazy make-up, I already had 1-2 ideas, but I'm still so sick...my nose is red and my skin is so dry from all the tissues I had to use and I don't feel like doing make-up at all ^^

But I will do one for the next challenge, I promise ;)

For today I have some cute little glitter hearts for you:

I used Essence Black is Back as a base and painted the hearts on with Art de Lautrec 18 first, because the red glitter polish I wanted to use is pretty sheer! Finally I added Avon Ruby Slippers on top of the red and finished it with one coat of TC. 

It's simple and with some little fantasy you can see the hearts! :D Looking at the nails now I realize they could have been more sparkly and glittery! 

Hope you still like them :) 

Thanks for reading my lovelies and see ya soon! <3 


  1. Are those heart freehanded? They look great! I think it'd be great if you'd make them even more sparkly and "in-your-eyes", this manicure just scream for this! I love the idea, and I love the black and red combo(this kind of combination seems to always impress me).

    ( http://nyxsbeautyblog.blogspot.com/ )

    1. Yep they are :) Thank you! Yes, more sparkly would have been awesome :D

  2. Beautiful! Loving the red-black combo x


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