Feb 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Challenge - Soft Pink

Hello ladies (and gentleman :P)

By the time you read this I am sitting in a bus on the way to my boyfriend... a nice 7 hour drive, yay! Like I mentioned in the last Valentine's post, I planned to do a make-up for every challenge as well, but I didn't have the time to do one for today's challenge - I'm sorry!

For the nails though I tried something completely new to me - sugar spun nails! I had this on my to do list for ages and now I finally had the chance to do them!

As a base I used a mixture of Catrice The Pinker The Better and Essence Snow Alert! to make the bright pink a little bit lighter. For the sugar spun I used Essence Sow Alert! again.

I have to say it takes a little bit of practice and a hell lot of patience, because you have to wait for the polish to dry and get stringy in order to do this technique. If you don't know it, just search Youtube for a tutorial ;)
But all in all I love how it looks on the nails! (I didn't add any TC)

Btw, my cuticles hate me! After 3 weeks of  doing my nails every single day they start to look so dry! I can't wait for the 31 Day Challenge to end :D

Thanks for stopping by and see ya soon! 
And don't forget to check out the other ladies! <3 


  1. Love it! Hope you have fun with your boyfriend!!

  2. So pretty! I tried sugar spun ONCE and I was horrible at it, it made me mad and I gave up haha! Yours turned out awesome. :) I will have to try again sometime! :)

    1. Thank you! I always try out new stuff on my thumb first, that way if it looks horrible I know what to change and I don't have to redo the nail, because it's never on the pictures haha xD


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