Feb 23, 2015

365 Days Photo Challenge - Day 47-53

Hello my lovelies :)

I'm finally back home! So I can post more regularly again ... starting with the Photo Challenge. The rest of the Nail Art Challenges will come up too in the next few days :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Day 47 - Such a yummy chocolate!

Day 48 - Yay, finally reached Level 70 (and more) with my favorite character in Diablo 3! :D

Day 49 - My drawing is almost done :) 

Day 50 - My boyfriend's mom made something sooooo delicious! It's cauliflower wrapped in meat and ham

Day 51 - Yep, my boyfriend loves the cookie monster :D

Day 52 - Last day with my bf - 3 weeks just went by so fast :(

Day 53 - On my way back home - 8 hours on the bus ^^

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